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Fowler's Dictionary of Modern English Usage

Why literally shouldn't be taken literally. Why Americans think home in on something is a mistake and Brits think hone in is. Is it OK to spell OK okay? What's wrong with hence why? Was Alanis Mor..


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French English Illustrated Dictionary: A Bilingual Visual Guide to Over 10,000 French Words and Phrases

Organized by subject and with an accompanying audio app, this is the essential reference for all French-language learners Learn more than 10,000 of the most useful words and phrases in French wit..


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New Oxford Style Manual

The New Oxford Style Manual brings together the new editions of two essential reference works in a single volume. Combining New Hart's Rules with the New Oxford Dictionary for Writers and Editors, thi..


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Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms 4E

The bestselling Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms provides clear and concise definitions of the most troublesome literary terms, from abjection to zeugma. It is an essential reference tool for stude..


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Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

Roget's Thesaurus is the world's most famous and trusted word-finder. First published in 1852, it has now sold over 32 million copies worldwide and has become the indispensable desk companion for gene..


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SCRABBLE (TM) Dictionary: The official SCRABBLE (TM) solver - all playable words 2 - 9 letters in length

An essential resource for all Scrabble enthusiasts. Stuck on how to decide on what is a valid word in Scrabble? This edition, in paperback, is fully updated to include all valid words between 2..


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Times Style Guide, The: A practical guide to English usage

The official style guide followed by The Times and The Sunday Times. Uncover the rules, conventions and policies on spelling, grammar and usage followed by the journalists, contributors and editors ..


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Writing Non-Fiction: with special emphasis on historical narratives: 2022

An up-to-date guide for people embarking on their first journey into recording Aotearoa New Zealand's past. In these pages, writers will find simple, practical advice on all aspects of researching, wr..


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