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1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor: Achieve precise color when painting landscapes, portraits, still lifes, and more

1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for Oil, Acrylic & Watercolor is the definitive colour-mixing resource for oil, acrylic, and watercolour artists. This user-friendly compendium is colour coded for quick-and..

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10 Step Drawing: Everyday Things: Draw 60 Familiar Items in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to draw your new phone, your coolest shades, or your favourite mug but don't know where to start, this is the book for you! 10 Step Drawing: Everyday Things will help you turn simple shape..

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10 Step Drawing: Manga: Draw Over 30 Manga Images in 10 Easy Steps

CREATE BEAUTIFUL MANGA PEOPLE AND ANIMALS IN 10 SIMPLE STEPS If you love drawing manga but don't know where to start, this is the book for you! 10 Step Drawing: Manga will help ..

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100 Ways to Draw a Bird and Make a Living from Illustration

While presenting one hundred ways to draw a bird, the author unveils the facets of life as an illustrator, in the hope that doing so will help to make everyday life as an illustrator a little simpler...

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365 Days of Art in Nature: Find Inspiration Every Day in the Natural World

In 365 Days of Art in Nature, Lorna Scobie, invites the reader to take a closer look at the natural world - whether that's outside on location, or inside their own home - reminding us all that regardl..

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365 Days of Art: A creative exercise for every day of the year

365 Days of Art is an inspiring journal designed to help readers and budding artists nurture their creativity and explore their feelings through the medium of art. Featuring an activity for every day ..

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365 Days of Drawing: Sketch and paint your way through the creative year

Get lost in your creativity with 365 Days of Drawing, a thoughtful and inspiring art journal designed to help you carve out moments of self-expression. Divided into twelve-monthly themes, such as natu..

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50 Ways To Draw Your Beautiful, Ordinary Life: Practical Lessons in Pencil and Paper

In its innovative magazines and books, Flow celebrates creativity, mindfulness, and the pleasures of paper through a uniquely appealing marriage of ideas and visuals - beautiful illustrations and pain..

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Amazing Japanese Crochet Stitches: A Stitch Dictionary and Design Resource (156 Stitches with 7 Practice Projects)

From elegant to funky, popular designer Keiko Okamoto presents a wide selection of crochet stitches in this valuable reference. Amazing Japanese Crochet Stitches includes versatile stitch patterns t..

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Art of Comic Book Drawing, The: More than 100 drawing and illustration techniques for rendering comic book characters and storyboards

Wham! Pow! Bam! Kaboom! Learn everything you need to make your own comic books, superheroes, and story lines with The Art of Comic Book Drawing. Featuring step-by-step tutorials, helpful tips, and ..

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Art of Figure Drawing for Beginners: Learn to use basic shapes and art mannequins to draw faces and figures

Mastering the human form for portraiture is one of the most challenging subjects for a beginning artist to learn. Packed with practical instructions, helpful tips, and fundamental techniques, this com..

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Artist's Drawing Techniques

Learn how to draw with charcoal, pen, and pastel with step-by-step workshops from professional artists. Artist's Drawing Techniques is your guide to every aspect of drawing for pleasure, from choosing..

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Artist's Painting Techniques

Whether you're trying your hand at painting for the first time or honing your artistic ability, Artist's Painting Techniques is the handiest guide to teach you how to paint. Starting with the basics s..

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Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity

'Julia Cameron invented the way people renovate the creative soul' - New York Times Since its first publication, The Artist's Way has inspired the genius of Elizabeth Gilbert, Tim Ferriss, and mi..

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Botanical Illustration from Life: A Visual Guide to Observing, Drawing and Painting Plants

Observe, draw, paint, explore and master the art of botanical illustration. Award-winning botanical artist Isik Guner shares her passion for drawing and painting living plants from around t..

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Botany for the Artist

This beautifully illustrated guide to botany in art explores the extraordinary world of plants and inspires you to try drawing them yourself. Understanding botany helps any artist to draw plants ..

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Calligraphy, 2nd Revised Edition:  Guide to Handlettering

If you've ever wanted to learn the techniques of hand lettering, Calligraphy gives practical advice and guidance on materials, tools, and proper methods. Containing four alphabets and 12 step-by..

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Charcoal: Techniques and tutorials for the complete beginner

Charcoal drawing is timeless, stylish, atmospheric and arresting. In this easy-to-follow beginner's guide, readers are taken on a journey to explore the rich potential of monochrome using the medium o..

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Colour Mixing Recipes Oil Acrylics

The popular Color Mixing Recipe Cards have served as a handy reference of essential colour combinations for almost 10 years. And now this collection of recipes is available in an updated, convenient f..

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Complete Beginner's Guide to Drawing: More Than 200 Drawing Techniques, Tips & Lessons

With helpful tips and easy to follow step-by-step lessons, The Essential Book of Drawing is the perfect resource for artists looking to hone their drawing style and technique. The Complete Beginner's ..

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Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media: A Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Stunning Effects--Play with Gouache, Metallic Paints, Masking Fluid, Alcohol, a

In Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media, popular watercolour artist, instructor, and author Ana Victoria Calderon shares her simple step-by-step techniques for painting exciting and colourful motifs by..

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DIY Watercolor Jungle: Easy watercolor painting techniques for tropical foliage and flowers

The follow up to the bestselling DIY Watercolor Flowers, featuring step-by-step tutorials for on-trend botanical leaves and tropical flowers in ever-popular watercolours. Learn to paint tropical wate..

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Drawing on the Dominant Eye: Decoding the way we perceive, create and learn

From the author of the world's most popular drawing instruction manual Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, this new book helps you discover a new way of drawing and problem solving. Betty Edw..

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

A revised edition of the classic drawing book that has sold more than 1.7 million copies in the United States alone. Translated into more than seventeen languages, "Drawing on the Right Side of the ..

