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Broken is Beautiful

Broken is Beautiful

  • Author: Shearer, Jane
  • ISBN: 9780473669881
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How do you mend the broken, be it toasters, relationships or people? Julia once re-created broken objects to be better than before. However, a series of earthquakes triggered Julia's descent into apathy and now she's lost the will to repair anything, including herself. She's going to a support group for help - Obsessives Associated. Each member has their own obsession to overcome - eating plasterboard, amassing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, brand-name tattoos. Finding a friend in Lynda, a doll-obsessed marathon runner, Julia feels as though she's finally on the mend until a dilemma fragments the group and threatens to break Julia all over again. Which glue repairs fractured humans? Broken is Beautiful is a novel about breaking, mending and how to be friends across ideological divides.

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