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 Year That Changed Everything, The

Three women celebrate their birthdays . . . 30. 40. 50. But their milestone birthdays mark the start of a year that will change everything . . .Ginger isn't spending her 30th the way she would have pl..

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"Middle Age Spread": New Zealand Playscripts


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Mamet's ground-breaking and controversial play on the male-female power struggle, annotated with an introduction, notes and commentary. "An ear for reproducing everyday language has long been David Ma..

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'S Day' and Afterwards: A Stroke Victim's Experiences of Life Without Intelligible Speech

In 'S Day' and Afterwards a fictional stroke victim shares her thoughts and feelings about language in general, her specific speech and language difficulties and the influence her condition has on her..

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'Til Death Do Us Part

Calista Langley operates an exclusive 'introduction; agency in Victorian London, catering to respectable ladies and gentlemen who find themselves alone in the world. But now, a dangerously obsessed in..

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1,342 Qi Facts to Leave You Flabbergasted

The sock-blasting, jaw-dropping, side-swiping phenomenon that is QI serves up a sparkling new selection of 1,342 facts to leave you flabbergasted. Trees sleep at night. Google searches for 'How to put..

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10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World

'In the first minute following her death, Tequila Leila's consciousness began to ebb, slowly and steadily, like a tide receding from the shore. Her brain cells, having run out of blood, were now compl..

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100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

Simon Morton is a Wellington-based broadcaster and presenter best known for his TV ONE show 'Why We Buy' and his Radio New Zealand National series 'This Way Up'. Riria Hotere (Ngati Maniapoto and Te A..

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100 Deadly Skills: The Seal Operative's Guide to Eluding Pursuers, Evading Capture, and Surviving Any Dangerous Situation

In today's increasingly dangerous world, threats to your personal safety are everywhere. From acts of terror to mass shootings, and from the unseen (and sometimes virtual) matrix of everyday crime, da..

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100 Dives of a Lifetime

Filled with more than 350 images from National Geographic, 100 Dives of a Lifetime provides the ultimate bucket list for ardent scuba divers and aspirational travelers alike. From diving with manta ra..

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100 Natural History Treasures of Te Papa: 100 Amazing Objects from the Te Papa Natural History Collection

Since the Colonial Museum opened in 1865 and the first director, Sir James Hector, began collecting items of geological and natural history significance, the collections of New Zealand's national muse..

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1000 Football Clubs: Champions of the Beautiful Game

This superbly illustrated volume is the fan's most comprehensive insight into 1,000 football clubs (a.k.a., soccer teams), both professional and collegiate, from every continent, illustrating each clu..

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1001 Battles That Changed the Course of History

Since the first recorded armed conflicts in Sumeria in 2500 BCE, battles have been fought for geographical and political gain. Early combats were small in scale, involving only a few thousand infantry..

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1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die

What makes a golf hole special, or indeed memorable? For some it is the thrill of a tricky shot over a deep ravine, or the beautiful scenery of an ocean-side tee-off. For others it is the history of f..

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101 Skills You Need to Survive in the Woods

Kevin Estela brings outdoor enthusiasts his expertise in wilderness survival with new and unique survival skills-a hot topic in the wilderness community. Important basic skills are covered for beginne..

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101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions: Volume 2

The second volume of the extremely popular 101 Youth Football Coaching Sessions. Written by celebrated football coaches Tony Charles and Stuart Rook, this new volume will contain 101 brand new warm-up..

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10pm Question, The

Frankie Parsons is twelve going on old man: an apparently sensible, talented Year 8 with a drumbeat of worrying questions steadily gaining volume in his head: Are the smoke alarm batteries flat? Does ..

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113 Minutes: Bookshots


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13.5 Lives of Captain Bluebear

A delightfully illustrated cult novel, literary satire and epic adventure. 'Within the first 15 pages I was carried away by the sheer craziness of it all. Some Minipirates find a baby bear with blue f..

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1637: The Polish Maelstrom

NEW SOLO NOVEL BY ERIC FLINT IN THE BEST-SELLING RING OF FIRE SERIES! The Ottoman Empire has captured Vienna and is now laying siege to the Austrian government-in-exile established in the city of Linz..

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1776 : America & Britain At War


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1875 : When Rugby Became the Game for all New Zealand
1916: A Global History

The mud-filled, blood-soaked trenches of the Low Countries and North-Eastern Europe were essential battlegrounds during the First World War, but the war reached many other corners of the globe, and ev..

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1918: How the First World War Was Won

The war in 1918 changed character radically, and nowhere more so than on the Western Front. Over three years of stalemate, what had effectively become siege warfare conducted along a line of trenches ..

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1944: FDR and the Year That Changed History

1944 was a year that could have stymied the Allies and cemented Hitler's waning power. Instead, it saved those democracies, but with a fateful cost. Now, in a complex history rendered with great colou..

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"Murakami is like a magician who explains what he's doing as he performs the trick and still makes you believe he has supernatural powers . . . But while anyone can tell a story that resembles a dream..

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2016 New Zealand Cricket Almanack (Review of 2015/2016 season)

The New Zealand Cricket Almanack is the cricket lover's bible and is regarded worldwide as one of the finest books of its kind. The 69th edition contains all the details of another full year of cricke..

