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After the Suicide of Someone You Know : Information & Support for Young People
Beginnings & Endings With Lifetimes in Between

There is a beginning and an ending to everything that is alive. In between is a lifetime. Every lifetime is different; for people, plants, animals, and even the tiniest insects. Ages 4+...

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Better Death, A

A powerful, timely exploration of the art of living and dying on our own terms by one of Australia's most respected voices Of all the experiences we share, two universal events bookend our liv..

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Beyond Goodbye: 60 Days of Support Through Grief

BEYOND GOODBYE walks people through their darkest days of suffering and gives them hope for the future. Written by Zoe Clark-Coates, CEO of the Mariposa Trust and a leading expert on grief who has exp..

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Chasing Daylight


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Coping with Grief 5th Edition

The go-to book on the grieving process. This new edition of the bestselling classic offers sensitive and practical advice on how to deal with the grieving process, from coping with the funeral to man..

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Death Expands Us: An Honest Account of Grief and How to Rise Above it

The loss of a loved one leaves an empty space in our lives that can't be filled. Stephanie Harris is a professional grief coach who has experienced profound loss in her own lifetime. She understands f..

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Death is But a Dream: Hope and meaning at life's end

Christopher Kerr is a hospice doctor. All of his patients die. Yet he has tended thousands of patients who, in the face of death, speak of love, meaning and grace. They reveal that there is hope beyon..

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Death is Nothing at All

For those who are bereaved, this is a book to bring serenity, acceptance and the ability to face life after death for a loved one. The poem and the book are used frequently in memorial services.'..

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Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully - 9781743538616

This beautiful book is at home in an energising genre that finally allow us to talk about death, other examples of which include The Last Lecture and When Breath Becomes Air. Death is not waiting for ..

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Introduction to Coping with Grief, 2nd Edition

Grief is a natural reaction to loss but in some cases it can be devastating, preventing you from moving on in your life and affecting your relationships and work. This fully updated self-help guide of..

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Memento Mori: What the Romans Can Tell Us About Old Age and Death

Romans inhabited a world where man, knowing nothing about hygiene let alone disease, had no defences against nature. Death was everywhere. Half of all Roman children were dead by the age of five. Only..

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On Grief & Grieving


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Option B: Facing Adversity, Building Resilience, and Finding Joy

In 2015 Sheryl Sandberg's husband, Dave Goldberg, died suddenly at the age of forty-eight. Sandberg and her two young children were devastated, and she was certain that their lives would never have re..

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Resilient Grieving: How to Find Your Way Through Devastating Loss

Resilient Grieving is a practical, research-based guide to finding your own path to recovery from devastating loss. Dr Lucy Hone works in the field of resilience psychology, helping ordinary people ex..

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Second Firsts


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Soul Midwife's Journal: Stories of Honouring Death

How we do dying and death really matters. This affects not only the one who is dying, but all who are touched by his or her journey. I hope this small book can help in reclaiming our understanding of ..

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Where Did You Go?: A Life-Changing Journey to Connect with Those We've Lost

"Where Did You Go offers deep comfort to anyone who has lost a loved one and hopes to explore what frontier science is now demonstrating: while a heart may stop beating, consciousness never dies." ..

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With the End in Mind: Dying, Death and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

In this unprecedented book, palliative medicine pioneer Dr Kathryn Mannix explores the biggest taboo in our society and the only certainty we all share: death. Told through a ..

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With the End in Mind: How to Live and Die Well

In this unprecedented book, palliative medicine pioneer Dr Kathryn Mannix explores the biggest taboo in our society and the only certainty we all share: death `Impossible to read with dry eyes or..

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