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An Chua: Simple Vietnamese Recipes That Taste Like Home

An Chua: Simple Vietnamese Recipes That Taste Like Home

  • Author: Tran, Julie Mai
  • ISBN: 9781645679431
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Classic Vietnamese Dishes That Say, "I Love You" An chua? (Did you eat, yet?) is a common Vietnamese greeting that expresses affection through the everyday necessity, nourishment and comfort of food. In this special collection of time-honored recipes, Julie Mai Tr?n, a first-generation Vietnamese-Chinese American and the creator of Share My Roots, celebrates Vietnamese cuisine and culture inspired by her mother's cooking. Julie brings the authentic flavors of Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam's most beloved dishes to your home kitchen. Find over 75 showstopping recipes from childhood classics like Bun Th?t Nu?ng (BBQ Pork Vermicelli bowl) and Th?t Kho Tr?ng (Braised Pork and Eggs), to restaurant favorites like Ph? Bo (Beef Rice Noodle Soup) and Crispy Fried Noodles (Mi Xao Gion/ Don), and must-try dishes including Banh Xeo (Sizzling Crepes), and Ch? Ca Thang Long (Turmeric and Dill Fish). Filled with lush full-page photography and poignant stories of family and Vietnam's history, this love letter to Vietnamese cuisine and family roots paints a colorful landscape of the immigrant experience, serving as a cultural guidepost for generations to come.

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