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Confessions of Frannie Langton, The

They say I must be put to death for what happened to Madame, and they want me to confess. But how can I confess what I don't believe I've done? 1826, and all of London is in a frenzy. Crowds gath..

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Conjure Women

A Stylist Best Book of 2020 You're free to decide your future. But how do you escape the ghosts of the past? A stunning debut novel with echoes of Yaa Gyasi's Homegoing and Sara Collins' The..

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Conquest and Empire: The Reign of Alexander the Great

This book is an exploration of the process and consequences of the campaigns of Alexander the Great of Macedon (who reigned from 336 to 323 BC), focusing on the effect of his monarchy upon the world o..

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Conspiracy of Bones, A

Number One New York Times bestselling author Kathy Reichs returns with her nineteenth riveting novel featuring forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan, who must use all her tradecraft to discover t..

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Consuming Fire, The

The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi is the dazzling follow-up to The Collapsing Empire - a space opera in a universe on the brink of destruction. The Interdependency, humanity's interstellar empir..

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The unforgettable new book from award-winning writer and comedian Mark Watson - available to pre-order now! 'This is such a great book, funny and serious and daring and humane' Richard Curtis ..

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Chaos reigns in the sleepy village of Aramoana on the New Zealand coast, when a series of shipping containers wash up on the beach and looting begins. Detective Constable Sam Shephard exper..

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Conversations with Friends

Frances is a cool-headed and darkly observant young woman, vaguely pursuing a career in writing while studying in Dublin. Her best friend and comrade-in-arms is the beautiful and endlessly self-posses..

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Conviction: A Reese Witherspoon x Hello Sunshine Book Club Pick


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Cop and the Anthem and Other Stories

One of the most popular American writers of the twentieth century, O. Henry's comic eye and unique, playful approach to the rough material of life's realities are unmatched. These stories, which range..

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Coral Merchant: Essential Stories

Joseph Roth's sensibility-both clear-eyed and nostalgic, harshly realistic and tenderly humane-produced some of the most distinctive fiction of the twentieth century. This collection of his most essen..

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Corpse in the Garden of Perfect Brightness, The

The perfect quirky nostalgic crime read - a tale of steam trains, giant squid, missing screenplays, missing mothers and a quest for the truth, from the inimitable Malcolm Pryce It's the winter of..

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Corrections, The

The winner of the National Book Award, the New York Times No.1 Bestseller and the worldwide literary sensation, 'The Corrections' has established itself as a truly great American novel. The Lamberts -..

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Count of Monte Cristo, The

Best-selling author Alexandre Dumas--who also wrote "The Three Musketeers"--tells this heartbreaking yet heroic tale of Edmond Dantes who takes revenge on the men responsible for his unjust fourteen-y..

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Court of Miracles, The

Les Miserables meets Six of Crows in this page-turning adventure as a young thief finds herself going head to head with leaders of Paris's criminal underground in the wake of a failed French Revolutio..

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Cover Her Face

St Cedd's Church fete has been held in the grounds of Martingale manor house for generations. As if organising stalls, as well as presiding over luncheon, the bishop and the tea tent, were not enough ..

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Cow Girl

Winner of the Comedy Women in Print Prize An udderly hilarious LGBTQ+ story of friends, family and four-legged beasts Billie fled her Yorkshire upbringing to pursue her dreams of finding a cu..

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Cracked Looking-Glass, The

'She only wished to prove to herself she was once more on a train going somewhere'A passionate, unfulfilled woman considers her life and her marriage in this moving novella by one of America's finest ..

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'Crave is about to become fandom's new favourite vampire romance obsession' Hypable The one you crave is the one who could get you killed. The moment she steps foot inside, G..

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Crime & Punishment

A troubled young man commits the perfect crime - the murder of a vile pawnbroker whom no one will miss. Raskolnikov is desperate for money, but convinces himself that his motive for the murder is to b..

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Cross and Burn

Someone is brutally killing women. Women who bear a striking resemblance to former DCI Carol Jordan. The connection is too strong to ignore and soon psychological profiler Tony Hill finds himself dang..

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Crossed Lines

When her mother offers Rose a Mediterranean cruise with her two children, she jumps at the chance to get away from her husband who drinks too much, and the renovations of their holiday house in the so..

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Crowfall: The Raven's Mark Book Three

CROWFALL is a gritty epic fantasy for fans of Mark Lawrence, Scott Lynch and Daniel Polansky. 'Dark, twisty and excellent . . . Grimdark with heart' Mark Lawrence A sorceress cat..

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Crucible : A Play in Four Acts

Arthur Miller's classic parable of mass hysteria draws a chilling parallel between the Salem witch-hunt of 1692 - one of the strangest and most awful chapters in human history - and the McCarthyism wh..

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Cruel Stars, The

With a ruthless sect of humanity intent on wiping out their species, five intrepid heroes must think like their enemies in this epic sci-fi adventure. They thought the Sturm were dead. They we..

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Cry Baby

'One of the great series of British crime fiction' --- THE TIMES 'CRY BABY is the perfect prequel to send us back to revel in Tom Thorne's twenty years. As if we needed reminding how good M..

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Crying of Lot 49

Suffused with rich satire, chaotic brilliance, verbal turbulence and wild humour, "The Crying of Lot 49" opens as Oedipa Maas discovers that she has been made executrix of a former lover's estate. The..

