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Young Adult

101 Things for Kids to Do Outside


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In the past year, the narrator of 10:04 has enjoyed unexpected literary success, been diagnosed with a potentially fatal heart condition, and been asked by his best friend to help her conceive a child..

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10pm Question, The

Frankie Parsons is twelve going on old man: an apparently sensible, talented Year 8 with a drumbeat of worrying questions steadily gaining volume in his head: Are the smoke alarm batteries flat? Does ..

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12 Huia Birds

12 beautiful huia birds play and sing in the forest. But is that a canoe arriving? A rat sniffling? A ship on the horizon? One by one, the huia start to disappear - what will remain? 12 Huia Birds is ..

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13 Clocks


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13 Minutes

I was dead for 13 minutes. I don't remember how I ended up in the icy water but I do know this - it wasn't an accident and I wasn't suicidal. They say you should keep your friends close and your enemi..

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13 Planets: The Latest View of the Solar System

First Pluto left. Then it came back, along with Ceres and Erisand now Haumea and MakeMake, too! The recent actions of the International Astronomical Union have put every solar system book out of date...

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13 Reasons Why

"Thirteen Reasons" is a phenomenal "New York Times" Number One bestseller, which tackles the aftermath of teen suicide from the critically acclaimed young adult author Jay Asher - perfect for fans of ..

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13 Reasons Why: (TV Tie-in)

Read this sensational mystery bestseller before you watch the 13-part Netflix series, executive produced by Selena Gomez. This special edition is complete with exclusive behind-the-scenes content incl..

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13-Storey Treehouse

Who wouldn't want to live in a treehouse? Especially a 13-storey treehouse that has a bowling alley, a see-through swimming pool, a tank full of sharks, a library full of comics, a secret underground ..

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131/2  Incredible Things You Need to Know About Everything

Learn something about everything and discover the world as you've never seen it before with exploded images of everyday objects from cars and skeletons to pianos and chocolate! Each image has 13 mind-..

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131: A Time-Shifting Gnostic Hooligan Road Novel

"Welcome to Sardinia: my hell, my home, my prison, my meditation these past sixteen years. What a place to die. But that's precisely why I was back." When drugged-up Time Traveller and '80s musical bu..

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1635: A Parcel of Rogues

When the diplomatic embassy from the United States of Europe was freed from the Tower of London during the Baltic War, most of its members returned to the continent. But some remained behind in Britai..

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1635: Wars for the Rhine, The (Ring of Fire #24)

An exciting addition to the multiple"New York Times"best-sellingRing of Fire alternate historyseries created by Eric Flint. Time travelers from our modern age are thrown into the deadly straits of the..

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1636: Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz, The (Ring of Fire #20)

A sparkling addition to the multiple"New York Times"best-sellingRing of Fire alternate historyseries created by Eric Flint. An alchemist of the 17th centuryconfrontsmodern science with often amusing r..

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1636: Mission to the Mughals (Ring of Fire #23)

The United States of Europe, the new nation formed by an alliance between the Swedish king Gustavus Adolphus and the West Virginians hurled back in time by a cosmic accident-the Ring of Fire-is beset ..

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1636: Ottoman Onslaught, The (Ring of Fire #21)

Book #21in the multiple"New York Times"best-selling Ring of Fire series. The uptimers and their allies take on the Ottoman Empire at its height of power. The modern West Virginia town of Grantville ha..

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1636: Seas of Fortune

A new addition to the multiple New York Times best-selling Ring of Fire series! After carving a place for itself in war-torn 17th century Europe, citizens of the modern town of Grantville, West Virgin..

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1636: The Cardinal Virtues

Book #19 in the multiple "New York Times" best-selling Ring of Fire series. After carving a free state for itself in war-torn 17th century Europe, citizens of the modern town of Grantville, West Virgi..

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1636: The Vatican Sanctions


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1636: The Viennese Waltz

When Grantville, West Virginia was transported back to the year 1631 - in the middle of the Thirty Years' War, no less - many things happened. Many opportunities arose. It's said that a rising tide li..

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1914: Riding into War

Young Billy Bowman and his mate Jack get caught up in the excitement when war is declared in August 1914 and leave their jobs on the farm to rush off and enlist in the Mounted Rifles - because the war..

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1915: Wounds of War

Mel and her cousin Harriet are keen to nurse brave Kiwi boys fighting in the Great War, half a world away. But when they join the NZ Army Nursing Service and board a hospital ship headed for Egypt, An..

