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Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu, The

The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu is one of the most widely read and deeply cherished books in the world, a work many consider the wisest book ever written. In his introduction, translator Brian Browne Walk..

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Tao: The Watercourse Way

Following Alan Watts' acclaimed book on Zen Buddhism The Way of Zen, he tackles the Chinese philosophy of Tao. The Tao is the way of man's cooperation with the natural course of the natural world..

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Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha

"Tara connects you to the archetypal Divine Feminine," writes Dr. Rachael Wooten, "an energetic force that exists within us and all around us." While there are many scholarly books on Tara, this pract..

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Tarot Companion: A Portable Guide to Reading the Cards for Yourself and Others

Tarot-reading is one of the oldest esoteric practices. Lore has it that the art of reading tarot cards originated in Renaissance Italy, though others claim that tarot may go as far back as ancient Egy..

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Tarot of Light and Shadow

This beautifully illustrated double Tarot deck allows readers to explore both sides of a question at once, looking at the Shadow (instinctive, inner world, the unknown) and the Light (rational, outer ..

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Tarot of the Divine

The path to enlightenment is unique for each of us, but many of the lessons we learn are shared stories passed among cultures and generations. With rich, vibrant art and a keen understanding of tradit..

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Tattoo Tarot Journal

Record your tarot reading interpretations and connect with your spiritual side using this journal featuring artwork from the bestselling Tattoo Tarot deck. How do you relate to the fool? Who is t..

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Tattoo Tarot: Ink & Intuition:Ink & Intuition

A beautifully illustrated set of tarot cards based on traditional tarot iconography but interpreted by MEGAMUNDEN, author of the best-selling Tattoo Coloring Book. The set contains the 78 cards ..

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Teen Magick: Witchcraft for a new generation

This gutsy guide for the Teen Witch takes them on a journey of self-discovery - to dig deep and learn about all the magick that is inside of them, and then shine that magick into the world. At night, ..

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The Path of the Witch: Rituals & Practices for Discovering Which Witch You Are

Elegantly designed and gorgeously illustrated, The Path of the Witch presents the key paths and practices of witchcraft. Witchcraft is not one defined path-rather, it is a diversity of practices you c..

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Three Japanese Buddhist Monks

These simple, inspiring writings by three medieval Buddhist monks offer peace and wisdom amid the world's uncertainties, and are an invitation to relinquish earthly desires and instead taste life in t..

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Tiny Palmistry: Read Your Future!

Read your future, add a touch of the mystical to your home, and learn the art of palm reading with Tiny Palmistry! This kit includes: * Miniature porcelain palm (3-inch height), with..

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Total Meditation: Stress Free Living Starts Here

A new and better way to achieve stress-free living from the master of modern meditationDeepak Chopra is world renowned for revolutionising the ancient art of meditation for modern life. This transform..

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Truth vs. Falsehood

Reveals a breakthrough in documenting a new era of human knowledge. Only in the last decade has a science of Truth emerged that, for the first time in human history, enables the discernment of truth f..

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Ultimate Guide to the Witch's Wheel of the Year: Rituals, Spells & Practices for Magical Sabbats, Holidays & Celebrations, The

Written by Anjou Kiernan-named "One of the Magical Women You Should be Following on Instagram" by Refinery 29-The Ultimate Guide to the Witchs Wheel of the Year is your complete guide to celebrating t..

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Universal Waite Tarot Deck

The classic tarot deck, recoloured by Mary Hanson-Roberts. The renowned Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck, designed over a hundred years ago, has been hugely popular for decades. The Universa..

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Universe Always Has a Plan, The: The 10 Golden Rules of Letting Go

In this short yet powerful work, Matt Kahn shows how you can do the most profound spiritual work from the most loving, heart-centered perspective. Golden Rule #1- You've Done Nothi..

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Universe Has Your Back: A 52-card Deck

"My commitment is to wake up as many people as possible to their connection to faith and joy. In that connection, we can be guided to our true purpose- to be love and spread love. These words can no l..

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Virago Book Of Witches, The

A collection of more than fifty stories about witches from around the world. There are tales of banshees, crones and beauties in disguise from China, Siberia, the Caribbean, Armenia, Portugal and Aust..

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Visionary Path Tarot: A 78-Card Deck

A psychedelic-inspired oracle deck featuring magical esoteric symbols, shamanic plant medicine, tarot archetypes, and high-vibration patterns * Contains all 78 cards of the Major and Minor Arcan..

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Vlad Dracula Tarot

The Vlad Dracula Tarot is a 78-card tarot deck and booklet based on the life of Vlad the Impaler, the infamous medieval ruler of Romania who inspired Bram Stoker's legendary vampire. The 78 ori..

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Waking the Witch: Reflections on Women, Magic, and Power

From the podcast host of The Witch Wave and practicing witch Pam Grossman-who Vulture has dubbed the "Terry Gross of witches"-comes an exploration of the world's fascination with witches, why they hav..

