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Prisoners of Geography: Ten Maps That Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Global Politics

THE INTERNATIONAL AND SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER; All leaders are constrained by geography. Their choices are limited by mountains, rivers, seas and concrete. Yes, to understand world events you need to ..

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Promises, Promises: Eighty Years of Wooing New Zealand Voters

A lively history of political advertising in New Zealand, from the first election of the modern era in 1939 to today. Brimming with political-party campaign advertisements, this colourful, engaging bo..

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Protest and Power: The Battle For The Labour Party


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Public Policy in New Zealand : Institutions, Processes & Outcomes 3E

Public policy matters, because it makes a difference - for better or for worse - to people's lives. This book provides an introduction to public policy in New Zealand: what it is, who makes it, and ho..

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Putin's People: How the KGB Took Back Russia and then Turned On the West

The hacking of the 2016 US elections. The sponsorship of extremist politics in Europe. War in Ukraine. In recent years, Vladimir Putin's Russia has waged a concerted campaign to expand its influence a..

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Race, Islam and Power

Jakarta based Andreas Harsono is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced, high-profile and courageous of reporters and commentators on contemporary Indonesian society. Race, Islam and Power: ..

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Bob Woodward's second work of non-fiction on the Trump presidency...

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Reactionary Democracy: How Racism and the Populist Far Right Became Mainstream

Democracy must be anti-racist. Any less is cowardly. Any less is reactionary. Democracy is not necessarily progressive, and will only be if we make it so. What Mondon and Winter call 'reactionary demo..

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Red Line:  Unravelling of Syria and the Race to Destroy the Most Dangerous Arsenal in the World

In August 2012, Syrian president Bashar al-Assad was clinging to power in a vicious civil war. Concerned that Assad might resort to chemical weapons, the international community warned that any such u..

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Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No. 1 Enemy

November 2009. An emaciated young lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, is led to a freezing isolation cell in a Moscow prison, handcuffed to a bed rail, and beaten to death by eight police officers. His crime? T..

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Republic: Oxford World Classics

Republic is the central work of the Western world's most famous philosopher. Essentially an inquiry into morality, Republic also contains crucial arguments and insights into many other areas of philos..

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Requiem for the American Dream: The Principles of Concentrated Wealth and Power (Interviews w/ Noam Chomsky)

Requiem for the American Dream is a work of some 70,000 words based on four years of interviews with Noam Chomsky on the subject of income equality. Chomsky considers these to be his final, long-form ..

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Responsible Globalist: What Citizens of the World Can Learn from Nationalism, The

Today, globalism has a bad reputation. 'Citizens of the world' are depicted as recklessly uninterested in how international economic forces can affect local communities. Meanwhile, nationalists are of..

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Resurgence and Reconciliation: Indigenous-Settler Relations and Earth Teachings

The two major schools of thought in Indigenous-Settler relations on the ground, in the courts, in public policy, and in research are resurgence and reconciliation. Resurgence refers to practices of In..

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Right to Have Rights, The

Sixty years ago, the political theorist Hannah Arendt, an exiled Jew deprived of her German citizenship, observed that before people can enjoy any of the "inalienable" Rights of Man-before there can b..

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Rise Up

A rousing call to action for today's turbulent political moment, drawing on lessons learned from Reverend Sharpton's unique experience as a politician, television and radio host, and civil rights lead..

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Road to Unfreedom, The

The past is another country, the old saying goes. The same might be said of the future. But which country? For Europeans and Americans today, the answer is Russia. Today's Russia is an oligarchy ..

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Rodchenkov Affair, The: How I Brought Down Russia's Secret Doping Empire

One of the Financial Times's 'Fifty people who shaped the decade' 'The biggest sports scandal the world has ever seen' In 2015, Russia's Anti-Doping Centre was suspended by the World Anti-..

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Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir

John Bolton served as National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump for 519 days. A seasoned public servant who had previously worked for Presidents Reagan, Bush #41, and Bush #43, Bolton brough..

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Rule of Law

'The Rule of Law' is a phrase much used but little examined. The idea of the rule of law as the foundation of modern states and civilisations has recently become even more talismanic than that of demo..

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Rules for Radicals

First published in 1971, Rules for Radicals is Saul Alinsky's impassioned counsel to young radicals on how to effect constructive social change and know "the difference between being a realistic radic..

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Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the New Cold War

It is impossible to think of Russia today without thinking of Vladimir Putin. More than any other major national leader, he personifies his country in the eyes of the outside world, and dominates West..

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Russia Without Putin: Money, Power and the Myths of the New Cold War

It is impossible to think of Russia today without thinking of Vladimir Putin. More than any other major national leader, he personifies his country in the eyes of the outside world, and dominates West..

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Russian Roulette: The Inside Story of Putin's War on America and the Election of Donald Trump
Sand and Blood: America's Stealth War on the Mexico Border

The unofficial war on the US-Mexico border has turned the southern states into conflict zones, spawned a network of immigrant detention centers, and unleashed an army of ICE agents into every town and..

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Saving Britain: How We Must Change to Prosper in Europe

Britain's Brexit voters are right. They have been shamefully neglected. But the answer is to change Britain, not to leave Europe. This book sets out how we can radically improve the lives of people an..

