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1,423 QI Facts to Bowl You Over

The eye-popping, gob-smacking, rib-tickling phenomenon that is QI serves up a brand new selection of 1,423 facts to bowl you over. Bees can play football. Cholesterol is good for you. Camels gav..

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2020 Dictionary: The Definitive Guide to the Year the World Turned to Sh*T

2020 sucked. It's been a year of bushfires, floods, a recession, a global pandemic and Kanye West's presidential campaign. But it was also the year we all watched Hamilton, baked sourdough, had dinner..

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Best Friends Forever: The Greatest Collection of Taxidermy Dogs on Earth

Marble eyes and satin bows ! Delicate paws on velvet pillows ! Discover the whimsical world of victorian pet taxidermy through the extraordinary collection of J.D Powe. Once much loved, these furry f..

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Between the Covers: Jilly Cooper on sex, socialising and survival

'No one else can make me laugh and cry quite like Jilly Cooper.' Gill Sims 'Jilly Cooper's non-fiction is just as entertaining as her novels.' Pandora Sykes ____________________ 'One truth I ..

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Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies

Before Kitty Flanagan was making rules, she was burning bridges ... Kitty has been locked in a freezer in Western Australia, insulted about the size of her lady parts in Singapore and borne witne..

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Bumper Book of Peanuts: Snoopy and Friends

Charles Schulz's Peanuts strips and characters are loved internationally, appealing to fans young and old since they first appeared in the 1950s. The Bumper Book of Peanuts takes us back to the golden..

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Cat and Cat Comics: The World According to Cats: A Guide to Feline Feelings

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your cat could talk to you? Find out in this heartwarmingly funny collection of comics by Susie Yi, creator of Cat and Cat Comics. With 80 relatable com..

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Cat Zodiac: A Feline Guide to Astrology

Long have humans looked to the stars for guidance in their lives, but what about the destiny of their cats? Cats may, on the surface, seem to care about very little other than finding the best spots t..

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Comedian's Prayer Book, A

A Comedian's Prayer Book. The title is a worry, isn't it?... God is a tough audience as far as audible response is concerned, but at least you don't have to explain the references. In this ..

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Correct Order of Biscuits: And Other Meticulously Assembled Lists of Extremely Valuable Nonsense

'There is a theory that humans made lists before we invented writing. Adam Sharp's exquisitely arranged, addictively witty book of lists is the reasons why. He is the poet laureate of lists' Joh..

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Decorating a Room of One s Own: Conversations on Interior Design

What would Little Women be without the charms of the March family's cozy New England home? Or Wuthering Heights without the ghost-infested Wuthering Heights? Getting lost in the setting of a good book..

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Dishonesty is the Second-Best Policy: And Other Rules to Live By

'Mitchell is an exceptionally clever, eloquent and spot-on commentator. We should be grateful for him.' - Daily Mail David Mitchell's 2014 bestseller Thinking About It Only Makes It Worse must re..

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Don't Bother

Put the 'pro' in procrastinate with this guided anti-journal. For people who like themselves just the way they are. Featuring: AN INGRATITUDE JOURNAL For when you just want ..

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Fartology: The Extraordinary Science behind the Humble Fart

What is a fart? Do all creatures fart? What would happen to you if you didn't ever fart? What's in a fart? Why do they smell? Why do we find them so embarrassing... and so darned funny?! Broad..

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Father-Ish: Laugh-Out-Loud Tales from a Dad Trying Not to Ruin His Kids' Lives

Clint Edwards, author of the hit book I'm Sorry.Love Your Husband, and the follow up Silence is a Scary Sound, is back with a third collection of essays chronicling honest tales of struggling to raise..

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Five Go Absolutely Nowhere

'Ah! This is the dream!' says Julian one morning. 'With good old British common sense and community spirit like this, there's no reason that we couldn't exist on the island like this for the rest of o..

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Five Go Parenting

Enid Blyton's books are beloved the world over and The Famous Five have been the perennial favourite of her fans. Now, in this new series of Enid Blyton for Grown-Ups, George, Dick, Anne, Julian and T..

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Four Comic Novellas

These four novellas are written with typical sharp and observant wit and observation by one of New Zealand's best known and most entertaining and analytical commentators and writers. Written with hum..

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Funny You Should Ask . . .: Your Questions Answered by the QI Elves

The QI Elves are the clever clogs behind the hit panel show QI. Every Wednesday the Elves appear on The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show's 'Why Workshop' where they answer the ponderings and wonderings of Radi..

$NZ 27.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 27.99

Hello, Mum

'Tender, funny, sometimes heartbreaking snapshots of motherhood.' - Shappi Khorsandi 'Go away, I'm busy writing about the beauty of motherhood.' Polly Dunbar is an award-winning illustrator ..

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How it Works:  Sister (Ladybird for Grown-Ups)

*A HILARIOUS, BRAND NEW BOOK IN THE PHENOMENAL LADYBIRDS FOR GROWN UPS SERIES FOR AUTUMN 2017*How it Works: The Sister - a nugget of wisdom from bestselling authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.This ..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

How it Works: The Brother (Ladybird for Grown-Ups)

*A HILARIOUS, BRAND NEW BOOK IN THE PHENOMENAL LADYBIRDS FOR GROWN UPS SERIES FOR AUTUMN 2017*How it Works: The Brother - a nugget of wisdom from bestselling authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris.This..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

How it Works: The Dog

*A HILARIOUS, BRAND NEW BOOK IN THE PHENOMENAL LADYBIRDS FOR GROWN UPS SERIES, FOR AUTUMN 2016* How it Works: The Dog - a nugget of wisdom from bestselling authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris. This..

