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Greeks Had a Word for it: Words You Never Knew You Can't Do Without

Do you ever search in vain for exactly the right word? Perhaps you want to articulate the vague desire to be far away. Or you can't quite convey that odd urge to go outside and check to see if anyone ..

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Guide to Scientific Writing, A

This practical book takes the mystery out of scientific writing by taking students through the process in plain and clear language. A Guide to Scientific Writing covers undergraduate writing tasks as..

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Hero, The

WHAT MAKES A HERO? WHO BETTER TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION THAN LEE CHILD... `It's Lee Child. Why would you not read it?' Karin Slaughter `I don't know another author so skilled at making me turn..

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How Good is Your Grammar?: 100 Quiz Questions - The Ultimate Test to Bring You Up to Scratch

John Sutherland, one of Britain's most celebrated professors of English literature, is here to test, stretch, amuse and instruct you with his definitive quiz on all things grammatical.Why do purists i..

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How to be a Writer: Conversations with Writers About Writing

David Quantick interviews some of the best writers in a variety of field to provide a detailed overview for living your life as a writer on a daily practical level:~ In conversation with Caitlin Moran..

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How to Write a Book Proposal: The Insider's Step-by-Step Guide to Proposals that Get You Published
How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing

All students and professors need to write, and many struggle to finish their stalled dissertations, journal articles, book chapters, or grant proposals. Writing is hard work and can be difficult to we..

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How to Write a Lot: A Practical Guide to Productive Academic Writing

All academics need to write, but many struggle to finish their dissertations, articles, books, or grant proposals. Writing is hard work and can be difficult to wedge into a frenetic academic schedule...

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How to Write an Autobiographical Novel

`These essays feel like a life's wisdom - its hurts, joys and redemptions - salvaged from a great fire ... This book makes me feel possible' Ocean Vuong `Wonderful' Rebecca Solnit `Alexande..

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How to Write Art History

This book enables students to get the most from their art history course. In a clear and engaging style, Anne DAlleva empowers readers to approach their coursework with confidence and energy. The book..

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How to Write Like Tolstoy: A Journey into the Minds of Our Greatest Writers

A Spectator Best Book of the Year `There are three rules for writing a novel,' Somerset Maugham once said. `Unfortunately, no one knows what they are.' So how to bring characters to life, fi..

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How to Write Well: Bring your prose to life. Make your sentences sparkle

Writing matters. We all do it, and we all admire it when it's done well. It doesn't just express us; it represents us. We write to connect with other people - to make them laugh, or cry, or think. We ..

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How to Write Your Blockbuster

'This rare good book on how to set about writing a popular novel is compulsory reading. Fiona McIntosh is top of the Pops.' Bryce Courtenay. Almost everybody thinks they have a book in them, or dreams..

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How Writing Works: A Field Guide to Effective Writing

This is Roslyn Petelin's promise: whether you already write reasonably well or not, this book will exponentially improve your writing...How Writing Works is a lively and practical introduction to the ..

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If I Was You ...: & Alot More Grammar Mistakes You Might be Making

An essential handbook for righting grammatical errors! Was the computer affected by a virus or effected by it? Did you see two deers in the woods or two deer? Should the lab report be sent to Tom and ..

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Improv for Writers: 10 Secrets to Help Novelists and Screenwriters Bypass Writer's Block and Generate Infinite Ideas

Suffering from writer's block and inner critics? Having trouble generating ideas for plots, settings, and characters? Introducing the rules and techniques of improvisation as they apply to fiction wri..

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Independent Publishing in New Zealand


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Into The Woods: How Stories Work and Why We Tell Them

We all love stories. But why do we tell them? And why do all stories function in an eerily similar way? John Yorke, creator of the BBC Writers' Academy, has brought a vast array of drama to British sc..

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Journal Writer's Companion, The

Numerous studies show that journal writing is a fantastic resource that can significantly impact your life, but few people know how to go about it effectively in order to gain lasting positive results..

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Just Write: Creating Unforgettable Fiction and a Rewarding Writing Life

Half intensive craft workshop and half practical advice on building and sustaining a successful writing practice, Live to Write marries craft and technique with encouragement and insider advice. Featu..

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Key Questions in Personal History: Boxed Card Set

Our individual memories define us. Our tribal memories unite us. Emotional Inheritance works with psychologists, writers and historians to provide a premium interview and life story production service..

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Letters to a Young Writer

I hope there is something here for any young writer - or any older writer, for that matter - who happens to be looking for a teacher to come along, a teacher who, in the end, can really teach nothing ..

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Letters to a Young Writer

I hope there is something here for any young writer - or any older writer, for that matter - who happens to be looking for a teacher to come along, a teacher who, in the end, can really teach nothing ..

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Light The Dark: Writers on Creativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process

What inspires you? That's the simple, but profound question posed to 46 renowned authors in LIGHT THE DARK, each one revealing what gets them started and what keeps them going with the creative work t..

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Little Book of Lost Words: Collywobbles, Ultracrepidarian and Other Surprisingly Useful Terms Worth Resurrecting

An A-Z collection of some of the most unique words in history, this delightful book deals with surprisingly modern issues - such as sleeping in and procrastination - proving that while our language ma..

