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24 Hours at Waterloo: 18 June 1815

'One of the lancers rode by, and stabbed me in the back with his lance. I then turned, and lay with my face upward, and a foot soldier stabbed me with his sword as he walked by. Immediately after, ano..

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36 Days:  Untold Story Behind the Gallipoli Landings

When Australian troops stormed Z Beach in the pre-dawn darkness of 25 April 1915, it was the culmination of one of the most complex and daunting operations in the history of warfare - a seaborne assau..

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365 Surfboards: The Coolest, Raddest, Most Innovative Boards from Around the World

The surfboard is both a piece of sports equipment and a work of art. It is a marvel of engineering and for some, a path to fame and celebrity. It exudes both power and grace; it allows its rider to so..

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365 Things to Do with LEGO Bricks

365 Things to do with LEGO(R) Bricks inspires you to look at your LEGO bricks in new and exciting ways and enjoy LEGO fun every day of the year. Featuring imaginative play and building ideas, from LE..

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39-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's amazing treehouse has 13 new levels including a chocolate waterfall, a non-erupting active volcano, an opera house, a baby-dinosaur petting zoo, Andy and Terry's Believe it or Else! m..

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4 3 2 1

On March 3rd, 1947, Archibald Isaac Ferguson, the only child of Rose and Stanley Ferguson, is born. From that single beginning, Ferguson's life will take four simultaneous paths. Four Fergusons will g..

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4.48 Psychosis

4.48 Psychosis was written throughout the autumn and winter of 1998-99 as Kane battled with one of her recurrent bouts of depression. On February 20, 1999, aged 28, the playwright committed suicide. O..

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50 Greatest Bike Rides of the World

Imagine freewheeling through tufted French vineyards, scaling the rocky, cloud-topped tracks in the Himalayas or rattling past whitewashed sugar-cube houses in narrow Spanish valleys. From surviving ..

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50 Knots You Need to Know: Learn 50 Knots for Sailing, Climbing, Camping, and More

Attention all nerds, put down that laptop and pick up this brilliant guide to tying 50 must-know knots. If you're unaware of the difference between a Cow Hitch and a Marlinspike Hoop or a Running Bowl..

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5000-1: The Leicester City Story: How We Beat the Odds to Become Premier League Champions

THE INCREDIBLE AS-IT-HAPPENED STORY OF LEICESTER CITY'S MARCH TO PREMIER LEAGUE VICTORY In August 2015 bookmakers priced Leicester at 5000-1 to win the Premier League - the same odds as Elvis being fo..

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52-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's incredible, ever-expanding treehouse has 13 new storeys, including a watermelon-smashing level, a wave machine, a life-size snakes and ladders game (with real ladders and real snakes)..

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65-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's amazing 65-Storey Treehouse now has a pet-grooming salon, a birthday room where it's always your birthday (even when it's not), a room full of exploding eyeballs, a lollipop shop, a q..

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7 Minutes to Fit: 50 Anytime, Anywhere Interval Workouts

There's a reason why searching Google for the New York Times article "The Scientific 7-Minute Workout" yields nearly 100 million results: we all want an exercise routine that's quick, efficient and de..

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7 Stages of Grieving

This one-woman show follows the journey of an Aboriginal 'Everywoman' as she tells poignant and humorous stories of grief and reconciliat- ion. Appropriating western form whilst using traditional stor..

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75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

The Crown Jewel of Comics The DC universe as never seen before In 1935, DC Comics founder Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson published New Fun No. 1-the first comic book with all-new, original material-a..

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78-Storey Treehouse

Join Andy and Terry in their spectacular new 78-storey treehouse. They've added 13 new levels including a drive-thru car wash, a combining machine, a scribbletorium, an ALL-BALL sports stadium, Andyla..

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7th Function of Language

Roland Barthes, one of the twentieth-century's towering literary figures, is knocked down in a Paris street by a laundry van. It's February 1980 and he has just come from lunch with Francois Mitterran..

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7th Function of Language, The

'One of the funniest, most riotously inventive and enjoyable novels you'll read this year' - Observer Roland Barthes is knocked down in a Paris street by a laundry van. It's February 1980 and he ha..

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*CLAIRE NORTH WAS SHORTLISTED FOR THE SUNDAY TIMES YOUNG WRITER OF THE YEAR AWARD 2017* From one of the most original new voices in modern fiction comes a startling vision of a world where nothing ..

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9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation

The 9/11 Report for Every AmericanOn December 5, 2005, the 9/11 Commission issued its final report card on the government's fulfillment of the recommendations issued in July 2004: one A, twelve Bs, ni..

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9th Floor, The


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A Boy in Winter

Early on a grey November morning in 1941, only weeks after the German invasion, a small Ukrainian town is overrun by the SS. Deft, spare and devastating, Rachel Seiffert's new novel tells of the three..

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A Complete History of Rugby World Cup


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A Distant Journey

In 1962 Cindy drops out of college to impulsively marry an Australian grazier, moving from the glamorous world of Palm Springs, California, to an isolated sheep station on the sweeping plains of the R..

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A Field Officer's Notebook: Selected Poems

`Dan Davin, best known for his prose fiction, memoirs, and work in academic publishing, also wrote poetry. Not that he wrote poetry throughout his life; rather, it was almost exclusively written in th..

