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Improvise Freely: Throw away the rulebook and unleash your creativity

Improvise Freely: Throw away the rulebook and unleash your creativity

  • Author: Stiles, Patti
  • ISBN: 9780645176506
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Improvisation is a vibrant art of spontaneity and impulse. Audiences the world over flock to shows where 'anything could happen!' But lurking at the heart of many companies that perform it is a contradiction, a bait and switch. Students who sign up for classes are taught 'The Improv Rules': the strictly right and wrong way to be creative. Exploration is replaced with emulation and curiosity with compliance. How the hell did that happen? Patti Stiles is an internationally respected improvisor, actor, director and teacher whose performance skills and deep understanding of the work shine out on stage and in the workshop room. In Improvise Freely, she shows how 'rules' meant to guarantee success actually confine us in a counterfeit appearance of spontaneity and hamper our creativity. She turns 'The Rules' on their head and shows that other approaches are possible. Is it okay to ask questions? Why must we Who What Where? And what if ' Yes, And' isn't all it's cracked up to be? This book encourages us to explore the labyrinth ourselves, rather than follow a tour guide. Instead of handing us a map, Ms. Stiles offers us a light.

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