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NZ Non-Fiction

Frances Hodgkins: European Journeys

New Zealand-born Frances Hodgkins (1869-1947) arrived in London in 1901 and, by the 1920s, had become a leading British modernist, exhibiting frequently with avant-garde artists such as Ben Nicholson,..

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Free Maree


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Free to be Children: Preventing child sexual abuse in Aotearoa New Zealand

Sexual abuse of children wrecks lives, families and communities. In this landmark book, well-known registered clinical psychologist Robyn Salisbury seeks the wisdom of those who have devoted many year..

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Freedom Song


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Fridays with Jim: Conversations about our country with Jim Bolger

A FORMER NEW ZEALAND PRIME MINISTER CANDIDLY REVIEWS HIS LIFE AND THE STATE OF THE NATION. A self-taught son of Irish immigrants, devout Catholic, rough-hewn King Country farmer and farming lobbyist, ..

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Frogs & Reptiles


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From a Dark Cave to New Zealand: The Story of My Long Journey as a Kurdish Refugee

Hiding in a tiny dark cave in the border triangle between Iraq, Iran and Turkey, Mustafa Darbandi is facing his fear that he may not survive. On the run because of his membership of a banned Kurdish f..

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From Cairo to Cassino: A Memoir of Paddy Costello

Paddy Costello, along with John Mulgan, Geoffrey Cox, Ian Milner, James Bertram, and Dan Davin, was one of a cast of young scholars who made seemingly peripheral yet lasting contributions to the New Z..

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From Gondwana to the Ice Age:  Geology of New Zealand over the last 100 million years

Until about 100 million years ago, New Zealand lay on the Pacific-facing edge of the ancient supercontinent of Gondwana; the formation of our sedimentary rocks provides a fascinating view of the tecto..

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From Suffrage to a Seat in the House: The path to parliament for New Zealand women

New Zealand has always proudly worn its status of being the first country to enfranchise women. But not many know that it took a further 40 long years to get the first woman elected to Parliament. In ..

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From Taranto to Trieste


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Fuelling Dissension: Coal and Coal Mining in 21st Century New Zealand

New Zealand continues to mine, burn and export coal, despite the fact that, globally, coal is the single biggest contributor to ocean acidification and to the ongoing climate emergency. But what will ..

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Funny As

From the Kiwi Concert Party to The Topp Twins, Billy T. James to Rose Matafeo, Fred Dagg to Flight of the Conchords, New Zealanders have made each other laugh in ways distinctive to these islands. ..

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Future Challenges for Maori: He Korero Anamata

The contributors draw on their research, knowledge and practical experience to address a variety of contemporary issues of importance to Maori. The topics they explore cover identity and selfdetermina..

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Gagana Samoa: A Samoan Language Coursebook


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Galleries of Maoriland: Artists, Collectors and the Maori World, 1880-1910

Galleries of Maoriland introduces us to the many ways in which Pakeha discovered, created, propagated and romanticised the Maori world at the turn of the century - in the paintings of Lindauer and Gol..

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Gallipoli to the Somme: Recollections of a New Zealand Infantryman
Gallipoli: The New Zealand Story

The definitive account of New Zealand's role in the disastrous 1915 Gallipoli campaign, when a British-led expeditionary force met the Turkish army in an attempt to wrest control of the Dardanelles, c..

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Gangland: New Zealand's Underworld of Organised Crime

New Zealand's underworld of organised crime and deadly gangs New Zealand is now one of the most lucrative illicit drug markets in the world. Organised crime is about making money. It's a busin..

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Gearing Up: Leading your Kiwi Business into the Future
Ghosts of Gondwana II

Have you ever wondered why New Zealand's plants and animals are so different from those in other countries? Why kakapo is the only parrot in the world that cannot fly, or why the kiwi lives here and n..

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Girl From Revolution Road, The

Based on Ghazaleh Golbakhsh's experience as an Iranian immigrant growing up in New Zealand, these essays range from a childhood in war-torn Iran, including the trauma of a night spent in prison as a s..

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Go Fast Or Go Home  Garth Hogan Story


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Going by Train: The Complete New Zealand Railways Story

Railways played a pivotal part in the development of New Zealand's economy, towns and cities, and helped shape a distinctive culture. This is a comprehensive account of our railways story, from the ea..