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Little Green Grammar Book

What really goes on inside a sentence? What is your subject, where is your verb, what is its tense, where is your modifier, and why does it matter? Where do you need a comma, and where do you not? Why..

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Little Penguin Handbook: Australasian edition

The Little Penguin Handbook: Australasian edition 3e is a handy full-colour reference guide that gives students just what they need to know about the writing and research processes, while providing co..

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Make A Zine! (3rd Edition): Start Your Own Underground Publishing Revolution

Do you have a passion that you want to obsess about in a love letter to the world? In this new edition of Microcosm's popular DIY guide to zine-making, Joe Biel updates the information provided in the..

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Make Blackout Poetry: Turn These Pages into Poems

Blackout poetry is simply the act of removing or "blacking out" existing text to create a new piece of work. It's fun and rewarding for word-puzzle lovers, writers, visual artists, designers-really an..

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Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, Ninth Edition: Chicago Style for Students and Researchers

When Kate L. Turabian first put her famous guidelines to paper, she could hardly have imagined the world in which today's students would be conducting research. Yet while the ways in which we research..

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Mindful Year: 365 Thoughtful Writing Prompts, A

Develop a mindful practice with this interactive journal, full of simple and inspirational ideas for every day Writing things down is more than a mental release, it is a way of living conscious..

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MLA Handbook 8E

The Modern Language Association, the authority on research and writing, takes a fresh look at documenting sources in the eighth edition of the MLA Handbook. Works are published today in a dizzying ran..

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Night Before Essay Planner

The Night Before Essay Planner is not a book you need to read from cover to cover before you start writing your essay. It is your essay. You can plan, research and write your next paper in the planner..

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Nothing Rhymes With Orange: Perfect Words For Poets, Songwriters & Rhymers
Ode Less Travelled


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On Being Stuck: Tapping into the Creative Power of Writer's Block

What if writer's block became your most precious teacher? An empowering new process for writers who struggle with the seemingly insurmountable middle of a project, from the author of "Writing Begins w..

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On Editing: How to Edit your Novel

Writing a novel is a magical but often difficult journey; and when your first draft is complete, that journey's not over. As the editing process gets underway, authors often find themselves in unfamil..

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On Writing

Part memoir, part master class by one of the bestselling authors of all time, this superb volume is a revealing and practical view of the writer's craft, comprising the basic tools of the trade every ..

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Place For Everything: The Curious History of Alphabetical Order

Few of us think much of the alphabet and its familiar sing-song order once we've learned it as children. And yet the order of the alphabet, that simple knowledge that we take for granted, plays far mo..

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Plain Words

"Be short, be simple, be human." When Sir Ernest Gowers first wrote Plain Words, it was intended simply as a guide to the proper use of English for the Civil Service. Within a year, however, its humou..

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Planning Ethically Responsible Research

This book guides readers through one of the most important aspects of their social or behavioral research: planning ethically responsible research. The authors offer practical guidance in each chapter..

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Pocket Style Manual 8th Edition

A companion for writing for higher education in all disciplines, making it easy for students to keep all of the guidelines and best practices to hand. This latest edition emphasises step-by-step how-t..

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Poetry 101: From Shakespeare and Rupi Kaur to Iambic Pentameter and Blank Verse, Everything You Need to Know about Poetry

Become a poet and write poetry with ease with help from this clear and simple guide in the popular 101 series. Poetry never goes out of style. An ancient writing form found in civilizations acro..

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Professional Writing 3E

At the cutting edge of successful business and technology ventures are individuals who can use writing effectively to persuade, sell, instruct and explain. Whatever your expertise, strong writing skil..

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Putting the Science in Fiction: Expert Advice for Writing with Authenticity in Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Other Genres

Science and technology have starring roles in a wide range of genres--science fiction, fantasy, thriller, mystery, and more. Unfortunately, many depictions of technical subjects in literature, film, a..

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Read This if You Want to Be a Great Writer

This book demystifies the writing process, empowering you to write your own novel or short story. The author explains expert technique in a clear and jargon-free way, with examples from twenty-five ma..

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Reading Between the Lines: What your handwriting says about you

Handwriting is something of a dying art nowadays, as we tap messages to each other day after day. But handwriting analysis can divulge everything from a person's timidity to their ambition, from their..

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Reading Like a Writer: Guide for People Who Love Books & for Those Who Want to Write Them

In her entertaining and edifying New York Times bestseller, acclaimed author Francine Prose invites you to sit by her side and take a guided tour of the tools and tricks of the masters to discover why..

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Release the Bats: Writing Your Way Out of it

When DBC Pierre burst onto the scene in 2003, he arrived with no particular literary education. Finding he had something to say, he made the journey solo to that place where dreams and demons live, to..

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Save the Cat! Writes a Novel: The Last Book On Novel Writing That You'll Ever Need

Novelist Jessica Brody presents a comprehensive story-structure guide for novelists that applies the famed Save the Cat! screenwriting methodology to the world of novel writing. Revealing the 15 "beat..

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Science of Storytelling: Why Stories Make Us Human, and How to Tell Them Better

`If you want to write a novel or a script, read this book' Sunday Times `The best book on the craft of storytelling I've ever read' Matt Haig `Rarely has a book engrossed me more, and forced..

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