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1,001 Dot-to-Dot Amazing Animals

Twenty intricate dot-to-dot puzzles that are as absorbing as they are amazing! Best-selling puzzle designer Thomas Pavitte returns with 20 new artworks featuring 1,001 dots, perfect for a quiet e..

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100 Illustrators (single volume)

Drawn from TASCHEN's Illustration Now! series, this go-to catalog brings together 100 of the most successful and important illustrators around the globe. With featured artists including Istvan Banyai,..

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1000 Tattoos

Whether you're thinking of getting a tattoo or just want to see to what lengths others have gone in decorating their bodies, this is the book to check out.1000 Tattoos explores the history of the art ..

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African Artists: From 1882 to Now

A groundbreaking A-Z appraisal of the work of over 300 modern and contemporary artists born or based in AfricaIn recent years Africa's booming art scene has gained substantial global attention, with a..

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Age of Collage Vol. 3: Contemporary Collage in Modern Art

Featuring dynamic works from the contemporary collage landscape, The Age of Collage Vol. 3 showcases a new crop of creative vanguards advancing the medium's possibilities, piece by piece, splice by sp..

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Ai Weiwei. 40th Anniversary Edition

As his personal circumstances move in constant flux, Ai Weiwei remains a cultural magnet. Renowned for his political activism and social media activity almost as much as for his social interventions, ..

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Albert and the Whale

An illuminating exploration of the intersection between life, art and the sea from the award-winning author of Leviathan. 'This is a wonderful book. A lyrical journey into the natural and unnatu..

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All the Frequent Troubles of Our Days:  True Story of the Woman at the Heart of the German Resistance to Hitler

Born and raised in America, Mildred Harnack was twenty-six when she enrolled in a PhD programme in Berlin and witnessed the meteoric rise of the Nazi party. In 1932, she began holding secret meetings ..

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American Fried Rice:  Art of Mu Pan

Drawing inspiration from nature, Japanese Kaiju films, samurai iconography, and mythology, Taiwanese-born and Brooklyn-based artist Mu Pan invites viewers to examine their own nature as they look upon..

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Ando. Complete Works 1975-Today. 40th Anniversary Edition

Discover the unique aesthetic of Tadao Ando, the only architect ever to have won the discipline's four most prestigious prizes: the Pritzker, Carlsberg, Praemium Imperiale, and Kyoto Prize. This ..

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Angela Davis: Seize the Time

Inspired bya private archive and including contemporary work by artists who acknowledge the continued relevance of Angela Davis's experience and politics, the essays, interviews, and images in this bo..

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Anni Albers

The first in-depth study of a monumental wall hanging-rediscovered after many years-by renowned Bauhaus artist Anni Albers. Albers was influential in elevating textiles from craft to fine art. He..

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Araki. 40th Anniversary Edition

Decades' worth of images have been distilled down to 512 pages of photographs in this ultimate retrospective collection of Nobuyoshi Araki's work, selected by the artist himself. First published..

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Art and History of Calligraphy, The

This stunningly illustrated new book focuses on 76 intricate, expressive and individual examples of calligraphy from the unparalleled collection of the British Library. The author, a renowned expert o..

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Art and Science of Ernst Haeckel, The. 40th Anniversary Edition

Ernst Haeckel (1834-1919) was a German-born biologist, naturalist, evolutionist, artist, philosopher, and doctor who spent his life researching flora and fauna from the highest mountaintops to the dee..

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Art History For Dummies


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Art in Detail: 100 Masterpieces

Great paintings cannot be fully understood in a single encounter; there is always more to be derived from them. Art lovers may revisit and reconsider the masterpieces throughout their lives, but a dee..

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Art New Zealand #177 - Autumn 2021


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Art New Zealand #178 - Winter 2021


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Art New Zealand #179 - Spring 2021


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Art of Eric Carle, The

Carle is one of the most beloved illustrators of children's books. This retrospective is more than just an appreciation of his art, however. The book also contains an insightful autobiography illustra..

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Artist's Garden: How Gardens Inspired Our Greatest Painters, The

The Artist's Garden will feature up to 20 gardens that have inspired and been home to some of the greatest painters of history. These gardens not only supplied the inspiration for creative works but a..

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ArtQuake:  Most Disruptive Works in Modern Art

Discover art that dared to be different, risked reputations and put careers in jeopardy. This is what happens when artists take tradition and rip it up. ArtQuake tells the stories of 50 pivotal w..

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ArtZone Issue 88 2021


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At the Gallery:  Art Memory Game

Art lovers rejoice! We're off to the gallery. Match 25 of the world's most iconic artists with one of their famous works. From classical to contemporary, Tracey Emin to Louise Bourgeois, this mig..

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Banksy: The Man behind the Wall: Revised and Illustrated Edition

For someone who shuns the limelight so completely that he conceals his name, never shows his face and gives interviews only by email, Banksy is remarkably famous. From his beginnings as a Bristol graf..

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Basquiat - 40th Anniversary Edition

The legend of Jean-Michel Basquiat is as strong as ever. Synonymous with 1980s New York, the artist first appeared in the late 1970s under the tag SAMO, spraying caustic comments and fragmented poems ..

