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Knit a Hat:  Beginner's Guide to Knitting

Knitting is an excellent handcraft and something people love the world over. But for the crafting faint of heart, knitting can appear daunting; you need needles (but what size?), yarn (but what weight..

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Knit Step by Step: Techniques, stitches, and patterns made easy

The essential beginner's guide to knitting successfully, with more than 200 illustrated knitting stitches and techniques. A ball of yarn can become anything you want it to be with Knit Step by St..

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Kombucha & Co: Tips and Recipes to Make Your Own Kombucha, Kefir, Jun, Ginger Beer, Honey Mead and More

Kombucha and other fermented drinks are great for gut health, but they're expensive to buy and you can't be sure of the quality. But it's easy to make your own kombucha when you know how. Ferment..

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Land Gardeners: Cut Flowers, The

This is the story of The Land Gardeners, creators of productive gardens and stunning bundles of cut flowers. Based in the original walled garden at Wardington Manor, The Land Gardeners have revived th..

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Lands of the Curry Leaf: A vegetarian food journey from Sri Lanka to Nepal

'A culture of food and friendship flows through my veins. This is the culture of the subcontinent, where a curry leaf tree grows in the garden of just about every home.' Acclaimed chef, author an..

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Landscape Construction BRANZ 2E

Landscape Construction covers the design, building and planning rules as they apply to landscape construction and provides guidance on design and construction to ensure good practices are followed. It..

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Landscapes Colour by Numbers


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Language of Yoga: Complete A-to-Y Guide to Asana Names, Sanskrit Terms, and Chants

The Language of Yoga is a definitive guide to the asana (physical postures) limb of yoga. This paperback edition contains more than 200 illustrated yoga postures with both English and Sanskrit names...

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Larousse Patisserie and Baking

LAROUSSE PATISSERIE AND BAKING is the complete guide from the authoritative French cookery brand Larousse. It covers all aspects of baking - from simple everyday cakes and desserts..

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Le Cordon Bleu Chocolate Bible

Discover a world where chocolate is king, where this most versatile of ingredients is transformed into luscious cakes, tarts, mousses, iced desserts, drinks, biscuits and sweets. Here is the ultimate ..

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Leather Crafting Starter Book

Leather Crafting Starter Book is the perfect introduction to leather working for complete beginners. Anyone who wants to learn this traditional craft can get started right away with step-by-step prese..

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Led by the Land: Landscapes

Leading landscape architect Kim Wilkie is revered for his unusual vision and his acute grasp of how people have moulded their environment over the centuries. This updated version of his classic book, ..

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Let's Bake: A Pusheen Cookbook

The ultimate cookbook for Pusheen fans and cat lovers alike, Let's Bake features forty vibrant recipes for sweet treats and savoury snacks, inspired by the adorably plump and mischievous kitty. Each r..

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Let's Eat France!: 1,250 Specialty Foods, 375 Iconic Recipes, 350 Topics, 260 Personalities

There's never been a book about food like Let's Eat France! A book that feels literally larger than life, it is a feast for food lovers and Francophiles, combining the completist virtues of an encyclo..

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Life Kitchen: Recipes to revive the joy of taste & flavour

'This book is a life changer: this is not gush, but a statement of fact. The recipes in these pages have the power to bring pleasure back to the table for those whose tastebuds have taken a bashing in..

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Little Book of Gin: Distilled to Perfection, The

'Ginspiration' to keep you shaken and stirred. Gin may be the national spirit of Britain, but it is now a drink that belongs to the world. It's gone 'ginternational', if you will. Within the last..

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Little Book of Latin for Gardeners

How did the delphinium get its name? Which parts of the body lend their names to auriculas and orchids? Who are the gentian, lobelia and heuchera named after? Why are nasturtiums and antirrhinums conn..

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Little Book of Orchids: Gems of Nature

Orchids are elegant, exotic and mysterious. Discover 75 amazing examples in this beautiful little book. One in every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid, and they have been around since..

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Little Book of Planting Trees, The

The which, where, how, why and inestimable joys of growing trees by the bestselling author of The Wisdom of Trees. From the author of The Wisdom of Trees , an informative and practical guide t..

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Little Book of Roses, The

Why don't scented roses last as long as scentless ones? Who has sung about roses? How do you make rose water? What does a white rose symbolise? Where does the Provins rose come from? What are the most..

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Little Book of Whisky: Matured to Perfection, The

The perfect gift for anyone desiring a richer whisky experience. Some drinking buddies only ever talk about themselves. Well, not this guy. The Little Book of Whisky is here to listen, entertain ..

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Little Book of Wooden Boxes

This craftsman's companion celebrates the woodturners, furniture artists, and elite craftsmen from around the world who have taken box-making to a higher level of aesthetic form. Little Book of Wooden..

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Little Book of Yoga

Yoga, the ancient mind-body practice, is booming in popularity, but there's no attractively packaged overview for the mainstream enthusiast. Introducing The Little Book of Yoga. This petite hardcover ..

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Little India at Home: Indian Dishes Made Easy

Since the first restaurant opened in Dunedin twenty-two years ago, Little India has become a firm favourite with lovers of authentic Indian cuisine. Now you can recreate in your own kitchen the tradit..

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Little Veggie Patch Co, The

After years of helping clients grow fruit and vegetables, the Little Veggie Patch Co. crew believe anyone can grow their own food, in most any area in Australia. And in this bestselling easy-to-use gu..

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Living Well Without Lectins Cookbook, The

Millions of people say they feel better when they eat lectin-free. Here at last is the cookbook that makes lectin-free cooking fun and delicious! For people who take their health and well-being s..

