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Around the World On 80 Horses

What is a Zonkey? Why do some horses have feathers? How can a horse sleep standing up? Which horse dances to the beat of the tom toms? Who was the eight -headed horse of Indian folklore? ..


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Do You Love Pets?: Why pets are SIMPLY spectacular!

Some pets are cute and cuddly, some are cold and slimy, others might be a bit pinchy or bitey. From a lobster that was walked through the public gardens of Paris, to 800 dogs that had their own room i..


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Little First Stickers Dogs and Puppies

A fun sticker book packed with all kinds of delightful dogs and puppies. Meet a whole host of different dogs in this engaging sticker book with over 100 stickers of playful pooches and cute charact..


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My Book of Horses and Ponies: A Fact-Filled Guide to Your Equine Friends

An exciting first guide for children passionate about horses! Saddle up and get ready to explore the magnificent world of horses! Do you dream about riding a horse and want to know more abou..


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The Ultimate Kids' Guide to Dogs: Everything you need to know to be a dog's best friend

Everything your canine-obsessed kid wants to know about dogs (whether they own one or not) is packed into this PAW-some guide - from Britain's best dog trainer, Graeme Hall. Have you ever wondere..


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