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Interior Design

More is More: Memphis, Maximalism and New Wave Design

Pump up the postmodernism! Curious ceramic objects, wildly patterned fabrics, and anthropomorphic lamps: Instantly recognizable and never, ever boring, Memphis is one of the most important design move..

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Morning, Noon, Night: A Way of Living

Morning, Noon, Night: A Way of Living from Soho House, follows the bestselling Eat, Drink, Nap. 'I've been astonished by the number of people who went out and bought the first book, which really set o..

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My Cool Shed

This beautifully packaged book celebrates the humble and not so humble shed - from artists' studios to beach huts, My Cool Shed outlines the diverse ways of these small spaces and the unique ways in w..

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Natural Designs: Contemporary Organic Upcycling

In this book Aurelie has collated 20 original DIY projects from internationally-renowned designers, and a few of her own, to create natural and durable furniture of your own. Since the beginning of ti..

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Natural Elegance: Luxurious Mountain Living

Natural Elegance showcases the award-winning interiors of WRJ Design, headquartered in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and led by Rush Jenkins and Klaus Baer. The firm's homes are set against the backdrop of d..

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Natural Home: Creative Interiors Inspired by the Beauty of the Natural World, The

Influential art director and stylist Hans Blomquist starts off by exploring the essence of his style. Firstly, Plants and Flowers celebrates the beauty of nature, botanical prints and pictures, and th..

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Natural Living Style

In Inspirations, Selina starts by revealing the concepts that inspire her: natural decor, living simply, mindful consumption, recycling, upcycling and reducing plastic waste. She looks at materials su..

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Near & Far

In Near & Far, Fine invites us into her homes in Dallas, New York, and Paris and takes us along as she visits the places and people who have been her greatest sources of inspiration. Among her favored..

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New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes

The New Boho Handbook guides readers in beautifully simple techniques for adding good vibes, and style to living spaces. Packed with hundreds of ideas for bringing positive energy to your home, the bo..

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New Creative Home: London Style


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New Nordic Design

This stylish publication celebrates the impact of contemporary Nordic style on interiors, furnishings and product design. Its attractiveness lies in the simplicity, attention to detail and high qualit..

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New York: Places to Write Home About

New York is a town of more quartiers and arondissements than Paris, more souks and bazaars than Cairo, a place of havens from overwhelming energy and of studios where that energy is generated. Above a..

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Nordic Style: Warm & Welcoming Scandinavian Interiors

In almost no other European region the connection between nature and design is as pronounced and at the same time as varied as in the Scandinavian countries. The rugged wilderness and dark days req..

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North: How to Live Scandinavian

What is hygge? Why are Scandinavians the almost nearly perfect people? How can we get a little more Scandi-style in our lives? Bronte Aurell left Denmark to explore the world and in her travels has co..

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Our Spaces: Contemporary New Zealand Interiors

A sourcebook of ideas for contemporary interiors. Our Spaces takes you room by room through some of New Zealand's most stylish and inspiring homes - spaces that are relaxed yet refined, modest ..

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Pacific Natural: Simple Seasonal Entertaining

The Jenni Kayne design line embodies a natural, earthy and effortless aesthetic - one that is intentional and where beauty and authenticity exist in every detail. A natural extension of this ethos, Je..

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Parisian Cabinet of Curiosities: Deyrolle

With an abundance of preserved flora and fauna, taxidermy, and otherworldly creations, the Deyrolle boutique is dedicated to showcasing the beauty of nature. A family venture founded in th..

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Perfect English Farmhouse

Perfect English Farmhouse celebrates the characteristic style and fascinating history of the classic farmhouse and shows how to turn your own home into a similarly welcoming retreat. Farmhouse is a wo..

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Perfect English Townhouse

Most people live in a town or a city. One fifth of the population of Great Britain lives in London alone. Some dream of escaping to a green valley or a cottage by the sea, but for most of us work, fin..

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Pink House Living: For People Cheating on Fashion with Furniture

Pink House Living is a beautiful, practical guide to decorating with pink by Emily Murray of the award-winning The Pink House blog. Emily draws on her recent interiors projects to guide the reader thr..

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Recycled Home

In this beautiful book, Mark and Sally Bailey of Baileys Home Store share their passion for rescued, repaired, reused and recycled pieces. The book begins by taking a look at the many different Elemen..

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Relaxed Coastal Style

Scientists tell us that living by the ocean makes us happier and healthier: increased views of blue space have a calming effect and sea air improves our ability to absorb oxygen. Being by water brings..

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Remodelista: The Art of Order

Whether you're a minimalist or someone who takes pleasure in her collections, we all yearn for an unencumbered life in a home that makes us happy. Remodelista: The Art of Order shows us how, with more..

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Robert Kime

'Robert Kime, uniquely among decorators, has risen to eminence in the profession via antique dealing, textile collecting and an abiding passion for putting rooms together. His three strands of experti..

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Rockett St George Extraordinary Interiors In Colour

Such is their passion for colour that Jane and Lucy launched the Rockett St George paint range in August 2018 - 18 sophisticated, earthy shades that work perfectly together. This new book allows them ..

