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#MeToo is not just about famous people ... If #MeToo is going to ultimately make the big difference we all want to see, it's got to mean something for [any] woman who gets harassed. - Julia Gillard ..

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'I STILL Find That Offensive!'

NEW AND UPDATED EDITION OF THE BOOK THAT INTRODUCED THE TERM `SNOWFLAKE' When you hear that now ubiquitous phrase `I find that offensive', you know you're being told to shut up. Whil..

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Affluence Without Abundance: What We Can Learn from the World's Most Successful Civilisation

`Insightful' YUVAL NOAH HARARI 'Fascinating' SUNDAY TIMES 'Elegant and absorbing' FINANCIAL TIMES 'Profoundly moving' IRISH TIMES What can we learn from the Bushmen? If the success..

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Age of Surveillance Capitalism, The

The Top Ten Sunday Times Bestseller 'Everyone needs to read this book as an act of digital self-defense.' - Naomi Klein, Author of No Logo, The Shock Doctrine, This Changes Everything and No is N..

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All Of Me: Stories of Love, Anger, and the Female Body

Through personal essays and interviews about what it is like to live as a woman (cis + trans) in the modern world, All of Me includes vulnerable, painful truths and bold inspiration. This anthology is..

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All Our Relations: Indigenous trauma in the shadow of colonialism

The world's Indigenous communities are fighting to live and dying too young. In this vital and incisive work, Tanya Talaga explores intergenerational trauma and the alarming rise of youth suicide. ..

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Almighty Dollar

Have you ever wondered why we can afford to buy far more clothes than our grandparents ever could . . . but may be less likely to own a home in which to keep them all? Why your petrol bill can double ..

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Alternative: And How We Build It, The

We know our world's unequal. But, says Owen Jones, it doesn't have to stay that way. No status quo simply dissolves of its own accord- it must be replaced with something else. Without a real alt..

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American Overdose: The Opioid Tragedy in Three Acts

LONGLISTED FOR THE ORWELL PRIZE FOR POLITICAL WRITING 2019 A devastating portrait of America's opioid painkiller epidemic - the deadliest drug crisis in US history. One hundred and fifty Am..

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Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America

Winner of the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction Seven years in the making, AMITY AND PROSPERITY tells the story of the energy boom's impact on a small town at the edge of Appalachi..

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Antisocial Media: How Facebook Disconnects Us and Undermines Democracy

If you wanted to build a machine that would distribute propaganda to millions of people, distract them from important issues, energize hatred and bigotry, erode social trust, undermine respectable jou..

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Antisocial: How Online Extremists Broke America

From a rising star at The New Yorker, a deeply immersive chronicle of how the optimistic entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley set out to create a free and democratic internet - and how the cynical propagan..

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Art of Logic, The

For thousands of years, mathematicians have used the timeless art of logic to see the world more clearly. In The Art of Logic, Royal Society Science Book Prize nominee Eugenia Cheng shows how anyone c..

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Banking Bad: How Corporate Greed and Broken Governance Failed Australia

The shocking truth about Australia's financial institutions, as told by the journalist who did most to bring about Australia's banking royal commission. Against all the odds Australia ended up ..

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Barbie Forever: Her Inspiration, History, and Legacy (Official 60th Anniversary Collection)

With Barbie Forever, explore and celebrate the history of this iconic doll through all-new interviews, original sketches, vintage photos, advertisements, a foldout timeline, and much more. Since ..

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Basic Income: And How We Can Make it Happen

'Basic Income is an idea whose time has come, and Guy Standing has pioneered our understanding of it...Standing's analysis is vital' Paul Mason 'Guy Standing has been at the forefront of the movement..

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Be The Change: A Toolkit for the Activist in You

'Gina Martin is a force of nature; a living, breathing, campaigning example of how a single individual can bring about vital change in our justice system' THE SECRET BARRISTER BE THE CHANGE..

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Because Internet: Understanding how language is changing

THE ACCLAIMED NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER. Because Internet is for anyone who's ever puzzled over how to punctuate a text message or wondered where memes come from. It's the perfect book for under..

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Better Angels of Our Nature:  History of Violence & Humanity

This title is shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize 2012. This acclaimed book by Steven Pinker, author of "The Language Instinct" and "The Blank Slate", argues that, contrary to popular belief, hum..

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Beyond Charlottesville: Taking a Stand Against White Nationalism

When Governor Terry McAuliffe hung up the phone on the afternoon of the violent "Unite the Right" rally, he was sure Trump would do the right thing and condemn the white supremacists who'd descended o..

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Beyond The Periphery Of The Skin: Rethinking, Remaking, Reclaiming the Body in Contemporary Capitalism

More than ever, the 'body' is today at the centre of radical and institutional politics. Feminist, antiracist, trans and ecological movements all look at the body as a ground of confrontation with the..

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Big Ones: How Natural Disasters Have Shaped Us (And What We Can Do About Them)

When the forces that give our planet life exceed our ability to withstand them, they become disasters.� Together they have shaped our cities and architecture, elevated leaders and toppled government..

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Big Questions: What is New Zealand's Future?

New Zealand is at a crossroads. People are increasingly concerned about where we are headed. Can we improve our appalling statistics on poverty and violence? What about work - will we all be replaced ..

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Black Like Me

In the autumn of 1959, a white Texan journalist named John Howard Griffin travelled across the Deep South of the United States disguised as a black man. Black Like Me is Griffin's own account of his j..