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llustrated Guide to Weed Seeds of New Zealand, An

An Illustrated Guide to Weeds Seeds of New Zealand provides access to expert seed identification in a full colour, easy-to-follow format. The ability to identify weeds at all stages of a plant's devel..

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London in Bloom

London in Bloom showcases the floral abundance of the English capital's extraordinary parks, gardens, florists, and flower markets. In this companion to her popular books Paris in Bloom and New York i..

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Lonely Planet's Global Chocolate Tour

Chock-full of the world's tastiest chocolate experiences, the latest book in our Global Tour series is sure to satisfy the sweet tooth of cocoa lovers near and far. From South America to Europe to Aus..

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Lonely Planet's Global Distillery Tour

Explore the exciting world of spirits with Lonely Planet. Featuring the best distilleries and bars in over 30 countries, we'll tell you where to go and what to taste - from gin, bourbon and whisky to ..

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Loopy Mango Knitting

Stylish, quick big-knit pieces from fashion brand Loopy Mango Fashionable knitwear is wildly popular, as the New York Fashion Week runways and pages of Vogue will tell you. Loopy Mango K..

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Louise Parker Method: Lean for Life: The Cookbook

This year, start a new you eating plan you can maintain for life. Louise Parker shows you how the A-Listers do it. Don't be fooled by vague promises of organic 'clean' eating. Teach yoursel..

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Love Origami!: 20 Simple Paper Projects to Fold, Style & Share

Ross Symons is an origami maverick. Shockingly, he has been known to draw faces on some of his animal creations. And his creativity extends to his witty and imaginative photo styling, as he uploads al..

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Love to Sew

Packed with 60 gorgeous projects selected from the best-selling Love to Sew series, this bumper book will give you all the inspiration you need to get creative, bust that stash and make wonderful item..

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Low Carb Clean Eating The Complete Collection

For many years, diets have been championing the reduction of fat intake over all other dietary change. But there has been a shift in popular nutritional thinking, with processed sugars and carbohydr..

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Low Carb, Healthy Fat


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Lucky Peach Presents 101 Easy Asian Recipes

For everyone who loves dandan noodles, Japanese fried chicken, and pho but thought they were too hard to make at home, Lucky Peach 101 Easy Asian Recipes is the answer. Here is all the fish sauce-spat..

$NZ 74.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 74.99

Lunchbox Express

Are your kids tired of the same old sandwiches day-in, day-out? Do you struggle to think of ways to make lunchtime fun? Struggle no longer ... The School Lunchbox Dad is here to save the day! Ge..

$NZ 27.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 27.99

Macrame: Techniques and Projects for the Compete Beginner

Discover the art of macrame with 11 projects perfect for the beginner and more advanced alike. Projects and techniques have fully illustrated step-by-step instructions that make learning macrame quick..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Macraweave: Macrame meets weaving with 18 stunning home decor projects

AUSTRALIAN AUTHORS Fans of macrame and weaving will love this a comprehensive guide to creating beautiful projects using macraweave a trend that combines both crafts. Macraweave Workshop includes f..

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Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian

Vegetarian cookery, once associated with the East, is now a firmly established part of our Western culture and eating habits. As meat-free cooking has grown in popularity and sophistication, we have b..

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Magical Woodland Knits: Knitting patterns for 12 wonderfully lifelike animals

Knit wonderfully lifelike animals with this magical collection of 15 toy knitting patterns. Readers will love this collection of knitting patterns for very lifelike animals based on the natural world..

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Magnolia Kitchen Design: A Journey of Sweet Inspiration
Magnolia Kitchen: Inspired Baking with Personality

Well known for her artistic cake designs, Bets of Magnolia Kitchen is a force to be reckoned with. From humble beginnings, she now runs a sweet cafe, wholesale distribution business and online shop de..

$NZ 44.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 44.99

Magnolia Table, Volume 2: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering

Following the launch of her #1 New York Times bestselling cookbook, Magnolia Table, and seeing her family's own sacred dishes being served at other families' tables across the country, Joanna Gaines g..

$NZ 59.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 59.99

Make, Stitch & Knit for Baby: 35 Super-Cute and Easy Craft Projects

This contemporary craft book is packed with easy, affordable projects to help you make unique baby gifts with a French-chic twist. From simple cotton bibs, shorts and soft toys, to a basic..

$NZ 29.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 29.99

Maker.Garden: 15 Step-by-Step Projects for Outdoor Living

Maker.Garden features 15 projects which will transform and make the most of your outdoor space. Created by Kerry Allen - whose award-winning blog 'Kezzabeth' is the ultimate guide to creating stylish ..

$NZ 32.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 32.99

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine: Beautiful Loaves and Flatbreads from All Over the World

Making Artisan Breads in the Bread Machine unlocks all the potential of your bread machine, revealing its surprising versatility and amazing breadth. Delicious, comforting, and authentic artisan bread..

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Manga Artist's Handbook: Drawing Basic Characters: The Easy 1-2-3 Method for Beginners, The

Every page presents a classic manga pose, from walking and running to jumping for joy, in three different steps: (1) The simple outline of the body (2) The key elements of the character (lik..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Marigolds, Myrtle and Moles: A Gardener's Bedside Book

The perfect bedside book for the green-fingered - hilarious and touching poems on a gardening theme written and introduced by the nation's favourite gardener and presenter of ITV's Love Your Garden, C..

$NZ 34.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 34.99

Mark Stephens Yoga Adjustments Deck,The

The Mark Stephens Yoga Adjustments Deck empowers yoga teachers and teacher trainers to understand applications of touch in teaching yoga; learn the most effective methods of tactile cueing; and apply ..

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