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Bread Illustrated

In this comprehensive cookbook, America's Test Kitchen breaks down the often intimidating art and science of bread baking, making it easy for anyone to create foolproof, bakery-quality breads at home...

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Bread: River Cottage Handbook #3

First, Daniel examines the key ingredients in baking (flour, yeast, salt and water), explains the science behind the seemingly alchemic processes, and advises on the right kit to get started. He then ..

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Brew Your Own Big Book of Homebrewing: All-Grain and Extract Brewing * Kegging * 50+ Craft Beer Recipes * Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Packed with recipes, expert advice, step-by-step photos, and more, this official guide from Brew Your Own is a necessity for anyone who's into homebrew. For more than two decades, America's homebrewe..

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Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World's Favourite Beer, A

In this fascinating book, beer expert Mark Dredge dives into the history of lager, from how it was first brewed to what role was played by German monks and kings in the creation of the drink we know s..

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Brilliant and Wild: A Garden from Scratch in a Year

From back-of-an-envelope list to flower-filled paradise - Brilliant and Wild: A Garden from Scratch in a Year gives even the most inexperienced gardener the chance to create a beautiful and wildlife-f..

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Britain's Trees: A Treasury of Traditions, Superstitions, Remedies and Literature

Learn to identify Britain's trees and enjoy reading the about rich folklore and traditions connected with them. A sequel to our successful Britain's Wild Flowers. From Hawthorn to Holly, from B..

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British Gardens in Time: The Greatest Gardens and the People Who Shaped Them

As Seen on the BBC. British Gardens in Time takes four iconic gardens, each a product of its age, and provides a fascinating window into the creators and events that shaped them. The stories of their ..

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Bronte at home: Baking from the ScandiKitchen

From a batch of buns to a show-stopping Othello layer cake, Bronte's recipes inspire the feelings of pure delight that baking at home can bring. Try Bronte's Daim Cookies - wonderfully gooey and fille..

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Bubbly: A Collection of Champagne and Sparkling Cocktails

Bubbly is a collection of more than 60 effortlessly stunning cocktail recipes featuring the most festive bottle behind the bar-champagne! With bright, seasonal flavors, simple techniques, and no ..

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Bucket List: Beer, The

The Bucket List: Beer takes readers on an exciting journey through the world's most sought-after and influential breweries, bars, pubs, beer museums and travel destinations. Celebrating beer worldwide..

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Build a Bag Book, The

Praise for the Build a Bag series: "These books are ideal for those new to bag making and will help readers grow their bag-making skills and confidence as they work through the projects. Th..

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Build a Bag Book: Satchels, The

Praise for the Build a Bag series: "These books are ideal for those new to bag making and will help readers grow their bag-making skills and confidence as they work through the projects. Th..

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Building Character: Transforming Old Homes for Modern Living

As the modern world changes and evolves, so does the modern lifestyle. Our levels of home comfort, desires, and overall life satisfactions are being defined in new ways, often contrasting with notions..

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Building Soil: A Down to Earth Approach: Natural Solutions for Better Gardens and Yards
Burger Wellington : the best burgers from New Zealand's culinary capital


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Butcher and Beast: Mastering the Art of Meat

The trendy Beatrice Inn is not just famous for its upscale menu and atmosphere; it's also known for its badass executive chef and owner Angie Mar whose creative, no-BS personality and expertise speaks..

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Butcher's Apprentice

The masters in The Butcher's Apprentice teach you all the old-world, classic meat-cutting skills you need to prepare fresh cuts at home. Through extensive, diverse profiles and cutting lessons, the bu..

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BWB Text: Thought for Food: Why What We Eat Matters

"We are no longer like our ancestors. We no longer depend on our skills as foragers, gatherers, scavengers, hunters and fishers for food. We are only part-time food raisers at best. . . Our biology, o..

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Cabana: Anthology

Cabana Anthology, drawn from the sought-after, sumptuous bi- annual Cabana magazine, celebrates the most luxurious personal statements in interior design, lifestyle, architecture, and all related lu..

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Cabaret of Plants: Botany and the Imagination

In The Cabaret of Plants, Mabey explores the plant species which have challenged our imaginations, awoken our wonder, and upturned our ideas about history, science, beauty and belief. Picked from ever..

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Cable Knits from Nordic Lands: Beauty and Ingenuity in Over 20 Unique Patterns

Cable knitting is easier than it looks - and it looks extraordinary! Brilliant patterns and quality yarns give great results and this fantastic collection from design king Ivar Asplund shows off the b..

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Cacti and Succulents Handbook: Basic Growing Techniques and a Directory of More Than 140 Common Species and Varieties

Cacti and Succulents Handbook is your guide to the selection and cultivation of these diverse and fascinating plants. Appealing to both the novice and experienced gardener, this book provides comprehe..

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Cali'flour Kitchen

Cali'Flour Foods has helped millions transform splurge foods into superfoods. And now, their first cookbook, Cali'Flour Kitchen, offers recipes for the dishes you haven't been able to enjoy for years-..

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Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture - A New Earth

This ground-breaking book will change the way we think of, farm and grow food. Author and radical farmer Charles Massy explores transformative and regenerative agriculture and the vital connection bet..

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Cambridge College Gardens

For students and alumni, their families, Cambridge locals and for lovers of private gardens, Tim Richardson's book on the most exquisite gardens in and around the university of Cambridge's colleges co..

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Camping Cook Book, The

The Camping Cookbook is a unique compilation of superb recipes and practical advice designed for anyone who doesn't want to give up the pleasures of eating well while camping.Each recipe is specially ..

