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All About Me!: My Remarkable Life in Show Business

A funny, irreverent, gossipy, nostalgic tour through the life of one of the most influential comedians of all time. PRE-ORDER NOW At 95, the legendary Mel Brooks continues to set the standard..

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Apocalypse Now:  Lost Photo Archive, The

Hired in 1976 by Francis Ford Coppola as the still photographer for his masterpiece Apocalypse Now, Chas Gerretsen's private archive of hundreds of photographs propels readers immediately into the cha..

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Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life

Betty White: 100 Remarkable Moments in an Extraordinary Life is a visual salute to the First Lady of Television, spanning her more than 80 years as a performer and star of such legendary series as The..

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Blood, Sweat & Chrome:  Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road

A full-speed-ahead oral history of the nearly two-decade making of the cultural phenomenon Mad Max: Fury Road-with more than 130 new interviews with key members of the cast and crew, including Charliz..

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Blue Velvet

For many, Blue Velvet is David Lynch's masterpiece. It represents a unique act of cinema: an 80s Hollywood studio film as radical, visionary and cabalistic as anything found in the avant-gar..

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Call the Midwife - A Labour of Love: Celebrating ten years of life, love and laughter

Call the Midwife - A Labour of Love: Ten Years of Love, Life and Laughter is a beautifully illustrated anniversary book celebrating ten years of the much-loved and internationally renowned BBC One TV ..

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Cowboy Bebop: Making The Netflix Series

Who's ready to be blasted into the future? The live-action Cowboy Bebop is set to send viewers to the year 2071 to tag along with a misfit group of bounty hunters outrunning their pasts and chasing do..

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Dark City:  Lost World of Film Noir

TCM host Eddie Muller's Dark City is a film noir lover's bible, taking readers on a tour of the urban landscape of the grim and gritty genre in an authoritative, highly illustrated volume. ..

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Dark Matter: Independent Filmmaking in the 21st Century

"Eye-opening and addictively readable." Total Film Who and what decides if a film gets funded? How do those who control the purse strings also determine a film's content and even its message?..

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David Fincher: Mind Games

David Fincher: Mind Games is the definitive critical and visual survey of the Academy Award- and Golden Globe-nominated works of director David Fincher. From feature films Alien 3, Se7en, The Game, Fi..

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Duck Soup

The Marx Brothers are universally considered to be classic Hollywood's preeminent comedy team and Duck Soup is generally regarded as their quintessential film. A topical satire of dictatorship and gov..

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Empire Strikes Back, The

The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the second film in the original Star Wars trilogy, is often cited as the 'best' and most popular Star Wars movie. In her compelling study, Rebecca Harrison draws on pr..

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Filming the Colonial Past: The New Zealand Wars on Screen

The New Zealand Wars were defining events in the nations history. Filming the Colonial Past, an engaging new book from Annabel Cooper, tells a story of filmmakers fascination with these conflicts over..

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FilmQuake:  Most Disruptive Films in Cinema

Discover films that dared to be different, risked reputations and put careers in jeopardy. This is what happens when filmmakers take tradition and rip it up. In FilmQuake, Ian Haydn Smith selects the ..

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Fun City Cinema: New York City and the Movies that Made It

Fun City Cinema gives readers an in-depth look at how the rise, fall, and resurrection of New York City was captured and chronicled in ten iconic Gotham films across ten decades: The Jazz Singer (1927..

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Goddess: The Secret Lives Of Marilyn Monroe

More than half a century after her death, Marilyn Monroe is arguably still one of the most famous people in the world. Her life was a contrast of public brilliance and private misery, her death a trag..

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Gosden Years

Bill Gosden was at the forefront of Aotearoa film culture from 1980 to 2019. The Gosden Years is a record of his enormous legacy as director of the New Zealand International Film Festival-the country'..

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Guillermo del Toro: The Iconic Filmmaker and his Work

Loaded with rich imagery and a chapter dedicated to each of his films - including Oscar winners Pan's Labyrinth and The Shape of Water alongside blockbuster hits such as Hellboy and Pacific Rim - disc..

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Live Like a Vulcan, Love Like a Wookiee, Laugh Like a Hobbit: Life Lessons from Pop Culture

Much like a dragon-guarded mountain filled with stolen dwarf gold, Pop Culture is far more than just a side quest or afternoon's entertainment- it contains a veritable treasure trove overflowing with ..

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Matrix, The

The Matrix (1999), directed by the Wachowski sisters and produced by Joel Silver, was a true end-of-the-millennium movie, a statement of the American zeitgeist, and, as the original film in a blockbus..

