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Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the Road to War

** Sunday Times Bestseller ** 'Astonishing' ANTONY BEEVOR 'One of the most promising young historians to enter our field for years' MAX HASTINGS On a wet afternoon in September 1938, Nevi..

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Applied Empathy: The New Language of Leadership

Michael Ventura, entrepreneur and CEO of award-winning strategy and design practice Sub Rosa, shares how empathy - the ability to see the world through someone else's eyes - could be what your busines..

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Arabic English Bilingual Visual Dictionary

The Arabic English Bilingual Visual Dictionary is your essential vocabulary guide to the world around you. With over 10,000 fully illustrated terms arranged by theme, language learning has never been ..

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Arabs, The: A History

THE THIRD EDITION OF THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER, REVISED AND UPDATED 'A rich, galloping narrative that spans the Arab world...outstanding, gripping and exuberant...full of flamboyant character..

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For over thirty years, besides making music, David Byrne has focused his unique genius upon forms as diverse as the archaeology of music as we know it, architectural photography and the uses of PowerP..

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Arcana of Astrology Boxed Set: Oracle Deck and Guidebook for Cosmic Insight

The Arcana of Astrology is a dreamy deck of 54 oracle cards revolving around all things astrological. Author and artist Claire Goodchild created this deck as a tool to teach the archetypes of astrolog..

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Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry: The Landscapes, Buildings and Places

'An Archaeological Study of the Bayeux Tapestry' provides a unique re-examination of this famous piece of work through the historical geography and archaeology of the tapestry. Trevor Rowley is the fi..

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Archaeology of the Solomon Islands

Archaeology of the Solomon Islands presents the outcome of 20 years research in the Solomon Islands undertaken jointly by Richard Walter and Peter Sheppard, both leaders in the eld of Pacific archaeol..

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Archipelago: An Atlas of Imagined Islands

`Think of this atlas as the beginning of a journey and a kind of island guidebook, a rough guide to far-flung places, a Baedeker of make-believe, and a new page waiting to be filled. The cycle of Crus..

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Architecture and culture combine for a truly unique building experience! A complete kit guides you through building infinite "archipop" buildings representing pop culture's influence on how the world ..

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Architects Pencil Set, An

This striking colored pencil set from legendary architect Michael Graves's firm contains twenty-four colored pencils in his richly sophisticated palette. The textured box has a lift-off lid and pulls ..

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Architectural Drawing Course: The hand drawing techniques every architect should know
Architecture and Theology: The Art of Place

The dynamic relationship between art and theology continues to fascinateand tochallenge, especially when theology addresses art in all of its variety. In Architecture and Theology: The Art of Place , ..

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Architecture of Happiness

The Architecture of Happiness is Alain de Botton's exploration of the hidden links between buildings and our well being. In The Architecture of Happiness, bestselling author Alain de Botton explores o..

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An introduction to architectural creation, the 95 precut cardboard elements in this book can be combined in an infinite variety of ways to build all sorts of fantastical structures. Follow the full-co..

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Are We Smart Enough to Know How Smart Animals are?

What separates your mind from an animal's? Maybe you think it's your ability to design tools, your sense of self, or your grasp of past and future; all traits that have helped us define ourselves as t..

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Arguing About Metaethics

"Arguing about Metaethics" collects together some of the most exciting contemporary work in metaethics in one handy volume. In it, many of the most influential philosophers in the field discuss key qu..

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Arguing with Zombies: Economics, Politics, and the Fight for a Better Future

There is no better guide than Paul Krugman to basic economics, the ideas that animate much of our public policy. Likewise, there is no stronger foe of zombie economics, the misunderstandings that just..

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An average couple will have between thirty and fifty significant arguments a year, and yet we're seldom taught very much about why they happen and how they could grow a little less intense. This is a ..

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Arianna Huffington: Building the Huffington Post and Thrive Global

Global Business Visionaries -- Arianna Huffington Arianna Huffington is one of the world's foremost business leaders. As co-founder and editor-in-chief of the Huffington Post, she built it ..

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Arlott, Swanton and the Soul of English Cricket

'Beautifully written, meticulously researched and stuffed with rich sporting and social history ... Unputdownable' Mail on Sunday After the Second World War, as the BBC tightened its grip on the..

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Armalite AR-10: World's Finest Battle Rifle


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Armies of Russia's War in Ukraine

In February 2014, street protests in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities led to the ousting of the Russian-backed President Yanukovych. The so-called Euromaidan Revolution saw many changes to Ukraine's co..

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Arms Crisis of 1970, The: The Plot that Never Was

A serious, revisionist history of the most notorious court case in postwar Irish history: two Irish cabinet ministers, alongside an army officer and other figures, were accused by the Taoiseach of smu..

