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Children's Poetry

Can I Touch Your Hair?

How can Irene and Charles work together on their fifth grade poetry project? They don't know each other . . . and they're not sure they want to. Irene Latham, who is white, and Charles Waters, who is ..

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Change Sings: A Children's Anthem

Sunday Times and New York Times Bestseller and global poetry phenomenon Amanda Gorman makes her picture book debut with this powerful and moving call to action A lyrical picture book debut from p..

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Classic Rhymes for Kiwi Kids


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Complete Fairy Tales : Oxford World's Classics

'Oh grandmama, what great big teeth you have!' Charles Perrault's versions gave classic status to the humble fairy tale, and it is in his telling that the stories of Little Red Riding-Hood, Sleeping B..

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Fire Burn, Cauldron Bubble: Magical Poems Chosen by Paul Cookson

Can you hear the distant dragon's rumble of thunder? And smell the sweet swampy aroma of the ogre? Can you taste the tangy tarantula tarts? And see the girl who's really a wizard? From magic carpets a..

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Gobbledegook Book, The

Joy Cowley's favourite stories, poems and nonsense rhymes collected in a hardback gift volume for the family to treasure. Flue-flam and Gobbledegook collects Joy Cowley's favourites in a beautifu..

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Groovy Fish & Other Poems


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I'm Glad the Sky is Painted Blue


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Letterbox Cat & Other Poems

Well-known poet and author Paula Green combines with the talents of Myles Lawford to create a unique poetry book for children...

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Mindful Music Moments: Nursery Rhymes, Dances & Crafts to Do Together

This illustrated collection of well-loved nursery rhymes is jam-packed with lots of magical mindful music moments for children and their families. Sing the songs, learn the actions and find mindfulnes..

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Moon Spun Round: W. B. Yeats for Children

Bringing the spirit and beauty of Yeats's writing to a whole new young audience! This sumptuously illustrated book complements the carefully selected works of W.B. Yeats, which include poem..

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New and Collected Poems for Children

'In the world of British poetry, Carol Ann Duffy is a superstar.' (Guardian) This stellar edition of her poems brings together work from her four award-winning collections for children, and sprinkles ..

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Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats

The naming of Cats is a difficult matter, It isn't just one of your holiday games; You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES. So b..

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Peace Train

Hop on the Peace Train and join its growing group of passengers who are all ready to travel together to a better world of peace, kindness and human understanding. The iconic song is now an incred..

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Peace Train

The iconic song is now an incredible picture book! Celebrate fifty years of Cat Stevens' timeless anthem with this joyfully illustrated picture book filled with hope, love, and the celebration of all ..

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Poem for Every Day of the Year

A Poem For Every Day of the Year is a magnificent collection of 366 poems compiled by Allie Esiri, one to share on every day of the year. These poems are funny, thoughtful, inspiring, humbling, inform..

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Poem for Every Summer Day, A

Within the pages of Allie Esiri's gorgeous collection, A Poem for Every Summer Day, you will find verse that will transport you to striking summer scenes and inspire adventure. The poems are selected ..

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Poems Aloud: An anthology of poems to read out loud

A wittily illustrated anthology of poems, designed to be read aloud. 20 poems by the award winning Joseph Coelho will arm children with techniques for lifting poetry off the page and performing with c..

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Poems to Live Your Life By

This gorgeously illustrated collection includes forty-six poems and is divided into sections covering: musings, youth, family, love, imaginings, nature, war and endings. Chris Riddell brings them to l..

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Puffin Book of Nursery Rhymes


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RapperBee: Poems to give you a buzz...

Age range 6 to 9 RapperBee: Poems to give you a buzz is Harry Laing's new collection of poetry featuring Anne Ryan's brilliant and anarchic B&W illustrations. Children won't be able to resis..

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Revolting Rhymes

Roald Dahl's irreverent and hilarious collection, Revolting Rhymes. This book is filled with revolting rhymes. (Be warned: It's no ordinary Once upon a time). There's poor Cindy whose heart was torn t..

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Rhyme Hungry

From INSTANT POODLES to CHEESE GHOSTIE, RHYME HUNGRY is the ultimate book of lunchtime wordplay! From INSTANT POODLES to CHEESE GHOSTIE, RHYME HUNGRY is the ultimate book of lunchtime wordplay! ..

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Rock-a-Bye Rumpus

Rock-a-Bye Rumpus is a delightful collection of sweet and fun action poems for the very young, specially chosen by bestselling author, Julia Donaldson and beautifully illustrated by Sebastien Braun. ..

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Round and Round the Garden: A First Book of Nursery Rhymes

This classic collection of beautifully illustrated nursery rhymes from Shirley's childhood, will inspire a new generation to discover their own favourite rhymes - and sing them wherever they go. Paren..

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Rush, Rush!


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Shaping the World

A beautiful gift anthology containing forty incredible shape poems in the shape of world shapers! Learn about about Amelia Earhart in a poem shaped like a plane, Maya Angelou in a poem shaped like a b..

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Worse Things

Worse Things is a story about connections, the ways they are made, and what happens when they are lost or illusive, from the award-winning author of Pearl Verses the World and Toppling. Winner of..

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