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100 Documents That Changed the World: From the Magna Carta to Wikileaks

A tour of the history of the world through the declarations, manifestos, and agreements from the Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence to Wikileaks. This fascinating collection gathers the m..

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1001 Days That Shaped the World

From the foundation of Rome on April 21, 753 B.C. to the Arab Spring of 2011, this newly updated edition of 1001 Days That Shaped the World focuses on those truly pivotal moments that have changed the..

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101 Stumbles in the March of History: What If the Great Mistakes in War, Government, Industry, and Economics Were Not Made?

Bill Fawcett, author of 100 Mistakes That Changed History (Penguin, 2010), offers a new compendium of 101 mammoth mistakes - from the ill-fated rule of Emperor Darius III to the equally ill-fated sear..

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1177 B.C.: The Year Civilization Collapsed

In 1177 B.C., marauding groups known only as the "Sea Peoples" invaded Egypt. The pharaoh's army and navy managed to defeat them, but the victory so weakened Egypt that it soon slid into decline, as d..

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1946: The Making of the Modern World

With the end of the Second World War, a new world was born. The peace agreements that brought the conflict to an end implemented decisions that not only shaped the second half of the twentieth century..

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1956, the World in Revolt

Popular uprisings in Poland and Hungary shake Moscow's hold on its eastern European empire. Across the American South, and in the Union of South Africa, black people risk their livelihoods, and their ..

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1983: The World at the Brink

'A carefully researched and hugely readable account of the build-up to war, the momentum inexorably growing as he assembles each part of the jigsaw. Indeed, his narrative is so persuasive that by the ..

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1983: The World at the Brink

1983 was a supremely dangerous year - even more dangerous than 1962, the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis. In the US, President Reagan massively increased defence spending, described the Soviet Union ..

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21 Lessons for the 21st Century

**FROM THE AUTHOR OF THE MILLION COPY BESTSELLER SAPIENS** Yuval Noah Harari returns in August 2018 with a new book, 21 Lessons for the 21st Century. In bringing his focus to the here and now, Ha..

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30-Second Twentieth Century: The 50 Most Significant Ideas and Events, Each Explained in Half a Minute

30-Second Twentieth Century presents a unique approach to modern history. It condenses 100 years of innovation and art, politics and conflict, triumph and disaster, into 50 graphic snapshots that offe..

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50 Leaders Who Changed History

What qualities enabled George Washington-celebrated as the 'father of his country'-to lead a sometimes ramshackle army to victory in the American Revolutionary War and then serve with distinction as t..

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50 Speeches That Made the Modern World: Famous Speeches from Women's Rights to Human Rights

Throughout history, great speeches have produced great change. From inciting violence and asserting control to restoring peace and securing freedom, nothing has the raw emotional power of a speech del..

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50 Strategies That Changed History

How did David, the future king of Israel, plot his assault against the seemingly invincible Philistine warrior Goliath? What strategic thinking lay behind the military triumphs of Alexander the Great ..

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A (Brief) History of Vice: How Bad Behavior Built Civilization

A hilarious, fascinating and alternative history of bad behaviour, from an editor at Cracked. Part history lesson, part how-to guide, A Brief History of Vice includes interviews with experts and origi..

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A Short History of the World

Spanning the origins of the Earth to the outcome of the First World War, this is a brilliantly compelling account of the evolution of life and the development of the human race. Along the way, Wells c..

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Adam Spencer's Time Machine

Following the runaway success of his Big Book of Numbers and World of Numbers (2015), Adam Spencer is back with a fascinating - and fun! - romp through history. Starting with the big bang and ending i..

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Age of Anger: A History of the Present

'The kind of vision the world needs right now...Pankaj Mishra shouldn't stop thinking' Christopher de Bellaigue, Financial Times 'This is the most astonishing, convincing, and disturbing book I've re..

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Age of Discovery: Navigating the Storms of Our Second Renaissance

The present is a contest between the bright and dark sides of discovery. To avoid being torn apart by its stresses, we need to recognize the fact-and gain courage and wisdom from the past. Age of Disc..

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Alchemy and Alchemists

Alchemy has traditionally been viewed as 'the history of an error', an example of mediaeval gullibility and greed, in which alchemists tried to turn lead into gold, create fabulous wealth and find the..

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Almost Human

In 2013, Lee Berger, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence, caught wind of a cache of bones in a hard-to-reach underground cave in South Africa. He put out a call around the world for petite col..

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Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History

A bullet misses its target in Sarajevo, a would-be Austrian painter gets into the Viennese academy, Lord Halifax becomes British prime minister in 1940: seemingly minor twists of fate on which world-s..

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Ancient Wonderings: Journeys Into Prehistoric Britain

Take a journey into our ancient past. Explore a long-lost landscape and gradually discover the minds, beliefs and cultural practices of those souls who lived on these lands thousands of years before y..

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A magisterial history, ranging from antiquity to the present, that reveals anti-Judaism to be a mode of thought deeply embedded in the Western tradition. There is a widespread tendency to regard anti-..

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Art of Time Travel: Historians and Their Craft

Writing good history is a high-wire act of balance and grace. Historians scour their own societies for vestiges of past worlds, for cracks and fissures in the pavement of the present, and for the shim..