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Rockett St George: Extraordinary Interiors: Show-Stopping Looks for Unique Interiors

Self-acknowledged `design junkies' Lucy St George and Jane Rockett launched their online interiors store in 2007. Ten years on, Rockett St George has revitalized the interiors market with their quirky..

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Romantic Prairie Style: Homes Inspired by Traditional Country Life

Romantic Prairie Style embraces simple pleasures, comfort, and the long-cherished ideals of natural beauty, simplicity and harmony with the earth. Romantic Prairie is a style that says "home" wherever..

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Rooms with History: Interiors and their Inspirations

Ashley Hicks has created a mix of manifesto, souvenir album, and confession in this collection of noteworthy rooms - featuring his own one-of-a-kind interiors along with rooms that have inspired him. ..

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Scandinavian Home: Interiors Inspired by Light

Discover classic and contemporary Scandinavian style with specially commissioned photography of homes in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. Scandinavia is famous for its distinctive style: homes are..

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Scandinavian Style at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide


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Secret Houses of the Cotswolds

Secret Houses of the Cotswolds is a personal tour of twenty of the UK's most beguiling houses in this much loved area of western England, defined by its distinctive honey-coloured stone, rolling hills..

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Shades of Grey: Decorating with the Most Elegant of Neutrals

There's no doubt about it, grey is the shade of the moment. Chic restaurants, shops and homes are covered in it. There's not an interior decorating programme that doesn't feature it. And forget 50 sha..

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Shared Living

Share houses traditionally get a bad rap but the reality of global housing markets has made sharing a longer-term solution for many. Featuring 21 shared homes around the world that are getting i..

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She Sheds Style: Make Your Space Your Own

It's no secret that the she shed revolution is underway and gaining steam. What is a she shed? It's simply any outbuilding that has been renovated, outfitted, redesigned, or otherwise reassigned into ..

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She Sheds: A Room of Your Own

Create your very own hideaway right at home with She Sheds. They've got their man caves, and it's time for you to have a space of your own. She Sheds shows you how to create cozy getaways with inspir..

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Shed Decor: How to Decorate and Furnish Your Favourite Garden Room

Shed Decor is an inspirational guide to decorating and furnishing outdoor rooms and garden sheds to create beautiful and useable living spaces that add space and value to your home. Building on the po..

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Shelfie: Clutter-clearing ideas for stylish shelf art

A decorating trend and social media phenomenon, 'the shelfie' originally emerged in response to the clutter-clearing movement. What started as a label for beautiful bookshelves is now applied to artfu..

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Simple Home: Calm Spaces for Comfortable Living

A beautifully illustrated guide to creating a home interior free from clutter and joy of keeping things simple. The simple home is calm and uncluttered, with each item carefully chosen. It's in tune w..

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Small Space Style: Clever Ideas for Compact Interiors

Sara Emslie embraces the positive aspects of living in a compact home and explores design and style solutions to the practical issues of living with limited space.In the first chapter, Elements of Des..

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Studio: Creative Spaces for Creative People

Art, craft and all things homemade have never been more popular and the trend for working from home continues apace. But it can be tricky to carve out a space in your house that lets you indulge your ..

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This Is Home: The Art of Simple Living

This Is Home is about simple living - how to focus on our values to create authentic homes full of meaning and joy. Natalie Walton steps inside fifteen homes across the world to meet the people who ma..

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Tiny Interiors: Compact Living Spaces

How Living Spaces Reduced to the Max Can Maximize the Quality of Life The desire for as much space as possible on as little room as necessary is neither automatically connected to an alterna..

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Tree in the House: Flowers for your home, special occasions and every day

A Tree in the House is part guide for the aspiring home florist, and part celebration of rural life in sync with nature. Annabelle Hickson provides stunning ideas and instructions for flower installat..

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Tricia Guild Paint Box: 45 Palettes for Choosing Colour, Texture and Pattern
Tricia Guild: Decorating with Color

One of the world s foremost interior designers focuses on color and its use in creating truly evocative personal interiors. For forty years, Tricia Guild has set the pace with her acclaimed interiors ..

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Tricia Guild: In My View

As one of the world's foremost interior designers, Tricia Guild has a passionate belief that the way we choose to live has a significant impact on our well-being and happiness. The homes that we live ..

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Upcycling With Style: A Step By Step Workbook

Upcycling with Style encourages readers to think creatively. It is packed with projects, tips and practical information as a guide to making your home and garden inviting places without having to splu..

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Upscale Downsizing: Creating a Stylish, Elegant, Smaller Home

Less CAN be more. Today, people are downsizing their space, while remaining upscale in taste. Using examples ranging from 600-square-foot apartments to a small cottage-style house, as well as inspirat..

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Urban Pioneer: Interiors Inspired by Industrial Design

Urban living is soaring in popularity as we flock to cities to pursue jobs, easy commutes and other amenities. New pressures on housing mean that pioneering homeowners are converting ex-industrial, no..

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Veere Grenney: On Decorating: A Point of View

Featuring thirty years of acclaimed interiors, paired with thoughtful advice and packaged with a real cloth case and mixed paper stock, A Point of View is a rich album of Grenney's decorating work, fr..

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Veranda Entertaining

From a festive gathering on a terrace overlooking Central Park to an extravaganza in the south of France, Veranda's stunning collection captures the art and allure of elegant entertaining. It's the ma..

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