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Seat at the Table, A: New Zealand and the United Nations Security Council, 2015-2016

In 2015 New Zealand began its fourth term as a non-permanent member of the United Nation's Security Council. Although the Council is sometimes thought of as an old boys' club of increasingly irrelevan..

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Seat at the Table, A: New Zealand and the United Nations Security Council, 2015-2016

This fascinating look at global politics follows New Zealand's fourth term as a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, from 2015 to 2016. Its engrossing chapters by key players, ..

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Senate Intelligence Committee Report On Torture: (Movie Tie-in Edition)

"The most extensive review of U.S. intelligence-gathering tactics in generations." -Los Angeles Times Meticulously formatted, this is a highly readable edition of theSenate Intelligence Committee..

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Shadow in the East: Vladimir Putin and the New Baltic Front, The

The Baltics are about to be thrust onto the world stage. With a `belligerent' Vladimir Putin to their east (and `expansionist' NATO to their west), Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are increasingly..

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Shadow State: Murder, Mayhem and Russia's Remaking of the West

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author and award-winning journalist comes Shadow State, a timely and shocking analysis which connects Putin, Trump, and Brexit with the dark web. Based on ..

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Shadow War, The: Inside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat America

Are we losing a war few of us realize we're fighting Jim Sciutto, CNN's Chief National Security Correspondent, reveals the invisible fronts that make up 21st century warfare, from disinformation..

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Shot Down

On 17 July 2014, Malaysian Airlines MH17 was shot out of the sky above the Ukraine. Aboard were 298 people, 38 of whom were Australians. No one survived. Subsequently it was shown that the airlin..

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Silent Invasion: China's influence in Australia

In 2008 Clive Hamilton was at Parliament House in Canberra when the Beijing Olympic torch relay passed through. He watched in bewilderment as a small pro-Tibet protest was overrun by thousands of angr..

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Sinews of War and Trade: Shipping and Capitalism in the Arabian Peninsula

A wide-ranging account of shipping and capitalism in the Middle East On the map of global trade, China is now the factory of the world. A parade of ships full of raw commodities -iron ore, coal, oil- ..

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Stardust and Substance: The New Zealand General Election of 2017

Stardust and Substance captures some of the magic of Jacinda Ardern's extraordinary seven-and-a-half weeks' campaign, defeating a National government in power for nine years. The story of her se..

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Steal as Much as You Can: How to Win the Culture Wars in an Age of Austerity

To put it plainly then- the vast majority of people tasked with creating our media simply lack the sensibilities that have always driven artistic innovation. The 2010s have been a double-edged de..

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Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam

The Sunday Times number one bestseller The Strange Death of Europe is a highly personal account of a continent and culture caught in the act of suicide. Declining birth-rates, mass immigration an..

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Struggle for Sovereignty: New Zealand and Twenty-First Century Statehood

In the era of public choice and free markets, does the New Zealand state still have the best interests of its individual citizens at heart? Since 1984, as Margaret Wilson argues, the shift to a neo-li..

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Syrian Conflict, The: The Role of Russia, Iran and the US in a Global Crisis

This book explores the global impact of the Syrian conflict, and the roles of Russia, Iran and the US in its wake. It looks closely at origins of political turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa ..

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System: Who Rigged It, How We Fix It

Millions of Americans have lost confidence in their political and economic system. After years of stagnant wages, volatile job markets, and an unwillingness by those in power to deal with profound thr..

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Targeted: My Inside Story of Cambridge Analytica and How Trump and Facebook Broke Democracy

In this explosive memoir, a political consultant and technology whistleblower reveals the disturbing truth about the multi-billion-dollar data industry, revealing to the public how companies are getti..

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Ten Days in Harlem: Fidel Castro and the Making of the 1960s

New York City, September 1960. Fidel Castro has just arrived for the opening of the UN General Assembly. Wild rumours are circulating that the Cubans 'killed, plucked, and cooked chickens in thei..

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Terrorism in Australia


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Terrorism: Self-Fulfilling Prophecy


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The Blunders of Our Governments

With unrivalled political savvy and a keen sense of irony, distinguished political scientists Anthony King and Ivor Crewe open our eyes to the worst government horror stories and explain why the Briti..

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The New Islamic State: Ideology, Religion and Violent Extremism in the 21st Century

The rise of the Islamic State has dramatically forced a recalculation of political order and security in the Persian Gulf and broader Greater Middle East by the United States and its allies and advers..

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Theories of Nationalism


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Theories of Violent Conflict: An Introduction 2E

This revised and updated second edition introduces students of violent conflict to a variety of prominent theoretical approaches, and examines the ontological stances and epistemological traditions un..

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They Said This Day Would Never Come:  Magic of Obama's Improbable Campaign

The thrilling, inspirational story of Obama's first Presidential campaign, as told by those who lived it. In the year leading up to the Iowa Caucuses, few thought a freshman senator named B..

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Thousand Small Sanities: The Moral Adventure of Liberalism, A

'WITTY, HUMANE, LEARNED' NEW YORK TIMES The New York Times-bestselling author offers a stirring defence of liberalism against the dogmatisms of our time Not since the early twen..

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