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook: The companion workbook to the world's bestselling drawing guide

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Workbook accompanies the world's most widely used drawing instruction book by Betty Edwards. This workbook reinforces the five basic skills of drawing and includ..

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Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: A Course in Enhancing Creativity and Artistic Confidence: definitive 4th edition

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used drawing instruction book. Whether you are a professional, a student, or enjoy art as a hobby, Betty Edwards' practical step-by-st..

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Drawn to Type: Lettering for Illustrators

Illustrated lettering is one of the most recognisable trends in design, but how do you take your work in this area to new levels and make your projects stand out from the crowd? Illustrator, des..

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En Plein Air: Light & Color: Expert techniques and step-by-step projects for capturing mood and atmosphere in watercolor

Take your watercolour painting beyond the studio-learn how to effectively use colour and light to capture mood, create atmosphere, and convey emotion on location. Geared for beginning artists, En Plei..

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Exploring Collage and Mixed Media Techniques

A step by step activity guide around the infinite possibilities and techniques of mixed media: materials, tools, supports and finishes. A step-by-step exploratory, activity guide based around the in..

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Exploring Hyperrealism

This original work introduces readers to the drawing and painting techniques in the hyperrealist movement, a style applied to painting whose techniques aspire to photographic exactitude in drawing. Fr..

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Hand Lettering for Beginners: Simple Techniques. Endless Possibilities

Have you ever wanted to learn to hand letter, but didn't know where to start? Hand Lettering for Beginners has everything you need to learn the art of hand lettering. Sarah Ensign uses simple techniqu..

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Hand-Drawn Maps: A Guide for Creatives

Hand Drawn Maps is a fun 'how to' book about hand drawn cartography. It is introduced by a brief history of maps and map making, followed by five sections covering everything you need to know to make ..

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How to Be an Artist

"I wish I had read these rules forty years ago and carried them around like a bible. By chance or design I've followed most of them at some point but it took me a lifetime as an artist to find what ..

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How to Draw Almost Everything: An Illustrated Sourcebook

Learn to draw pretty much EVERYTHING. With over 2,000 images, this visual reference book offers instructions for drawing animals, people, plants, food, everyday objects, buildings, vehicles, clothing,..

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How to Draw and Write in Fountain Pen

For pro illustrator Ayano Usamura, nothing beats a fountain pen. The easy flow of the ink spurs creativity and adds character to every line - bringing even the simplest doodles to life. In this modern..

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How to Draw Cute Stuff

How to Draw Cute Stuff teaches readers how to draw anything and everything - people, animals and things - in an adorable manner. Step-by-step, how-to sequences make drawing cute stuff really simple, w..

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How to Draw Manga


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How to Draw Your Own Graphic Novel

"How to Draw Your Own Graphic Novel" is a comprehensive full-color guide to creating authentic comic book art, comic strips, and visual storytelling. Clear, step-by-step instructions make it easy f..

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How to Draw: Unicorns: In Simple Steps

Unicorns have captured the imagination of people all over the world. These fantastical creatures have never been so popular, and well-known fantasy artist Sharon Hurst shows you how to bring them to l..

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Ideal City: Exploring Urban Futures

The city is an always changing human experiment. But in the last half century, it has changed more than ever before - with little sign of slowing down. As this phenomenon takes place, an increasing nu..

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If You're Bored With Acrylics, Read This Book

Unlock the potential in your paint tubes with 30 guided projects, covering everything from creating a harmonious colour palette to painting vivid landscapes and pop-art portraits. Get back to basics a..

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Ink: Do More Art

Ink is the first in an exciting new practical-art series on popular mediums, including acrylic, oil, pencil and gouache. The books will cover painting techniques, creative ideas and applications, and ..

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Inspired Artist: Block Print for Beginners: Learn to make lino blocks and create unique relief prints

Learn to create contemporary, unique works of art with traditional carving tools and printmaking techniques. Step-by-step projects and creative lino prints make it fun and easy. The Inspired Artist se..

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Japanese Ink Painting: Lessons in Suiboku Technique (Designed for the Beginner)

Japanese Ink Painting: Lessons in Suiboku Technique teaches beginners the fundamental techniques ofsuiboku, a form of Japanese ink painting. Suiboku is considered to be a type of Japanese paintin..

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Just Draw Fineliner Art: Incredible Illustrations Crafted With Fineliner Pens

Fineliner Art (Just Draw) presents a collection of more than 85 beautiful blackwork images by contemporary artists from around the world. Dip-in for advice or flick through the pages for inspiration. ..

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Just for Fun: Drawing: More Than 100 Fun and Simple Step-by-Step Projects for Learning the Art of Basic Drawing

Learning to draw in pencil has never been so easy! With Just for Fun: Drawing, aspiring artists and art enthusiasts who have never before picked up a pencil can follow incredibly simple step-by-step ..

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Kew Book of Painting Roses in Watercolour, The

Roses have a special place in both art and culture across the world. Published in Association with Kew Gardens, this stunning book teaches you how to capture their character, colour and form in waterc..

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Learn Watercolour Landscapes Quickly

Hazel Soan is a hugely successful painter in her own right but also an outstanding teacher and author of art books, which have introduced the wonders of art to a generation of amateur artists. In this..

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Lessons in Classical Painting: Essential Techniques from Inside the Atelier

A companion volume to Lessons in Classical Drawing that breaks down the foundational skills and techniques of painting in a format that is accessible and manageable for all readers. With the same dire..

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Love Your Creative Space

Re-energize your crafting space with innovative ideas for organization and accessibility! Packed with over 150 photos of studios, storage, and ideas to help keep creativity flowing...

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Magma Sketchbook : Design & Art Direction


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