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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Fact File

This in-depth guide for younger readers contains everything they need to become true 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (TM) experts. There are team and star-player profiles, complemented by outstanding big-m..

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2018 FIFA World Cup Russia: The Official Book

The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia (TM) Official Bookis the most authoritative and comprehensive preview of football's greatest tournament. Licensed by world football's governing body, this book is packed..

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2019 Cricket Almanack


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2019 Rugby Almanack

The Rugby Almanack is the world's longest running rugby book of record. It was first published in 1935 to cover the previous season's first-class rugby in New Zealand. Since then it has been published..

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2028: ... and Australia Has Gone to Hell in a Handbasket

'I've found the Australian Douglas Adams!' - Tom Gleeson 'Hilarious.' - Wendy Harmer 'It's awesome.' - H.G. Nelson 'Absurdly funny.' - Sami Shah 'The revolution is coming.' - Cathy Wilcox..

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2084: The End of the World

It is the year 2084. In the kingdom of Abistan citizens submit to a single god, demonstrating their devotion by kneeling in prayer nine times a day. Autonomous thought has been banned, remembering is ..

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21 Escapes of Lt Alastair Cram

A genuinely new Second World War story, The 21 Escapes of Lt Alastair Cram is a riveting account of the wartime exploits of Alastair Cram, brilliantly told by the American author, David Guss. Cram wa..

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26 Marathons: What I've Learned About Faith, Identity, Running, and Life From Each Marathon I've Run

When four-time Olympian Meb Keflezighi ran his final marathon in New York City on November 5, 2017, it marked the end of an extraordinary distance-running career. Meb will be remembered as the only pe..

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281 and Beyond

A stylish batsman who could score against any kind of bowling, VVS Laxman played over a hundred Tests to aggregate more than 8,000 runs. Cricket fans still remember with awe game-changing knock of 281..

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300 Arguments

'Jam-packed with insights you'll want to both text to your friends and tattoo on your skin . . . A sweeping view of a human mind trying to make order of the world around us.' Celeste Ng, author of Lit..

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39-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's amazing treehouse has 13 new levels including a chocolate waterfall, a non-erupting active volcano, an opera house, a baby-dinosaur petting zoo, Andy and Terry's Believe it or Else! m..

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4 3 2 1

On March 3rd, 1947, Archibald Isaac Ferguson, the only child of Rose and Stanley Ferguson, is born. From that single beginning, Ferguson's life will take four simultaneous paths. Four Fergusons will g..

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40 Years of Cycling Photography

40 Years of Cycling Photography represents a lifetime's work for World famous cycling photographer Graham Watson. From Bernard Hinault in the 1970's through to Chris Froome in the 2010's, Watson's pho..

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401: The Extraordinary Story of the Man Who Ran 401 Marathons in 401 Days and Changed His Life Forever

The story of Ben Smith, who decided to run 401 marathons in 401 days. People thought he was mad, until they heard his story, then they began to understand. Having endured years of bullying as a child,..

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44 Scotland Street : Book 1


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50 Greatest Bike Rides of the World

Imagine freewheeling through tufted French vineyards, scaling the rocky, cloud-topped tracks in the Himalayas or rattling past whitewashed sugar-cube houses in narrow Spanish valleys. From surviving ..

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50 Knots You Need to Know: Learn 50 Knots for Sailing, Climbing, Camping, and More

Attention all nerds, put down that laptop and pick up this brilliant guide to tying 50 must-know knots. If you're unaware of the difference between a Cow Hitch and a Marlinspike Hoop or a Running Bowl..

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50 Years Young: A History of the Young Farmer of the Year

For 50 years the New Zealand Young Farmer of the Year awards have tested the mettle of New Zealand men and women as they go to head to head in a challenging competition that tests a range of farming a..

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5000-1: The Leicester City Story: How We Beat the Odds to Become Premier League Champions

THE INCREDIBLE AS-IT-HAPPENED STORY OF LEICESTER CITY'S MARCH TO PREMIER LEAGUE VICTORY In August 2015 bookmakers priced Leicester at 5000-1 to win the Premier League - the same odds as Elvis being fo..

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52 Men

From a writer who master poet Seamus Heaney described as one "who risks much both stylistically and emotionally" comes 52 Men. Taut, spare and highly compressed autobiographical fiction for the mobile..

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52-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's incredible, ever-expanding treehouse has 13 new storeys, including a watermelon-smashing level, a wave machine, a life-size snakes and ladders game (with real ladders and real snakes)..

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There were 54 victims before this. Who is number 55? A thriller with a killer hook, and an ending that will make you gasp! Wilbrook in Western Australia is a sleepy, remote town that sits on th..

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61 Hours: (Jack Reacher 14)

Featuring Jack Reacher, hero of the new blockbuster movie starring Tom Cruise. GET READY FOR THE MOST EXCITING COUNT-DOWN OF YOUR LIFE HOUR SIXTY-ONE Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and cras..

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65-Storey Treehouse

Andy and Terry's amazing 65-Storey Treehouse now has a pet-grooming salon, a birthday room where it's always your birthday (even when it's not), a room full of exploding eyeballs, a lollipop shop, a q..

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