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NZ Natural History

2016 Ken Ring's New Zealand Weather Almanac

Farmers, fishermen, gardeners, skiers, event planners, and anyone who works outdoors or just wants to know what the weather is going to do, should not be without Ken Ring's weather almanac for 2016. ..

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2017 Ken Ring's New Zealand Weather Almanac

Working Outdoors? Arranging a ski holiday, fishing trip or school camp? Planning a wedding? Ken Ring's weather predictions have been relied on by Kiwis for over 18 years, and his annual weather almana..

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Ants of New Zealand

This book is the outcome of a lifetime's research by the author. He reveals that there are 37 established species of ants in New Zealand, 11 of which are considered to be endemic. This leaves 26 that ..

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Attracting Birds and other Wildlife to your Garden
Bateman Field Guide to Wild New Zealand

At last a single field guide that covers New Zealand's plants, birds, insects and animals for visitors and New Zealanders interested in this country's natural history. When author Julian Fitter first ..

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Big Pacific

The Pacific Ocean covers one-third of Earth's surface - greater than all of the planet's landmasses combined. It contains half of the world's water, hides its deepest places, and is home to some of th..

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Biology Aotearoa: Unique Flora, Fauna & Fungi

As a large, isolated and relatively ancient landmass, New Zealand occupies a unique place in the biological world, with distinctive terrestrial biota and a high proportion of primitive endemic forms. ..

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Bird Words: New Zealand writers on birds

A lively anthology of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, celebrating the birds of Aotearoa.On the skylinea hawklanguidly typinga hunting poemwith its wings.- Hone TuwhareNew Zealand birds have inspired m..

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Birds and Native Mammals of New Zealand


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Birds New Zealand : Beauty Like No Other

This book is uniquely different from anything else on the market and has been fully updated and expanded for 2018. It is no ordinary book, comprising 320 pages of absolute beauty. An extremely appeali..

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Birds of New Zealand


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Birds of New Zealand : Photographic Guide

Illustrated with stunning new photographs by Brent Stephenson and drawing on the latest information from birders and biologists, Birds of New Zealand is the definitive introduction to the identificati..

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Birds of the West Wind: How Australia has Shaped NZ's Avian Life
Birdstories: A history of the birds of New Zealand

A fascinating, in-depth account of New Zealand's birds, which spans their discovery, their place in both Pakeha and Maori worlds, their survival and conservation, and the illustrations and art they ha..

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Botanist's Notebook

This book brings together for the first time more than 70 of Dr Eric Godley's popular botanical essays, each with carefully chosen illustrations. They cover topics as diverse as: native mistletoes; wh..

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Buller's Native Birds of New Zealand A1 Poster


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Butterflies of the South Pacific


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Caves: Exploring New Zealand's Subterranean Wilderness

New Zealanders as a collective share a deep connection with the outdoors. Our rivers, forests, and mountains are part of our national identity but our caves are less well-known and often misunderstood..

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Cicadas of New Zealand


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Collecting New Zealand Minerals


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Collins Field Guide to New Zealand Wildlife

First published in 2000, the COLLINS FIELD GUIDE TO NEW ZEALAND WILDLIFE quickly became a classic of its kind. Familiar to both national and international travellers keen to identify the birds, mammal..

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Collins Field Guide to the New Zealand Seashore

Fully revised and updated, this is the ultimate guide to the New Zealand seashore. The essential guide to New Zealand's inter-tidal wilderness - for every bach, glovebox and home library. New Zealand..

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Down the Bay

Abel Tasman National Park was a war-time baby, born in 1942 to protect the wonderful sequence of forested beaches and headlands, and which have become much-loved by both countless New Zealanders and v..

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Drama of Conservation


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Eagle's Complete Trees & Shrubs of New Zealand


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Ecosanctuaries : Communities Building a Future for New Zealand's Threatened Ecologies

Over the past 10 years many communities around the country have launched ambitious projects to bring New Zealand's native ecologies back to the mainland. By building predator-proof fences around big a..

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End to End New Zealand: Following the Te Araroa Trail on a 3000 km  Journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff
Extraordinary Land : Discoveries & Mysteries from Wild New Zealand

New Zealand is an extraordinary land. It has been called 'the closest thing to life on another planet' and 'a planetary lifeboat'. The main reason behind this land's uniqueness is that the islands hav..