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1916: Dig for Victory


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1917: Machines of War


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1918: Broken Poppies

Four Christmases have passed since the world went to war in 1914. Struggling to survive in the trenches, close to enemy lines, amid the terror of gunfire and the whine of warplanes, Kiwi soldier Henry..

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199 Animals


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"Murakami is like a magician who explains what he's doing as he performs the trick and still makes you believe he has supernatural powers . . . But while anyone can tell a story that resembles a dream..

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2001 Space Odyssey


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2017 Gamers Guinness World Records

It's time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Guinness World Records: Gamer's Edition! With over four million copies sold, this is the ultimate annual for every gaming fan. It's bursting with the..

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2017 Guinness World Records

The ultimate annual book of records is back and crammed with more than ever before! Guinness World Records 2017 is bursting with all-new records on topics as diverse as black holes, domes, owls and ki..

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2018 Guinness World Records: Gamers Edition

From the global authority in record-breaking comes the 11th edition of the world's best-selling videogames annual. Packed with the latest records, coolest stars and the biggest games, the Guinness Wor..

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2023: a trilogy

Well we're back again, They never kicked us out, twenty thousand years of SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT. Down through the epochs and out across the continents, generation upon generation of the Justified Ancients..

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2084: The End of the World

It is the year 2084. In the kingdom of Abistan citizens submit to a single god, demonstrating their devotion by kneeling in prayer nine times a day. Autonomous thought has been banned, remembering is ..

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The year is 2312. Scientific advances have opened gateways to an extraordinary future. Earth is no longer our only home; new habitats have been created throughout the solar system, on moons, planets a..

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26-Storey Treehouse

If you're like most readers, you're probably wondering just how Andy and Terry met. Well, it's a long story, but a pretty exciting one, and it's mostly true! Come on up, choose a hammock, and they'll ..

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2nd Big Book of Tashi


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30 People Who Changed the World: Fascinating Bite-Sized Essays from Award-Winning Writers

What do Julius Caesar, Rosa Parks, and Vincent van Gogh all have in common? They're all fascinating figures who shaped our world! Learn about these and so many more historical VIPs in 30 People Who Ch..

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300 Minutes of Danger


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36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You

Inspired by the real psychology study popularised by the New York Times and its "Modern Love" column, this contemporary YA/crossover is perfect for fans of Eleanor and Park, Jo Jo Moyes, Carrie Hope F..

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365 Days of Wonder

August Pullman stole the hearts of over a million readers in the bestselling, award-winning Wonder. 365 Days of Wonder is a beautiful companion to the novel: a collection of quotes and wise words, one..

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365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

365 Things to do with LEGO(R) Bricks inspires you to look at your LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways and enjoy LEGO fun every day of the year. Featuring imaginative play and building ideas, from LE..

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365 Weird & Wonderful Science Experiments

This fact- and fun-filled book includes hundreds of simple, kid-tested science experiments. All of which can be done with items from around the house, and require little to no supervision!Whether you'..

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39-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's amazing treehouse has 13 new levels including a chocolate waterfall, a non-erupting active volcano, an opera house, a baby-dinosaur petting zoo, Andy and Terry's Believe it or Else! m..

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3D Printing Projects

Over 20 exciting 3D printing projects for kids to design and print their own toys, gadgets, models, and ornaments. Using freely available 3D modelling software and without the need for your own 3D pri..

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4 3 2 1

On March 3rd, 1947, Archibald Isaac Ferguson, the only child of Rose and Stanley Ferguson, is born. From that single beginning, Ferguson's life will take four simultaneous paths. Four Fergusons will g..

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4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis was written throughout the autumn and winter of 1998-99 as Kane battled with one of her recurrent bouts of depression. On February 20, 1999, aged 28, the playwright committed suicide. O..

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45 1/2 Excuses for Not Doing Homework

"I was sucked up into a spaceship, and because I displayed high intelligence, the aliens decided to keep my homework." All the unique and completely believable reasons you'll ever need for why you hav..

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48 Hours: the Vanishing

One kidnapping. One cold case. Two amateur investigators. Only 48 hours to solve the crime ...Jazz's best friend Anika has been kidnapped! She can't call the cops, so Jazz forges a shaky truce with ..

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5-Minute Spider-Man Stories

Spider-Man is about to face off against the world's most fearsome Super Villains! But can Spidey swing into action and save the day in just five minutes? The answer is YES. In these sensational storie..

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50 Amazing Things Kids Need to Know About Maths

You can't build a bridge, bake a cake or even do your shopping without maths, but many children (and adults) are put off it at school because it can seem pretty tricky and, dare we say it, boring 50 A..

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