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100 Nasty Women of History

100 fascinating and brilliantly written stories about history's bravest, baddest but little known 'nasty' women from across the world.In the final debate of the 2016 US presidential election, Donald T..

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200 Women

200 women from around the world, famous and unknown, answer the same 5 questions, such as "What really matters to you?" and "What would you change in the world if you could?" The answers are inspiring..

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33 Days: A Memoir

A rare eyewitness account by an important author of fleeing the Nazis march on Paris in 1940. This is the first ever English publication of important French author Leon Werth. Restored here with the o..

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A Chill in the Air: An Italian War Diary 1939-1940

War in Italy in 1939 was by no means necessary, or even beneficial to the country. But in June 1940, Mussolini finally declared war on Britain and France. The awful inevitability with which Italy stum..

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A Guest at the Shooters' Banquet: My Grandfather's SS Past, My Jewish Family, a Search for the Truth

In prose as beautiful as it is powerful, Rita Gabis follows the trail of her grandfather's collaboration with the Nazis--a trail riddled with secrets, slaughter, mystery, and discovery. Rita Gabis com..

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A Long Way from Home

The true story of 2 year-old Anna, abandoned by her natural parents, left alone in a neglected orphanage. Elaine and Ian had travelled half way round the world to adopt little Anna. She couldn't ..

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A Lucky Child: A Memoir of Surviving Auschwitz as a Young Boy
A World Gone Mad: The Diaries of Astrid Lindgren, 1939-45

Before she became internationally known for her children's books, Astrid Lindgren was an aspiring author living in Stockholm with her family at the outbreak of the Second World War. These diaries, unt..

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Abandon Me: Memoirs

Named One of the Best Books of 2017 by: Esquire, Refinery29, BookRiot, Medium, Electric Literature, The Brooklyn Rail, Largehearted Boy, The Coil and The Cut. Finalist, Lambda Literary Award for L..

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Accidental Brothers: The Story of Twins Exchanged at Birth and the Power of Nature and Nurture

Accidental Brothers tells the unique story of two sets of identical Colombian twin brothers who discovered at age 25 that they were mistakenly raised as fraternal twins-when they were not even biologi..

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Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery

THE SUNDAY TIMES NO.1 BESTSELLER Henry Marsh has spent four decades operating on the human brain. In this searing and provocative memoir following his retirement from the NHS, he reflects on the ex..

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Admissions: A Life in Brain Surgery

Henry Marsh has spent a lifetime operating on the surgical frontline. There have been exhilarating highs and devastating lows, but his love for the practice of neurosurgery has never wavered. Prompted..

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Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

'At Victoria station the R.T.O. gave me a travel warrant, a white feather and a picture of Hitler marked "This is your enemy". I searched every compartment, but he wasn't on the train ...' In this, th..

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Adventures of a Young Naturalist


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Adventurous Spirit: Sometimes Life Takes Us to Places We Never Planned to Go

At 41 - with two teenagers and a contentedly unadventurous life - Heather Hawkins made a doctor's appointment. Diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer, within nine days she had surgery to remove an 18..

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Affirming: Letters 1975-1997

'IB was one of the great affirmers of our time.' John Banville, New York Review of BooksThe title of this final volume of Isaiah Berlin's letters is echoed by John Banville's verdict in his review of ..

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Australia's bravest and most honest writer explores the devastating aftermath of her elderly mother's decision to end her own life. Nikki Gemmell's world changed forever in October 2015 when the body..

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After Kathy Acker: A Biography

Rich girl, street punk, lost girl and icon ... scholar, stripper, victim and media-whore: The late Kathy Acker's legend and writings are wrapped in mythologies, created mostly by Acker herself. In thi..

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After Perfect: A Daughter's Memoir

The other side of The Wolf of Wall Street story by a daughter whose father destroyed his family. Christina McDowell's unflinching memoir is a brutally honest, cautionary tale about one family's destru..

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After the Falls: Coming of Age in the Sixties

A hilarious and moving follow-up to "The New York Times" bestselling "Too Close to the Falls." Catherine Gildiner shares the next chapter in a story that has already captivated many readers. It's 19..

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Afterglow: A Dog Memoir

In 1990, Myles chose Rosie from a litter on the street, and their connection instantly made an indelible impact on the writer's way of being. Over the course of sixteen years together, Myles was devot..

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Agatha Christie: A Biography

Janet Morgan's definitive and authorised biography of Agatha Christie, with a new retrospective foreword by the author. Agatha Christie (1890-1976), the world's bestselling author, is a public institu..

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Agatha Christie: A Life in Theatre: Curtain Up

A revealing and witty new examination of how Agatha Christie became the world's most successful and popular female playwright, including details of never-before-published scripts and stories. Publish..

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Agent M: The Lives and Spies of Mi5's Maxwell Knight

Spying is the art of knowing who to trust-and who to betrayMaxwell Knight was perhaps the greatest spymaster in history, rumored to be the real-life inspiration for the James Bond character "M." He di..

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Agent Storm: My Life Inside Al-Qaeda

He was the Western convert who would plunge deep inside al-Qaeda. He named his first son Osama after 9/11 and became a Jihadist. But then - after a sudden loss of faith - Morten Storm made a life-chan..

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Alan Partridge: Nomad

In ALAN PARTRIDGE: NOMAD, Alan dons his boots, windcheater and scarf and embarks on an odyssey through a place he once knew - it's called Britain - intent on completing a journey of immense personal s..