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How to Fake Being Tidy: And other things my mother never taught me

'A glorious account of how the little things of life are, of course, the big things' - Richard Glover 'Every failed domestic goddess will rock with laughter.' Shona Martyn My mother wasn't ..

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How To Keep Dinosaurs

'Who could resist a handbook about potential pets that has a little symbol for "likes children" and a separate one for "likes children to eat"... wonderful' GUARDIAN Hollywood and the popul..

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Is This Anything?

The first book in twenty-five years from Jerry Seinfeld features his best work across five decades in comedy. Since his first performance at the legendary New York nightclub "Catch a Rising Sta..

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Itty Bitty Marquee: Light It Up!

Put your thoughts, feelings, and other messages up in lights with the ITTY-BITTY MARQUEE! Light up your life and your thoughts with the ITTY-BITTY MARQUEE! Inspired by classic cinema and th..

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Kiwi Speak


$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Labyrinth: The ABC Storybook

B is for Baby Brother, lost in the labyrinth. G is for the Goblin King, whose castle lies at the maze's center. S is for Sarah, who must go on an incredible adventure to make it right. Only by journe..

$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99

Ladybird Book About Donald Trump, A

A Ladybird Book about Donald Trump- A charming introduction to the President of the United States, the important jobs he has to do, and the friends he's made all over the world. This delightful b..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Ladybird Book of the Hangover

This delightful book is the latest in the series of Ladybird books which have been specially planned to help grown-ups with the world about them. The large clear script, the careful choice of words, t..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Last 100 Years (give or take) and All That, The

'I squealed laughing at this but now worry that my knowledge of history has been dangerously ruined' Matt Forde A fascinating and hilarious gallop through twentieth-century British history,..

$NZ 47.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 47.99

Love Poems For The Office

With the same brilliant wit and biting realism that made Love Poems for Married People, Love Poems for People with Children, and Love Poems for Anxious People such hits, John Kenney is back with a bra..

$NZ 29.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 29.99

Magic Mobile: 35 pre-loaded new text files

The whole world at the touch of your finger - why ever leave the imaginary realm of your mobile phone? But this book is even better. Anything but analogue, Magic Mobile is the latest offering of comic..

$NZ 32.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 32.99

Must I Repeat Myself...?: Unpublished Letters to the Daily Telegraph

Now in its tenth year, this anniversary edition of the best-selling series is a review of the year made up of the wry and astute observations of the unpublished Telegraph letter writers. In a year in ..

$NZ 19.99 $NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Nasty Woman Game: A Card Game for Every Feminist

You can never have enough feminists on your side when it comes to fighting the patriarchy.In the game of Nasty Woman, say what you really think! Take turns drawing cards, following the prompts, and st..

$NZ 37.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 37.99

New Zealanders: The Field Guide

A guide to the weird and wonderful inhabitants of New Zealand, and the places you'll find them. After years of mimicking celebrities and Kiwi stereotypes on social media, comedian Tom Sainsbury..

$NZ 37.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 37.99

Once Upon a Sushi Cat: The Mystery and the Magic

If you are new to the wild, wonderful world of sushi cats (or, Neko-Sushi), we're happy to formally introduce you to these magical creatures. The brainchild of a Japanese company, sushi cats are an ex..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

People at Work: The Rock Star (Ladybird for Grown-Ups)

*A HILARIOUS, BRAND NEW BOOK IN THE PHENOMENAL LADYBIRDS FOR GROWN UPS SERIES FOR AUTUMN 2017*People at Work: The Rock Star - a nugget of wisdom from bestselling authors Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris...

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

People of New Zealand

Sam Moore's Instagram account and Facebook page Ugly Ink went viral when he started posting images of classic Kiwi stereotypes. They're characters that every New Zealander can relate to, includin..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Sh*T Towns of New Zealand

Based on the hugely popular Facebook page 'Shit Towns of New Zealand', this book describes New Zealand's towns and suburbs from the affluent to the effluent, the rural to the urinal, profiling all the..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Sh*T Towns of New Zealand Number Two

Based on the hugely popular Facebook page 'Shit Towns of New Zealand' this is a detailed catalogue of shit towns and cities across Aotearoa. Naturally, the first volume was received as a literary mast..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Stranger Planet

The sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling phenomenon STRANGE PLANET, featuring more hilarious and poignant adventures from the fascinating inhabitants of Nathan W. Pyle's colourful world. ..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

This is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor

The Sunday Times bestseller "Painfully funny. The pain and the funniness somehow add up to something entirely good, entirely noble and entirely loveable." Stephen Fry Welcome to 97-hour week..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas: Festive hospital diaries from the author of million-copy hit This is Going to Hurt

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat... but 1.4 million NHS staff are heading off to work. In this perfect present for anyone who has ever set foot in a hospital, Adam Kay delves back into hi..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Violence. Speed. Momentum:  Incredibly (Un)true and Undeniably Dominant Story

Online comedy star and Twitch's biggest personality and streamer unleashed in a one-of-a-kind autobiography- KSI meets Ron Burgundy Too much power. Wow. Too much energy. Wow. Too much anticipatio..

$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99

Working from Home with a Cat

This cute illustrated book shows what it's like to live and work from home with a cat, a situation over one third of us are familiar with. Stepping on computer keyboards, knocking things ..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Yada Yada Yada: The Little Guide to Seinfeld: The book about the show about nothing

The show that made the ordinary extraordinary. 22 years on from the show's divisive final episode, Seinfeld remains Master of its Domain thanks to its sharp dialogue, unforgettable characters an..

$NZ 14.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 14.99

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