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Field Guide : Stewart Island Plants

This attractive, popular field guide to the plants of Stewart Island describes and illustrates more than 800 species, some in colour, and includes conspicuous "lower plants" such as mosses and seaweed..

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Field Guide to New Zealand's Native Trees

If the monumental New Zealand's Native Trees has inspired you to venture into the outdoors to look more closely at our unique tree flora, this field guide is the perfect companion to take along. Compa..

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Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

The Field Guide to the Birds of New Zealand is the modern classic of the genre - the tried and trusted reference for lovers of New Zealand birds. Comprehensive, reliable and easy to use, this fourth r..

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Field Guide to the Native Edible Plants of New Zealand

A practical field guide to New Zealand's native edible plants. Over 190 trees, shrubs, herbs, ferns, mushrooms, lichens and seaweeds are described in detail in this useful and attractive book, with in..

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Fight for the Forests

The greatest success stories of the modern environmental movement in New Zealand were the public campaigns to save our native forests, beginning in the 1960s with the battle to stop Lake Manapouri bei..

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First Migration


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Fishes of New Zealand Poster A1 Matt Laminated


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Fishes of New Zealand: A Comprehensive Guide

This richly illustrated reference book allows readers to explore, discover, and identify every known species of New Zealand fish. The culmination of decades of collecting and taxonomic research by sci..

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Galapagos of the Antarctic - Wild Islands South of NZ
Ghosts of Gondwana II

Have you ever wondered why New Zealand's plants and animals are so different from those in other countries? Why kakapo is the only parrot in the world that cannot fly, or why the kiwi lives here and n..

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Godwits: New Zealand to the World - One Bird's Voyage

This highly illustrated book tells the story of the godwits and their migrations - why and how they do it. It follows the birds on their intrepid journeys, examining the places they visit, be it an es..

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Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand

The Hand Guide to the Birds of New Zealand is a trusted, invaluable reference for lovers of New Zealand birds. Comprehensive and easy to use, this new edition features: *374 species, including 35 new ..

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How to Watch a Bird

As prize-winning journalist Steve Braunias stands on an apartment balcony on a sultry summer evening, a black-backed gull flies so close he is instantaneously bowled over with happiness: 'I thought: B..

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Hunters: The Precarious Lives of New Zealand's Birds of Prey

From an extinct giant eagle and an owl that sounded like the devil, to the morepork we hear calling at night, the falcon that appears on our $20 note and the hawks we see swooping on the grisly remain..

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Ikawai: Freshwater Fishes in Maori Culture and Economy

This landmark publication draws together all that has ever been written about the role of freshwater fishes in the lives of early Maori. Species such as tuna (eels) kanakana (lamprey), inanga and koko..

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Illustrated Guide to Common Weeds in New Zealand

Aimed at a wide audience, with colour photographs and simple text, this popular and indispensable guide to the identification of weeds in New Zealand is now in its third edition. The 2010 edition is b..

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In Search of Ancient New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the most dynamic landscapes in the world. The evidence is everywhere: soaring mountains, fiery volcanoes, grand fiords, brawling rivers and spectacular lakes. Plants and animals ..

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Kakapo: Rescued from the Brink of Extinction

'The kakapo is a bird that reminds me of the British motorbike industry. It had things its own way for so long that it simply became eccentric.' Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the ..

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Kakapo: Rescued from the brink of extinction

Kakapo follows the fall and rise of one of the world's most unusual birds, from the brink of extinction, through a roller-coaster ride of hope and loss. One of New Zealand's most threatened species, t..

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Kea : A Collection of Photographs by Corey Mosen and Information Collated by the Kea Conservation Trust

Kea are magnificent creatures, often known for their mischievous antics and bold personality. But their endangered status, bright plumage, and their unique intelligence, is something most people are u..

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Know Your New Zealand Fishes

New Zealand boasts beautiful and unique coastlines, lakes and rivers, brimming with more than 1100 different fish species. In Know Your New Zealand Fishes, Jenny and Tony Enderby identify more than 80..

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Know Your New Zealand Insects & Spiders

New Zealand's insects include some of the world's most remarkable, including the giant weta (one of the world's heaviest insects, dating from dinosaur days) and the world's longest weevil. The most ic..

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Know Your New Zealand Native Freshwater Aquarium


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