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Searching for Juliet: The Lives and Deaths of Shakespeare's First Tragic Heroine

Searching for Juliet: The Lives and Deaths of Shakespeare's First Tragic Heroine

  • Author: Duncan, Sophie
  • ISBN: 9781529365153
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A cultural, historical and literary exploration of the birth, death and legacy of the ultimate romantic heroine - Shakespeare's Juliet Capulet 'An astonishing tour-de-force... Juliet has found the biographer she deserves' Marion Turner Juliet Capulet is the heartbeat of the world's most famous love story. She is an enduring romantic icon. And she is a captivating, brilliant, passionate teenage girl who is read and interpreted afresh by each new generation. Searching for Juliet takes us from the Renaissance origin stories behind William Shakespeare's child bride to the boy actor who inspired her creation onstage. From enslaved people in the Caribbean to Italian fascists in Verona, and real-life lovers in Afghanistan. From the Victorian stage to 1960s cinema, Baz Luhrmann, and beyond. Sophie Duncan draws on rich cultural and historical sources and new research to explore the legacy and reach of Romeo and Juliet far beyond the literary sphere. With warmth, wit and insight, she shows us why Juliet is for now, for ever, for everyone. 'Original, stylish and compelling . . . It's a marvellous book, and one that delivers a powerfully inspiring message to the young Juliets of our own troubled times' Miranda Seymour 'Breathtaking in its range, this is far more than a deep dive into an ocean of Juliets (although it is, gloriously, that): it is a powerful, witty, and provocative exploration of sex and gender, youth and age, love and death' Anna Beer

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