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Alan the Christmas Donkey: The Little Donkey Who Made a Big Difference

Tracy had run the Radcliffe Donkey Sanctuary for twenty years, creating a safe haven for more than sixty sick, unwanted and mistreated donkeys. But after a devastatingly difficult winter, with sky hig..

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Alanatomy: My Autobiography

It must seem strange to you that I've called a book Alanatomy. For anyone who has taken the time to see my stand-up performances or watched my chat show, 'Chattyman', knows that my body has hardly be..

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Alanatomy: The Inside Story

***If you loved Alan's first memoir - Look Who It Is! - then his follow-up, Alanatomy, will take you further into the hilarious and bizarre world of the country's favourite chatty man.*** 'As laugh o..

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Aleister Crowley

This definitive biography of Aleister Crowley (1875 - 1947), the most notorious and controversial spiritual figure of the 20th century, brings together a life of world-shaking 'magick', sexual and psy..

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Alexander Hamilton

The bestselling life of one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton, which became the basis for the hugely successful Broadway show Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton was an illegitimate, largely..

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Alexander Hamilton: The Illustrated Biography

Find out who lived and who died in the incredible story of the founding father who made America modern and became the toast of Broadway. This richly illustrated biography portrays Alexander Hamilton's..

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Alexander McQueen : Blood Beneath the Skin

When Alexander McQueen committed suicide in February 2010, aged just 40, a shocked world mourned the loss of its most visionary fashion designer. McQueen had risen from humble beginnings as the younge..

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Ali: A Life

The most comprehensive and definitive biography of Muhammad Ali that has ever been published, based on more than 500 interviews with those who knew him best, with many dramatic new discoveries about h..

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Alicia Jurman is five-years-old when her story begins. It is 1935 and she is living in the East Polish town of Buczacz. Although brought up in an atmosphere of anti-Semitism, nothing could prepare thi..

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Alive, Alive Oh!: And Other Things That Matter

Several years ago, Diana Athill accepted that she could no longer live entirely independently, and moved to a retirement home in Highgate. There, she found herself released from the daily anxieties of..

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Alive, Alive Oh!: And Other Things That Matter

What matters in the end? In the final years of life, which memories stand out? Writing from her retirement home in Highgate, London, as she approaches her 100th year, Diana Athill reflects on what it ..

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All Creatures Great and Small: The Classic Memoirs of a Yorkshire Country Vet

The inspiration for the BBC series of the same name Fresh out of Glasgow Veterinary College, to the young James Herriot 1930s Yorkshire seems to offers an idyllic pocket of rural life in a rapidly cha..

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Allen Curnow: Slipcase Dual Edition

This handsome slipcase brings together the definitive biography and collected poems of Allen Curnow (1911-2001), widely recognised as one of the most distinguished poets writing in English in the seco..

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Allure of Chanel

Coco Chanel invited Paul Morand to visit her in St Moritz at the end of the Second World War when he was given the opportunity to write her memoirs; his notes of their conversations were put away in a..

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Amazing Mrs Livesey: The Remarkable Story of Australia's Greatest Imposter

Ethel Livesey was quite a gal...An attractive young woman from a respectable middle-class family in Manchester, she had over 40 aliases, eight official marriages, four children and five divorces. Her ..

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Ambulance Drivers: Hemingway, Dos Passos, and a Friendship Made and Lost in War

Rich in evocative detail--from Paris cafes to Austrian chateaus, from the streets of Pamplona to the waters of Key West--The Ambulance Drivers tells the story of two aspiring writers, Ernest Hemingway..

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American Family, An

Timely and timeless, An American Family is an intensely personal immigrant story. Khizr Khan traces his remarkable journey from humble beginnings as one of ten children born on a farm in rural Pakista..

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Ammonites and Leaping Fish : A Life in Time

"Sharp, unsentimental and ruefully funny. A fascinating portrait not only of Lively but of the times through which she has lived". (Daily Telegraph). "Clever and poignant ...there is much to enjoy. Th..

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Among the Living and the Dead: A Tale of Exile and Homecoming

'It's long been assumed of the region where my grandmother was born...that at some point each year the dead will come home,' Inara Verzemnieks writes in this exquisite story of war, exile, and homecom..

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And I'd Do It Again

With the world at her feet and Californian railroad fortunes in her purse, Aimee had a tale or two to tell. Here, she boldly delivers her hilarious memoirs of escaping headhunters in Borneo, avoiding ..

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And There Was Light: The Extraordinary Memoir of a Blind Hero of the French Resistance in World War II

The book that helped inspire Anthony Doerr s "All the Light We Cannot See" An updated edition of this classic World War II memoir, chosen as one of the 100 Best Spiritual Books of the Twentieth Centur..

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Angela Merkel: Europe's Most Influential Leader

The illuminating and in-depth biography of Angela Merkel, using exclusive new sources and research to tell how the daughter of a clergyman from East Germany rose to become arguably the most powerful p..

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Angela's Ashes

Stunning reissue of the phenomenal worldwide bestseller: Frank McCourt's sad, funny, bittersweet memoir of growing up in New York in the 30s and in Ireland in the 40s. Angela's Ashes is Frank McCourt'..

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Angels and Wild Things: The Archetypal Poetics of Maurice Sendak

Over the course of more than eighty books that he has written and illustrated in a career that has spanned four decades, Maurice Sendak has become the most influential and, at times, the most controve..

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Animal: The Autobiography of a Female Body

Sometimes I confuse myself. I get wildly and pointlessly jealous. I spend too much time hating my bum. And you know what I hate more than my bum? My preoccupation with my bum. I've had sexual experien..

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