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Walking in Wonder: Eternal Wisdom for a Modern World

With a Foreword by Krista Tippett-a poignant and beautiful collection of conversations and presentation from John O'Donohue's work with close friend and former radio broadcaster John Quinn John O'Don..

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Way of the Monk, The

In contemporary culture, the popular conception of a "monk" is often of a dour ascetic who lives apart from society and never engages with the day-to-day problems of humanity. Gaur Gopal Das, a monk f..

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Way of the Witch: A path to spirituality and self-empowerment, The

Embark on this enchanted journey to one of the oldest spiritual traditions known to humankind, providing an accessible introduction and how-to guide to all aspects of the Craft. Discover the roots of ..

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Welcoming the Unwelcome: Wholehearted Living in a Brokenhearted World

From the bestselling author of When Things Fall Apart, an open-hearted call for human connection, compassion, and learning to love the world just as it is during these most challenging times. I..

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What Your Birthday Reveals About You: 366 Days of Astonishingly Accurate Revelations about Your Future, Your Secrets, and Your Strengths

Discover the secrets of your personality and destiny! Master astrologer Phyllis Vega reveals what the stars hold for you-and everyone you know-with a detailed analysis for each birthday in the year, c..

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When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times

Pema Chodron reveals the vast potential for happiness, wisdom and courage even in the most painful circumstances. Pema Chodron teaches that there is a fundamental opportunity for happiness right withi..

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Wicca Crystal Magic, Volume 4: A Beginner's Guide to Crystal Spellcraft

Wicca Crystal Magic is an overview of 13 widely used crystals and stones in contemporary witchcraft, along with a comprehensive look at their practical applications in everyday spell-work. This approa..

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Wicca Herbal Magic, Volume 5: A Beginner's Guide to Herbal Spellcraft

Since the beginning of human history, healers and shamans have understood the nutritional, medicinal, and magical properties of herbs. Whether you're well versed in magic but are just discovering herb..

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Wild Elemental Oracle

Delve into the mysterious animal kingdom with 44 beautifully drawn oracle cards on black background of animal and mythical archetypes that focus on the four Earthly elements. Through the included easy..

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Wisdom Pattern: Order, Disorder, Reorder

"We are indeed 'saved' by knowing and surrendering to this universal pattern of reality. Knowing the full pattern allows us to let go of our first order, trust the disorder, and, sometimes even hardes..

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Wishcraft: A Complete Beginner's Guide to Magickal Manifesting for the Modern Witch
Witch, Please: Empowerment and Enlightenment for the Modern Mystic

Learn to take control of your life and reconnect with your purpose, using modern magic based on ancient spirituality. Witch, Please is a modern mystic's practical guide to life, love and creati..

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Woman Called Moses, A: A Prophet for Our Time

What if there was another Moses, very different from the one we know? According to tradition, Moses wrote the first five books of the Bible. He is depicted there in a surprising way: with and against ..

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Women of the Golden Dawn: Rebels and Priestesses Maud Gonne Moina Bergson Mathers Annie Horniman Florence Farr

These four remarkable women, core members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, left a lasting imprint on the politics, literature, and theater of 19th-century Europe. Less well-known than the fam..

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Write Your Own Horoscope: Follow the Stars, Design Your Destiny

Become the master of your own life and destiny with Write Your Own Horoscope. * learn why you behave in the way you do * improve decision making * flourish in the workplace * discover your ..

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WTF is Tarot?: ...& How Do I Do It?

You do not need to learn the tarot because you already know it. It is from this radical jumping off point that WTF Is Tarot breaks down the ancient art of cartomancy. This fresh, accessible and someti..

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Year with Hafiz: Daily Contemplations

Daniel Ladinsky's stunning interpretations of 365 soul-nurturing poems--one for each day of the year--by treasured Persian lyric poet Hafiz The poems of Hafiz are masterpieces of sacred poetry that n..

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You are the Placebo

Throughout history up until the present, many cultures have traditionally experienced the effects of verifiable healings, along with hexes, curses, witchcraft, voodoo and other mysterious phenomena. T..

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You Can Heal Your Life - 30th Anniversary Edition


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You Were Never Broken

At one time, Jeff Foster wanted to die. After a lifetime of self-loathing, crippling fear, and attempts to numb his own feelings, he was left on the verge of suicide. It was only when he opened himsel..

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Young Witch's Guide to Magick, The

Age range 12+ Young would-be witches will find answers to their life questions in this comprehensive, beautifully illustrated introduction to magick. Welcome to witch school, where renowned..

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Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind: 50th Anniversary Edition

So begins this most beloved of all American Zen books. Seldom has such a small handful of words provided a teaching as rich as has this famous opening line of Shunryu Suzuki's classic. In a single str..

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Zen: The Art of Simple Living

Relax and find happiness amid the swirl of the modern world with this internationally bestselling guide to simplifying your life by a Japanese monk who embodies the wisdom of Zen. Drawing on cent..

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