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1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts

1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts

  • Author: DK
  • ISBN: 9780241569931
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A jaw-dropping collection of incredible facts and visual comparisons about dinosaurs and prehistoric life Astonish your friends and family with this incredible collection of mind-boggling facts about the scariest animals ever to walk the Earth. Did you know that the largest dinosaur was longer than a tennis court but its babies were no bigger than a newborn human baby? That the smallest dinosaur weighed less than a teaspoon of sugar? Or that the largest flying reptile was as tall as a giraffe, with wings the size of a small plane? 1,000 Amazing Dinosaur Facts is packed with bite-size nuggets of unbelievable information. Find out which dinosaur had the sharpest teeth, the longest claws, the smallest brain, and the largest droppings. Discover the fastest, the slowest, the deadliest, and the downright weirdest dinosaurs ever to roam the planet.

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