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About Face: An Artist's Guide to Forensic Facial Approximation

About Face: An Artist's Guide to Forensic Facial Approximation

  • Author: Surcouf, Michele
  • ISBN: 9781738580170
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Enter the fascinating world of forensic facial approximation and journey with me through this how-to guide for the artist. Forensic facial approximation is the marriage of scientific observation and artistry to reconstruct an approximate likeness of an individual. The art of facial reconstruction is a tool used for identification, historical, or archaeological purposes, including museum displays. Reconstructing a skull will also vastly improve your understanding of the human face and overall artistic skills. Artists and scientists undertake forensic facial approximation using sculpting, drawing, or computer graphic techniques, and these disciplines often work in conjunction with one another. This book is devoted to the hands-on 3D process of reconstructing the face in clay. This book also explores the history of facial reconstruction, how we perceive faces, the sculpting process, anatomical illustrations, resources, material recommendations, tips and observational notes for each reconstruction project highlighted in this book. About the Author Michele is trained in classical figurate painting, drawing, and sculpting. She has also studied photography and has a certificate in Forensic Facial Reconstruction. Michele lives on a hill overlooking the sea off the coast of New Zealand, which inspires her art and writing. Michele has always been an adventurous explorer and often finds herself becoming one with the ocean currents. Michele is the author of several other books.

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