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Good Dirt

Improving soil health for more successful gardening. In The Good Dirt, landscape designer Xanthe White goes beneath the surface to reveal the secrets to successful gardening. As the title suggests, th..

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Good Doctor: Breaking the Rules, Making a Difference

Lance O'Sullivan is a man on a mission. Raised in Auckland by a solo mother, he had a modest upbringing typical of the time, if one chequered with difficulties. After being expelled from two schools, ..

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Good, the Bad and the Downright Ugly Side of New Zealand Business, The
Gottfried Lindauer's New Zealand: The Maori Portraits

From the 1870s to the early twentieth century, the Bohemian immigrant artist Gottfried Lindauer travelled to marae and rural towns around New Zealand and - commissioned by Maori and Pakeha - captured ..

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Graham Bennett: Around Every Circle


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Grammar and Dictionary of the Samoan Language

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important, and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it. This work was reproduced from the original artifact, and remains..

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Great Tales from New Zealand History

Forty-six diverse, absorbing stories which reveal the often forgotten colour and vibrancy of our country's past. Who really did discover New Zealand? Who were the real villains at Parihaka? Have we wr..

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Great Tales from Rural New Zealand


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Great Unknown, The: Mountain Journeys in the Southern Alps

Geoff Spearpoint is a legend among New Zealand's tramping and mountaineering community. For over 50 years he has been undertaking many long, adventurous trips in the Southern Alps every year, decade a..

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Great Walks of New Zealand

Great Walks of New Zealand is a tribute to New Zealand's eight finest walking tracks, by renowned wilderness photographer Craig Potton. Based on the best-selling Classic Walks of New Zealand, this boo..

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Great War for New Zealand: Waikato 1800-2000

A monumental new account of the defining conflict in New Zealand history. It was war in the Waikato in 1863-64 that shaped the nation in all kinds of ways: setting back Maori and Pakeha relations by s..

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Gretchen Albrecht: Between Gesture and Geometry

Gretchen Albrecht CNZM is one of New Zealand's most influential painters. Over the course of her long career, her work has continued to surprise and delight and her paintings feature in many important..

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Grow Fruit & Vegetables in Pots: Planting Advice & Recipes from Great Dixter

Beautifully illustrated, GROW FRUIT AND VEGETABLES IN POTS provides clear, practical information on growing fruit and vegetables in containers, whether that be a window box or a terracotta pot on a ba..

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Guide to the West Coast Wilderness Trail


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Guide to Trout Fishing in Otago


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Guts & Grace: Christchurch City Mission a History


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Haare Williams: Words of a Kaumatua

Haare Williams grew up with his Tuhoe grandparents on the shores of Ohiwa Harbour in a te reo world of Tane and Tangaroa, Te Kooti and the old testament, of Nani Wai and curried cockle stew - a world ..

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Haerenga Early Maori Journeys Across the Globe


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Hamilton & Waikato 100+ Outdoor Adventures: The Ultimate Family Guidebook
Handbook of Neww Zealand Mammals, The

The Handbook of New Zealand Mammals is the only definitive reference on all the land-breeding mammals recorded in the New Zealand region (including the New Zealand sector of Antarctica). It lists 65 s..

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Harraways: Going for Grain: 150 years of Milling at Green Island, Dunedin
Hauturu: History, Flora and Fauna of Te Hauturu-o-Toi/Little Barrier Island

Often described as the most intact native ecosystem in the country, Hauturu holds a special place in the minds of all New Zealanders interested in preserving our country's unique natural heritage. Wri..

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He Iti Kahurangi

Particles are often a source of difficulty to Maori language learners, but using these correctly is essential in order to create a Maori spirit and flavour within the sentence, so that it sounds sweet..

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He Kupu Tuku Iho: Ko te Reo Maori te Tatu ki te Ao

Sir Timoti Karetu and Dr Wharehuia Milroy are widely recognised as two of New Zealand's leading teachers and scholars of Maori language and culture. They both taught at The University of Waikato from ..

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He papakupu reo ture: a Dictionary of Maori Legal Terms
He Pukapuka Tataku I Nga Mahi a Te Rauparaha Nui: A Record of the Life of the Great Te Rauparaha

Kaore kau he kaumatua hei rite mo Te Rauparaha te mohio ki te whawhai, me te toa hoki, me te tino tangata ki te atawhai tangata. There has never been a man equal to Te Raupara..

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He Reo Wahine: Maori Women's Voices from the Nineteenth Century
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