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A Sea Of Troubles: (Brunetti 10)

The murder of two clam fishermen off the island of Pellestrina, south of the Lido on the Venetian lagoon, draws Commissario Brunetti into the close-knit community of the island, bound together by a co..

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A Study in Scarlet: A Sherlock Holmes Graphic Novel

"There's the scarlet thread of murder... and our duty is to unravel it!" A man's body is found in a bloodstained room - without a scratch on it. A name has been partly written in blood on the wall. A ..

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A Thousand Acres

The Pulitzer Prize-winning, bestselling novel from one of America's greatest contemporary writers.Larry Cook's farm is the largest in Zebulon County, Iowa, and a tribute to his hard work and single-mi..

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A Walk to Remember

Can you resist the depths of the human heart? It is 1958 and seventeen-year-old Landon is revelling in his youth: dating girls and even claiming to have been in love. He is a world apart from shy, rec..

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Ab De Villiers - the Autobiography

'AB has become the most valuable cricketer on the planet' Adam Gilchrist AB de Villiers is one of the finest batsmen ever to play cricket, and yet his achievement extends beyond his outrageous armour..

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Abattoir Blues: The 22nd DCI Banks Mystery

Two missing boys. A stolen bolt gun. One fatal shot. Three ingredients for murder. When DCI Banks and his team are called to investigate the theft of a tractor from a North Yorkshire village, they're ..

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ABC Murders

Agatha Christie's world-famous serial killer mystery, reissued with a striking new cover designed to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers. There's a serial killer on..

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Abducting a General: The Kreipe Operation & SOE in Crete

One of the greatest feats in Patrick Leigh Fermor's remarkable life was the kidnapping of General Kreipe, the German commander in Crete, on 26 April 1944. He and Captain Billy Moss hatched a daring pl..

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Abducting a General: The Kreipe Operation and SOE in Crete

A daring behind-enemy-lines mission from the author of A Time of Gifts and The Broken Road, who was once described by the BBC as 'a cross between Indiana Jones, James Bond and Graham Greene'. Although..

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About a Boy

Nick Hornby's second bestselling novel is about sex, manliness and fatherhood. Will is thirty-six, comfortable and child-free. And he's discovered a brilliant new way of meeting women - through single..

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About Grace

Beautifully written and compelling, About Grace is the brilliant debut novel from Anthony Doerr. Growing up in Alaska, young David Winkler is crippled by his dreams. At nine, he dreams a man is decapi..

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Above All Things

A "New York Times "Editor's Choice 1924. George Mallory is arguably the last great British explorer, having twice tried--and failed--to conquer Mount Everest. The mountain has haunted him, but his att..

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Above the Belt : A History of the Suburb of Maori Hill
Above the City : a History of Otago Boys' High School 1863-2013
Abrupt Physics of Dying

Claymore Straker is trying to forget a violent past. Working as an oil company engineer in the wilds of Yemen, he is hijacked at gunpoint by Islamic terrorists. Clay has a choice: help uncover the cau..

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Edgy, insightful and brilliantly evoked, this compelling novel is impossible to put down. Four sisters meet for a holiday on the spectacularly beautiful Cinque Terre coast of Italy. One of the sisters..

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Absence of Guilt

Mark Gimenez, author the massive international bestseller The Colour of Law, is back, as superstar lawyer Scott A. Fenney takes the stand for an impossible case. An ISIS attack on America is narrowly ..

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Absence of Guilt

Mark Gimenez is back as The Colour of Money star A. Scott Fenney takes the stand for an impossible case. An ISIS attack on America is narrowly averted when the FBI uncovers a plot to detonate a weapon..

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Absolute Power

Set at the heart of political power in Washington DC, Absolute Power was the book which launched David Baldacci's career as a worldwide bestseller of thrilling fiction. The movie, starring Clint Eastw..

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Absolute Tennis: The Best and Next Way to Play the Game

Absolute Tennis is a thorough and comprehensive guide to improving your tennis. In this insightful and visually engaging book, Martin Smith, an NCAA Division I Southern Conference Champion and long-ti..

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Absolutist, The

September 1919: Twenty-years-old Tristan Sadler takes a train from London to Norwich to deliver a clutch of letters to Marian Bancroft. Tristan fought alongside Marian's brother Will during the Great ..

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Abundance, The

Annie Dillard has spent a lifetime examining the world around her with eyes wide open, drinking in all things intensely and relentlessly. Whether observing a sublime lunar eclipse or a moth consumed i..

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Abyss Beyond Dreams

TO SAVE THEIR CIVILISATION HE MUST DESTROY IT ...When images of a lost civilization are 'dreamed' by a self-proclaimed prophet of the age, Nigel Sheldon, inventor of wormhole technology and creator of..

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Academ's Fury: (Codex Alera Book 2)


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ACB with Honora Lee

Perry's mother and father are busy people...they're impatient, they're tired, they get cross easily. And they think that only children, like Perry, should be kept busy. On Saturday mornings Perry and ..

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'She is the best of the modern chroniclers of these mediaeval wars ...beautifully written, politically astute and full of insight into the moments when great history meets fragile human hearts.' The T..

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