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Love Until Death: The twisted true story of Alexandre Despallieres

Love Until Death: The twisted true story of Alexandre Despallieres

  • Author: Hutchins, Chris
  • ISBN: 9781529903751
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The incredibly elaborate but all-true story of the psychopathic international fraudster, who charmed his victims to death The twisted true story of Alexandre Despallieres Alexandre Despalli res bewitched many people with his poisonous charm. A popstar in France during the 80s, one of his hits was fittingly entitled L'Amour Mort... Posing as a billionaire businessman dying of cancer, Despalli res seduced and married former Warner Music boss Peter Ikin in 2008. Just one month later, Ikin died of an overdose of paracetamol, and Despalli res inherited his estate through a forged will. Around the same time, he was also involved with one of the most powerful lawyers in France, Olivier Metzner. Metzner committed suicide in 2014; police believe he was being blackmailed by a 'former long-time lover'. Other suspected victims include both of Despalli res' own parents and the Hollywood heiress Marcelle Becker, who formally adopted Despalli res in 2005. Despalli res died of Covid in 2022, just before he was due to stand trial for Peter Ikin's murder. In Love until Death, Chris Hutchins - who knew the accused personally - explores the life and suspected crimes of the darkly charismatic Alexandre Despalli res.

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