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Army Like No Other, An: How the Israel Defense Force Made a Nation

A history of the IDF that argues that Israel is a nation formed by its army. The Israeli army, officially named the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), was established in 1948 by David Ben-Gurion, Israel's f..

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On 17 September 1944, General Kurt Student, the founder of Nazi Germany's parachute forces, heard the growing roar of aero engines. He went out on to his balcony above the flat landscape of southern H..

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Aromatherapy: Harness the power of essential oils to relax, restore, and revitalise

Use essential oils with confidence and make aromatherapy an indispensable part of your self-care routine. Science now supports what practitioners have long known- that oils derived from plants have po..

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Around the World

Circumnavigate the world with Lonely Planet's latest inspirational illustrated coffee table book. Packed full of pictures, interviews, detailed gatefold maps and more, chart the history of travelling ..

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Around the World in 80 Novels: A Global Journey Inspired by Writers from Every Continent

Sometimes the setting of a novel is as important as the story - where would Dickens be without London, or Edith Wharton without New York? Who can read Jamaica Inn and not want to visit Bodmin Moor, or..

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Around the World in 80 Trains

WINNER OF THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC TRAVELLER AWARD FOR BEST TRAVEL BOOK 'Monisha Rajesh has chosen one of the best ways of seeing the world. Never too fast, never too slow, her journey does what t..

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Truly comprehensive in scope, Art shows you masterpieces from over 700 artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh. An invaluable reference book for any art lover, it showcases the wor..

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Art & Court of James VI & I: Bright Star of the North

A dazzling selection of art, jewellery, clothing and objects that reflect the dynamic Court of King James VI & I. Ruler, scholar, politician, poet, theologian, father, husband and patron of the arts ..

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Art and Decoration: Being Extracts from Reviews and Miscellanies

Oscar Wilde was one of the most influential writers on art and design in the late 19th century. Alongside his acclaimed plays, novel and short stories, he wrote and lectured extensively on the subject..

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Art and Fiesta in Mexico City: An Insider's Guide to the Best Places to Eat, Drink and Explore

In 2016 The New York Times listed Mexico City as the number one place to go in the world. With nearly 40 millions tourists visiting the country in 2017, tourism to Mexico is booming. And despite past..

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Art and History of Calligraphy, The

This stunningly illustrated new book focuses on 76 intricate, expressive and individual examples of calligraphy from the unparalleled collection of the British Library. The author, a renowned expert o..

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Art and Multitude

This title includes nine letters on art, written to friends from exile in France in the 1980s. Starting from earlier materialist approaches to art, Negri relates artistic production to the structures ..

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Art at Te Papa

Art at Te Papa reveals and illuminates New Zealand's vast national art collection. Reproductions of more than 400 individual artworks, personally selected by curators, are accompanied by brief essays ..

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Art Book, The

Updated for only the third time in its 16-year history, this new edition of the award-winning landmark publication has been refreshed with more than 40 important new artists, including many previously..

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Art Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Embark on a tour of the world's greatest artistic movements and works, from prehistoric cave paintings to performance art with The Art Book, the latest in the stunning Big Ideas series. The Art Book e..

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Art Deco Architecture: The Interwar Period

Art Deco burst upon the world for a brief but unforgettable existence during the 1920s and 1930s. It embraced new media, such as the cinema and radio, as well as new forms of transport and the associ..

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Art in a Box


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Art in Renaissance Italy

With a freshness and breadth of approach that sets the art in its context, this book explores why works were created and who commissioned the palaces, cathedrals, paintings and sculptures. It covers R..

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Art is a Tyrant: The Unconventional Life of Rosa Bonheur

Rosa Bonheur was the very antithesis of the feminine ideal of 19th-century society. She was educated, she shunned traditional 'womanly' pursuits, she rejected marriage - and she wore trousers. But the..

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Art is the Highest Form of Hope & Other Quotes by Artists

Advice, strong opinions, and personal revelations by the world's greatest artists - exclusively researched for this new book Featuring the most inspirational and insightful collection of quotes by art..

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Art New Zealand #169 - Autumn 2019


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Art New Zealand #171 - Spring 2019


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Art New Zealand #174 - Winter 2020


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Art New Zealand #175 - Spring 2020


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Art Nouveau

The unity of art and life was the expressed goal of the Art Nouveau movement, the prelude to modernity. On the basis of shared ideas its adherents strove for a homogenous style, which nonetheless took..

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Art Nouveau Masterpieces of Art

Art Nouveau combined a desire for the complete reflection of art through craft and design, with the flowing lines of nature and Japonisme. It remains hugely popular, with the ever-present work of Much..

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Art of Basic Drawing, The : Simple step-by-step techniques for drawing a variety of subjects in graphite pencil

Filled with easy step-by-step instruction from a variety of artists and a wealth of inspiring images to study and admire, The Art of Basic Drawing shows beginning artists how to draw everything from f..

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