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Brave New Weed: Adventures into the Uncharted World of Cannabis

The former editor-in-chief of Details and Star adventures into the fascinating "brave new world" of cannabis, tracing its history and possible future as he investigates the social, medical, legal, and..

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Brief History of Misogyny: The World's Oldest Prejudice, A

In this compelling, powerful book, highly respected writer and commentator Jack Holland sets out to answer a daunting question: how do you explain the oppression and brutalization of half the world's ..

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Broken Ladder: How Inequality Changes the Way We Think, Live and Die

'Eye-opening' Susan Cain, author of Quiet 'Important, timely and beautifully written' Adam Atler, author of Irresistible Inequality makes us feel poor and act poor, even when we're not. It affe..

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A quirky and literary book about the umbrella, exploring its history and cultural and literary significance. You will never think of the humble brolly in the same way again...

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BWB Text: First Migration


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BWB Text: Silencing Science

The nuclear meltdown at Fukushima ...the Fonterra botulism scare ...the Christchurch earthquakes - in all these recent crises the role played by scientists has been under the spotlight.What is the fir..

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Catch and Kill

In a dramatic account of violence and espionage, Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative reporter Ronan Farrow exposes serial abusers and a cabal of powerful interests hell-bent on covering up the truth,..

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Chasing the Scream: The Search for the Truth About Addiction


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American civilisation's dominance over Europe - and what to do about it 'Civilization' -- a hard term to define. But while every society has a distinctive culture, authentic civilizations must offer t..

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Civilized to Death: The Price of Progress

The New York Times bestselling coauthor of Sex at Dawn explores the ways in which "progress" has perverted the way we live: how we eat, learn, feel, mate, parent, communicate, work, and die. Most..

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Coddling of the American Mind: How Good Intentions and Bad Ideas Are Setting Up a Generation for Failure

Have good intentions, over-parenting and the decline in unsupervised play led to the emergence of modern identity politics and hypersensitivity? In this book, free speech campaigner Greg Lukianof..

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Collector of Leftover Souls: Dispatches from Brazil, The

Welcome to the favela, welcome to the rainforest, welcome to the real Brazil. This is the Brazil where a factory worker is loyal to his company for decades, only to find out that they knew the pr..

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**THE GROUNDBREAKING BESTSELLER AND CLASSIC** 'Excellent . . . amazing how much still comes as a surprise' New York Times Book Review 'Like Capote's In Cold Blood, this tour de force gets be..

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Conspiracies Declassified: The Skeptoid Guide to the Truth Behind the Theories

A collection of the wildest conspiracies to ever exist, from mind control experiments to lizard people, this book explores, debunks-and sometimes proves-the secret stories that don't quite make it int..

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Conversations in Black: On Power, Politics, and Leadership

In the last decade Black Americans have gone from exhilaration and hope with the election of Barack Obama to the malaise and fear of the Trump presidency. Both Administrations serve as tacit examples ..

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Crisis of Conscience: Whistleblowing in an Age of Fraud

We are living in a time of mind-boggling corruption, but we are also, as it happens, living in a golden age of whistleblowing. Over the past two decades, the brave insiders who decide to expose wrongd..

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Cult of the Dead Cow: How the Original Hacking Supergroup Might Just Save the World

THE CULT OF THE DEAD COW is the story of the oldest, most respected and most famous hacking group of all time. Its members invented the the concept of hacktivism, released both the top tool for cracki..

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Cultural Dementia

A blistering assessment of the West's abandonment of history as it succumbs to an attack of social and cultural dementia, by leading historian David Andress. In this blistering book, David Andr..

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Dangerous Ideas About Mothers

This book is not a guide. It won't give advice on birth, breastfeeding, or bonding. And it's not aimed solely at parents. Dangerous Ideas about Mothers is a book about motherhood as a cultural constru..

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Darkest Web

Dark... A kingpin willing to murder to protect his dark web drug empire. A corrupt government official determined to avoid exposure. The death of a dark web drugs czar in mysterious circumstances..

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Death of the Gods: The New Global Power Grab, The

**Winner of the Transmission Prize 2019** THE OLD GODS ARE DYING. Giant corporations collapse overnight. Newspapers are being swallowed. Stock prices plummet with a tweet. NEW IDOLS ARE..

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Death of Truth, The

From a Pulitzer Prize-winning critic comes an impassioned critique of the West's retreat from reason. `The Death of Truth is destined to become the defining treatise of our age' David Grann ..

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Denial of Death

Winner of the Pulitzer prize in 1974 and the culmination of a life's work, The Denial of Death is Ernest Becker's brilliant and impassioned answer to the 'why' of human existence. In bold contrast to ..

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Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology

Most of us know that we're addicted to texting, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter not because we're stupid or shallow, but because they provide real value in the form of connection, community, affirmati..

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Displaced, The

Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Sympathizer Viet Thanh Nguyen called on 17 fellow refugee writers from across the globe to shed light on their experiences, and the result is The Displaced, a powe..

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Displaced, The: Refugee Writers on Refugee Lives

In January 2017, Donald Trump signed an executive order stopping entry to the United States from seven predominantly Muslim countries and dramatically cutting the number of refugees allowed to resettl..

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Distracted: Reclaiming Our Focus in a World of Lost Attention

In the first edition of this groundbreaking book, Maggie Jackson sounded a prescient warning of a looming crisis- the fragmentation of attention that is eroding our abilities to problem-solve, innovat..

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