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Applied Regression Analysis for Business & Economics 4E

Applied Regression Analysis for Business & Economics 4E

  • Author: Dielman, Terry E.
  • ISBN: 9780534465483
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APPLIED REGRESSION ANALYSIS focuses on the application of regression to real data and examples while employing commercial statistical and spreadsheet software. Designed for both business/economics undergraduates and MBAs, this text provides all of the core regression topics as well as optional topics including ANOVA, Time Series Forecasting, and Discriminant Analysis. While only a prior introductory statistics course is required, a review of all necessary basic statistics is provided in chapter 2. The text emphasizes the importance of understanding the assumptions of the regression model, knowing how to validate a selected model for these assumptions, knowing when and how regression might be useful in a business setting, and understanding and interpreting output from statistical packages and spreadsheets.

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