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Matter of Life and Death

Produced in the aftermath of the Second World War, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger's A Matter of Life and Death (1946) stars David Niven as an RAF pilot poised between life and death, his love f..

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Movie Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

An updated edition of DK's "BIg Ideas" guide to the world of cinema Does Chinatown subvert the film noir genre? What is the effect of Pulp Fiction's episodic plot? How do multiple points of vi..

$NZ 47.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 47.99

My Favourite Movies: From a century of films and the world's best directors

Wondering what to watch next? Discover a new movie or a new director among David Stratton's personal favourites! These are the movies Australia's best-loved film critic, David Stratton, has watch..

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Night of the Living Dead

George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead is a cult classic that has resonated with audiences and independent filmmakers ever since its release in 1968. It redefined horror cinema and launched the m..

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Nobody Does it Better: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of James Bond

For over five decades, the cinematic adventures of James Bond have thrilled moviegoers. Now, bestselling authors Mark A. Altman and Edward Gross take you behind-the-scenes of the most famous and belov..

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Peaky Blinders Compendium:  Official A-Z Guide to the World of Peaky Blinders

From the clothes to the cars, the customs and, of course, the caps, this is a celebration of the swagger and cool of the Shelby family enterprise and the era that made their name. The Pea..

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Rock, The

Hiram Garcia is a childhood friend, former brother-in-law, and producing partner of Dwayne Johnson, "The Rock." He's also a talented amateur photographer, who has shot images on many of the Seven Buck..

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Rotten Tomatoes:  Ultimate Binge Guide: 296 Must-See Shows That Changed the Way We Watch TV

For the completist, The Ultimate Binge Guide is a challenge: a bingeable bucket list of all the shows you need to see before you die (or just to be super-informed at your next dinner party). For all r..

$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99

Secrets of the Force: The Complete, Uncensored, Unauthorized Oral History of Star Wars

From the authors of The Fifty-Year Mission and So Say We All, comes the first and only comprehensive oral history of the Star Wars movie franchise. For the past four decades, no film saga has t..

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Silence of the Lambs, The

Released in 1990, The Silence of the Lambs is one of the defining films of late twentieth century American cinema. Adapted from the Thomas Harris novel and directed by the late Jonathan Demme, its cen..

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Star Wars

The release of Star Wars in 1977 marked the start of what would become a colossal global franchise. Star Wars remains the second highest-grossing film in the United States, and George Lucas's six-part..

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Star Wars Year By Year: A Visual History, New Edition

A comprehensive, fully updated guide to more than forty years of the beloved Star Wars franchise Discover everything you've ever wanted to know about Star Wars in this complete history of the ..

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Story of Film,The

An updated edition - with completely new chapters - of the most accessible and compelling history of the cinema yet published, now also a fascinating 15-hour film documentary The Story of Film: An Ody..

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The Exorcist

Inspired by an alleged real case of demonic possession in 1949, The Exorcist became an international phenomenon on its release in 1973. A blockbusting adaptation of a best-selling novel, it was praise..

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Thing, The

An extra-terrestrial alien, capable of replicating any living form it touches, infiltrates an isolated research base in the Antarctic, and sows suspicion and terror among the men trapped there. Which ..

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True Believer: The Rise and Fall of Stan Lee

Stan Lee--born Stanley Martin Lieber in 1922--is one of the most beloved and influential entertainers to emerge from the twentieth century. He served as editor in chief of Marvel Comics for three deca..

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Ultimate Encyclopedia of Fantasy: The definitive illustrated guide, The

This essential reference book details everything the novice needs to know about the genre and everything the well-read fan is calling out for. Lavishly illustrated and expertly informed, it is edited ..

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Watching Doctor Who: Fan Reception and Evaluation

Through a richly detailed account of fan cultures and media over the over fifty-year history of the show, Watching Doctor Who explores fandom's changing attitudes towards this much-loved TV series. W..

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Women vs Hollywood: The Fall and Rise of Women in Film

'An enlightening page-turner, stacked with stories and stats that will have your jaw on the floor' Anna Smith, host of the Girls On Film podcast 'This is the film history we need: one ..

$NZ 37.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 37.99

World of Avatar:  Visual Exploration

Released in anticipation of Avatar 2, this lavish celebration of the first movie is the ultimate refresher for existing fans and the ideal introduction for newcomers to the series Celebrate th..

$NZ 37.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 37.99

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