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At Home : A Short History of Private Life

Bill Bryson was struck one day by the thought that we devote a lot more time to studying battles and wars than to considering what history really consists of: centuries of people quietly going about t..

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At Home: A Short History of Private Life

In At Home, Bill Bryson applies the same irrepressible curiosity, irresistible wit, stylish prose and masterful storytelling that made A Short History of Nearly Everything one of the most lauded books..

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At Home: A Short History of Private Life (Illustrated Edition)
Bad Days in History

From Caligula's blood-soaked end to hotelier Steve Wynn's unfortunate run-in with a priceless Picasso, Bad Days in History delves into the past to present 365 delightfully told tales of historically b..

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Beneath Another Sky: A Global Journey into History

After decades of writing about European history, Norman Davies embarked upon an extended journey that took him round the world. He aimed to test his powers of observation, but equally to encounter his..

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Best of Times, The Worst of Times: A History of Now

In the decades since the end of the Second World War, it has been widely assumed that the western model of liberal democracy and free trade is the way the world should be governed. However, events in ..

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Best of Times, The Worst of Times: A History of Now

In the decades since the end of the Second World War, it has been widely assumed that the western model of liberal democracy and free trade is the way the world should be governed. However, events in ..

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Between the Wars: 1919-1939

At the end of 1918 one prescient American historian began to write a history of the Great War. "What will you call it?" he was asked. "The First World War," was his bleak response.In Between the Wars ..

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Big History: Our Incredible Journey, from Big Bang to Now

Understand how and why we got where we are today with Big History. From the formation of our universe to the present day, countless major events have changed the course of life on Earth. Big History b..

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Brief History of Atlantis: Plato's Ideal State

The Atlantis story remains one of the most haunting and enigmatic tales from antiquity, and one that still resonates very deeply with the modern imagination. But where did Atlantis come from, what was..

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Brutus of Troy: And the Quest for the Ancestry of the British

Just who did the British think they were? For much of the last 1,500 years, when the British looked back to their origins they saw the looming mythological figure of Brutus of Troy. A great-great-gran..

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Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death

Imagine you are a hunter-gatherer some 15,000 years ago. You've got a choice - carry on foraging, or plant a few seeds and move to one of those new-fangled settlements down the valley. What you won't ..

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Captain Cook's Final Voyage: The Untold Story from the Journals of James Burney and Henry Roberts

Maritime historian James K. Barnett discovered extraordinary journals and paintings of Captain James Cook's demanding final voyage languishing in Australian archives. Expedition artist John Webber and..

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Carpathia: The extraordinary story of the ship that rescued the survivors of the Titanic
Cave Art

Deep underground, hidden from view, some of humanity's earliest artistic endeavours have lain buried for thousands of years. The most ancient artworks were portable objects, left on cave floors. Shell..

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Celts, The

Alice Roberts goes in search of the Celts and their treasures in a narrative history to accompanying a new BBC series. We know a lot about the Roman Empire. The Romans left monuments to their glories..

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China: Mao's Republic to World Superpower

Mao's Republic to World Superpower looks at the emergence of China as a major player in geopolitics, starting with Mao Zedong and the birth of the People's Republic of China. China then examines the G..

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Cigarettes, Inc.: An Intimate History of Corporate Imperialism

Traditional narratives of capitalist change often rely on the myth of the willful entrepreneur from the global North who transforms the economy and delivers modernity--for good or ill--to the rest of ..

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Civilisations: First Contact / The Cult of Progress

What happened to art in the great Age of Discovery when civilisations encountered each other for the first time? In the Americas, the Spanish were so baffled by Aztec art that they melted the gol..

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Civilisations: How Do We Look / The Eye of Faith: As seen on TV

Focusing on the arrival of the human figure as a subject of art, Mary Beard examines the history of beauty in civilisation. Beginning with the Jericho painted skulls from 10,000 years ago, and th..

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Civilization : Six Killer Apps of Western Power

This title was selected for the "Daily Telegraph" Books Of The Year. If in the year 1411 you had been able to circumnavigate the globe and compare the dazzling civilizations of the Orient with Europe ..

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Cold War: A New Oral History of Life Between East and West

The Cold War is one of the furthest-reaching and longest-lasting conflicts in modern history. It spanned the globe - from Greece to China, Hungary to Cuba - and lasted for almost half a century. It ha..

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Cold War: A World History

'Masterly ... a book of resounding importance for appraising our global future as well as understanding our past' Richard Davenport-Hines, The Times Literary Supplement, Books of the Year 'A mast..

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Collapse : How Societies Choose to Fail or Survive

From groundbreaking writer and thinker Jared Diamond comes the epic, visionary book, now in a revised edition with a new afterword, on the mysterious collapse of past civilizations - and what this mea..

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Technologically sophisticated and powerful, the crossbow has long enjoyed a popular reputation for villainous superiority because it could be used with little training as a weapon of assassination. Th..

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Crossroads: Travelling Through the Middle Ages

Despite the numerous conflicts, the period from 300 to 1000 AD was also one of growth, continuity and peaceful coexistence. From the late eighteenth century a romantic view of the Middle Ages arose, r..

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Cuba: A Cultural History

Cuba is a rare and fascinating place. In a world where revolutionary socialism seems an almost quaint reminder of the Cold War, the island remains one of the few nations on the planet guided by a Comm..

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