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Bosch: Masters of Art

Explore Hieronymus Bosch's fantastic illustrations of the afterlife and other religious concepts and narratives. Although Bosch's known works amount to no more than two dozen paintings and a handful ..

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Bridget Riley

This landmark book reflects on almost 70 years of works by Bridget Riley (b.1931), from some of her earliest to very recent projects, providing a unique record of the work of an artist still very much..

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Bright Stars: Great Artists Who Died Too Young

'Bryan's writing pops and zings like a Basquiat painting - and reminds us why truly great artists are immortal.' - Noel Fielding 'Bright Stars is a compelling reflection on the concept of legacy...

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Bruce Nauman

Since the late 1960s Bruce Nauman has established a completely new understanding of contemporary art and has been acknowledged as one of the most relevant artists of the twentieth century. Both the la..

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Caravaggio.  Complete Works. 40th Ed.

Caravaggio, or more accurately Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610), was always a name to be reckoned with. Notorious bad boy of Italian painting, the artist was at once celebrated and contro..

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Cats in Art: A Pop-Up Book

You may be familiar with Old Master paintings; you may even be familiar with cats inserting themselves into Old Master paintings - but you've never seen them in three-dimensional pop-up form. Cats in ..

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Ceramic, Art and Civilisation

In his major new history, Paul Greenhalgh tells the story of ceramics as a story of human civilisation, from the Ancient Greeks to the present day. As a core craft technology, pottery has underpinned ..

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Chromatopia: An Illustrated History of Colour

Did you know that the Egyptians created the first synthetic colour; or that the noblest purple comes from a predatory sea snail? Throughout history, artists' pigments have been made from deadly metals..

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Circles and Squares: The Lives and Art of the Hampstead Modernists

A spellbinding portrait of the Hampstead Modernists, threading together the lives, loves, rivalries and ambitions of a group of artists at the heart of an international avant-garde. Hampstead in ..

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Clare Reilly: Eye of the Calm

Clare Reilly: Eye of the Calm is an exploration of New Zealand painter Clare Reilly's life and work. The mixture of autobiographical writing and gorgeous paintings subtly shows how Reilly's art and ..

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Clare Reilly: Eye of the Calm

Clare Reilly: Eye of the Calm is an exploration of New Zealand painter Clare Reilly's life and work. The mixture of autobiographical writing and gorgeous paintings subtly shows how Reilly's art and ex..

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Control Chaos: Redefining the Visual Cultures of Asia

PHUNK is a contemporary art and design collective based in Singapore. Founded in 1994 by Alvin Tan, Melvin Chee, Jackson Tan and William Chan when they were students at Lasalle College of the Arts, th..

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Critical Critters

Following on from Extinct Boids and Nextinction, Critical Critters is the third in this epic trilogy of books dedicated to extinct and critically endangered animals from cartoonist Ralph Steadman and ..

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Dali.  Paintings, The

At the age of six, Salvador Dali (1904-1989) wanted to be a cook. At the age of seven, he wanted to be Napoleon. "Since then," he later said, "my ambition has steadily grown, and my megalomania with i..

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David Hockney.  Chronology. 40th Anniversary Edition

Pop artist, painter of modern life, landscape painter, master of color, explorer of image and perception-for six decades, David Hockney has been known as an artist who always finds new ways of explori..

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David Lynch: Someone is in My House

Featuring rarely seen multimedia works by the revered cult filmmaker David Lynch, this revelatory book shows how he applies his powerful imagination and visual language across genres. David Lynch has..

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Dogs in Medieval Manuscripts

Throughout the Middle Ages, medieval manuscripts often featured dogs, from beautiful and loving depictions of man's best friend, to bloodthirsty illustrations of savage beasts, to more whimsical and h..

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Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak's Designs for Opera and Ballet

This book showcases a lesser-known aspect of Maurice Sendak's oeuvre--his set designs for operas and ballets. Maurice Sendak is well-known for his acclaimed children's books, but he was also an avid o..

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Dress to Dissent Magnetic Dress Up RBG Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Emerson's Nature and the Artists: Idea as Landscape, Landscape as Idea

Illustrated by classic American paintings and photographs, and accompanied with a prescient new appraisal, this stunning publication on Emerson's seminal 1836 essay is at once a meditation on the ways..

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Epic Iran: 5000 Years of Culture

Iran was home to some of the greatest civilizations of both the ancient and medieval worlds, but these achievements are now little known outside the country. Epic Iran brings together 250 fascinating ..

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Fabric of a Nation: American Quilt Stories

A mother stitches a few lines of prayer into a bedcover for her son serving in the Union army during the Civil War. A formerly enslaved African American woman creates a quilt populated by Biblical fig..

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FilmQuake:  Most Disruptive Films in Cinema

Discover films that dared to be different, risked reputations and put careers in jeopardy. This is what happens when filmmakers take tradition and rip it up. In FilmQuake, Ian Haydn Smith selects the ..

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Flower: Exploring the World in Bloom

The latest installment in the bestselling Explorer Series takes readers on a journey across continents and cultures to discover the endless ways artists and image-makers have employed floral motifs th..

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