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Camping Cookbook, The

Chef Nico Stanitzok and lifelong camper Viola Lex have teamed up to create more than 80 sweet and savoury camping recipes. Alongside traditional campfire favourites such as barbecue chicken, grilled c..

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Camping Cookbook, The

Chef Nico Stanitzok and lifelong camper Viola Lex have teamed up to create more than 80 sweet and savoury camping recipes. Alongside traditional campfire favourites such as barbecue chicken, grilled c..

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Captain's Dinner

Whether in the shimmering sunshine of the Adriatic Coast or up against a two-and-a-half-meter swell in Brittany, ranging from fjords in the North Atlantic across Baltic ice floes, to Mediterranean lag..

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The restaurant Carcasse is a meat-lover s mecca and owner Hendrik Dierendonck is a meat connoisseur. His farm-to-table knowledge is behind Carcasse's first Michelen star, which was awarded for Di..

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Carpathia: Food from the heart of Romania

Romania is a cultural melting pot. Its character is rooted in many cultures from Greek, Turkish and Slavic in the south and east, to Austrian, Hungarian and Saxon in the north and west. Carpathia, t..

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Carve Your Clay: Techniques to Bring the Pottery Surface to Life

Focusing on the pottery surface, Carve Your Clay covers a wide range of decorative carving techniques, from piercing, etching, inlaying to sgraffito, faceting, and fettling. The techniques are ta..

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Carving Small Characters in Wood: Instructions & Patterns for Compact Projects with Personality

Making techniques more approachable, Carving Small Characters in Wood offers simple methods in a smaller format to carve compact caricatures with personality. With step-by-step directions and ph..

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Case for Keto, The : The Truth About Low-Carb, High-Fat Eating

While government and nutritional agencies still spout the failed mantra of calorie reduction, doctors treating diabetes and obesity are experiencing extraordinary results among patients cutting out ca..

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The ultimate book of the world's most prized cookware, with more than 300 international recipes. Over the course of thousands of years, cast-iron pots and pans have become essential kitchen tools..

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Cat Knits: 16 pawsome knitting patterns for yarn & cat lovers

The only title dedicated to cat-themed knitting patterns. Knitters and cat lovers will love this collection of quirky, cat-themed knitting patterns. The patterns are divided into four chapters, each ..

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Cat Lover's Craft Book: Easy-to-Make Accessories for Kitty's Best Friend, The

Cute cats, fat and fluffy cats, crabby cats, funny cats. Cats to decorate your home, your cat-loving self, or your cat-loving friends. Whatever your craft of choice is, this book has something for you..

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Celebrating Christmas

With over 100 recipes to show off on Christmas Day and over the holidays, this book will guide you through the stress of the festive season. The fabulous recipes and ideas are new and exciting, with..

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Ceramics Studio Guide: What Potters Should Know, The

Learningfrom others' mistakes is always more efficient and less costly thancommitting them yourself. This book is packed with practical informationthat will enable potters to successfully complete the..

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Champagne: Wine of Kings and the King of Wines guides you through the astounding history of how this delicious drink became the hallmark of celebrations, commiserations and partying across the globe. ..

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Champagne: The essential guide to the wines, producers, and terroirs of the iconic region

A stunning box set, complete with seven vintage maps in a pull-out drawer.Based on six years of on-the-ground research and unprecedented access to actual Champagne growers, Champagne is the first book..

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Charred: The complete guide to vegetarian grilling and barbecue

The past few years have seen an explosion of interest in cooking over fire, with cooks all over the world seeking to get elemental in their cooking. But fire and smoke doesn't always have to be about ..

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Chasing the Dram: Finding the Spirit of Whisky

Whisky is Scotland's national drink and has been for over five hundred years, since then becoming a global phenomenon. It is a drink that is a profound and important part of Scottish life and culture ..

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Cheesemonger's History of The British Isles, A

Every cheese tells a story. Whether it's a fresh young goat's cheese or a big, beefy eighteen-month-old Cheddar, each variety holds the history of the people who first made it, from the builders of St..

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Chefs' Fridges: More Than 35 World-Renowned Cooks Reveal What They Eat at Home

Find out what's in some of the world's most esteemed chef's kitchens with this fascinating compendium that showcases more than thirty-five of today's masters, including Jose Andres, Christine Tosi, Al..

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Chicken Soup Manifesto, The : Recipes from around the world

This is a celebration of one of the most widely interpreted, humble and beloved dishes the world over: chicken soup. With more than 100 recipes dedicated to this one special meal, James Beard-nominee ..

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Chill the F*ck Out: A Swear Word Coloring Book

Coloring is the perfect way to relax and unwind. Add a bit of subversive and irreverent humor and you have "Chill the F*ck Out"! Beautiful scenes and abstract doodles are combined with irreverent quip..

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Chinese Embroidery: An Illustrated Stitch Guide - Over 40 Exquisite Projects

Learn about the history and culture surrounding Chinese embroidery and learn to embroider yourself with this easy-to-follow and beautifully illustrated guide. Embroidery in China is a true art fo..

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Chinese Food Made Easy

Master the art of cooking Chinese food at home with these simple, flavour-packed dishes by bestselling author Ross Dobson. Chinese Food Made Easy takes favourite recipes from each of China's dive..

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Choux: Chic and Delicious French Pastries

Flour, butter, eggs: three simple store-cupboard ingredients which, with a little elbow grease, can be transformed into the wonderful and endlessly versatile choux pastry. From the quintessential Choc..

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