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Curious Case of Maggie Macbeth, The

Sometimes you have to take the law into your own hands... After losing her high-powered job in Hong Kong, forty-something widow and lawyer, Maggie Macbeth, turns up on the doorstep of her old sidekic..

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Curious History of the Riddle: Solve over 250 Riddles, from the Riddle of the Sphinx to Harry Potter

The Curious History of the Riddle investigates the fascinating origin and history of the riddle, from the very first riddle (the Riddle of the Sphinx) to the twenty-first century, with riddles found i..

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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The

A beautiful new Vintage Classics edition to celebrate the 15th anniversary, and 10 million copies sold worldwide, of this wise, blackly funny, radically imaginative novel'A superb achievement. He is a..

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Cutting For Stone

My brother, Shiva, and I came into the world in the late afternoon of the twentieth of September in the year of grace 1954. We took our first breaths in the thick air of Addis Ababa, capital city of E..

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D ( Tale of Two Worlds): modern-day Dickensian fable

'Glorious. A story that will be found and enjoyed and dreamed about for years to come. I loved it' NEIL GAIMANA CONTEMPORARY DICKENSIAN FABLE ABOUT MORAL COURAGE AND SELF-DETERMINATION, BY THE ACCLAIM..

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Dalai Lama's Cat

""'Oh! How adorable! I didn't know you had a cat!' she exclaimed.""I am always surprised how many people make this observation. Why should His Holiness not have a cat?""'If only she could speak, ' con..

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Dalai Lama's Cat and the Art of Purring

"What makes you purr? ""Of all the questions in the world, this is the most important. It is also the great leveler. Because no matter whether you are a playful kitten or a sedentary senior, a scrawny..

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Dalai Lama's Cat and the Four Paws of Spiritual Success

If you're wondering how being in the presence of an enlightened person may be communicated on the pages of book written by a flawed and complex-if extremely beautiful-cat, let me confess that my only ..

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WINNER - Best Fiction, Victorian Premier's Literary Awards 'They kill us, they crucify us, they throw us to beasts in the arena, they sew our lips together and watch us starve. They bugger childr..

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Dance With Dragons

The fifth volume in the greatest epic work of the modern age The future of the Seven Kingdoms hangs in the balance. In the east, Daenerys, last scion of House Targaryen, her dragons grown to terrify..

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Dance With Dragons (Part One) : Dreams and Dust : Book 5 of Song of Ice Fire

HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R R Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: DREAMS..

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Dance With Dragons (Part Two): After the Feast: Book 5 of a Song of Ice & Fire

HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R R Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. A DANCE WITH DRAGONS: AFTER T..

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Dance with Fate:  Warrior Bards Novel 2

An accident. A forfeit of freedom. A descent into danger. Liobhan, the young warrior and bard, has lost her brother to the Otherworld. Even more determined to gain a place as an elite fighter, s..

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This novel opens on a battlefield: trudging back from the front through a ravaged and icy wasteland, their horses dying around them, their own hunger rendering them almost savage, the Russian soldiers..

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New York Times bestselling author Gabbie Hanna delivers everything from curious musings to gut-wrenching confessionals in her long-awaited sophomore collection of illustrated poetry. In this vis..

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Dante and the Lobster: Faber Stories

Well, thought Belacqua, it's a quick death, God help us all. It is not. 'Dante and the Lobster' is the first of the linked short stories in Samuel Beckett's first book, More Pricks Than Kick..

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Darien: Empire of Salt Book I

From the daring and critically acclaimed master of historical fiction Conn Iggulden, DARIEN is the first book of Empire of Salt, an epic new fantasy series of spellbinding imagination . . . TWE..

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Dark Empire: Wellington 1916 - a novel

Katherine Mansfield created some of literature's most chilling characters, not least Harry Kember and his wife. They seemed out of place among the families enjoying summer holidays at Wellington's Day..

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Dark Tides - paperback

#1 New York Times bestselling author Philippa Gregory's new historical novel tracks the rise of the Tidelands family in London, Venice, and New England. Midsummers Eve, 1670. A wealthy man waits..

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Dark Waters

The haunting new novel from G. R. Halliday, shortlisted for THE MCILVANNEY DEBUT PRIZE. THREE MISTAKES. TWO MURDERS. ONE MORE VICTIM TO GO . . . Annabelle loves to drive. It helps her escap..

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The thrilling and heart-breaking conclusion to Sunday Times and New York Times bestselling Nevernight Chronicle. Pale Daughter. Kingmaker. Crow. A killer of kings. Gladiatii. Escaped slave. Inf..

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Darkest Day

The Darkest Day is the first novel in the five part Inspector Barbarotti series from renowned Swedish crime author Hakan Nesser. It's December in the quiet Swedish town of Kymlinge, and the Herma..

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Darkest Evening, The

DCI Vera Stanhope returns in The Darkest Evening, the ninth novel in Sunday Times bestseller Ann Cleeves' enduringly popular series. Driving home during a swirling blizzard, Vera Stanhope's only ..

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Darkness at Noon

A brilliant new translation of Koestler's long-lost original manuscript. A chilling and unforgettable 20th century classic.From a prison cell in an unnamed country run by a totalitarian government Rub..

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