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Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar 2E

SEE NEW 3rd EDITION ISBN 9780310533498 Features of Basics of Biblical Hebrew Grammar, Second Edition text: * Combines the best of inductive and deductive approaches * Uses actual examples from t..

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Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook 2E

SEE NEW 3rd EDITION ISBN 9780310533559 The Basics of Biblical Hebrew Workbook has just gotten better. In order to keep students from becoming discouraged, especially in the beginning stages, the..

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Basics of Verbal Aspect in Biblical Greek

Verbal aspect in the Greek language has been a topic of significant debate in recent scholarship. The majority of scholars now believe that an understanding of verbal aspect is even more important tha..

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Holy Bible : NRSV New Revised Standard Version with Apocryphal /Deuterocanonical Books
Life Together

This story of a unique fellowship forged in an underground seminary during the Nazi years gives practical advice on how families and groups can sustain life in Christ...

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Practice of Pastoral Care. The : A Postmodern Approach

The Practice of Pastoral Care has become a popular seminary textbook for courses in pastoral care and a manual for clinical pastoral education. In it, Doehring encourages counselors to view their mini..

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Theology of Luke and Acts: God's Promised Program, Realized for All Nations

This groundbreaking work by Darrell Bock thoroughly explores the theology of Luke s gospel and the book of Acts. In his writing, Luke records the story of God working through Jesus to usher in a new e..

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Trauma and Transformation at Ground Zero: A Pastoral Theology

From personal interviews with chaplains at the temporary mortuary at Ground Zero and her own experiences as an Episcopal priest, psychotherapist, and chaplain, Storm Swain offers a new model of pastor..

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