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Children's Bible, A: A Novel

Pulitzer Prize finalist Lydia Millet's sublime new novel-her first since the National Book Award long-listed Sweet Lamb of Heaven-follows a group of twelve eerily mature children on a forced vacation ..

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Children's Book, The


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'Each and every day, at some point on our walk, he stops and lets me know that this is today's person, the party he wants to be introduced to.' The nineteenth collection of poems by cult Wellington po..

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Chourmo: Book 3 of the Marseilles Trilogy

The second novel in Izzo's acclaimed Marseilles trilogy is a touching tribute to the author's beloved city, in all its colour and complexity. Fabio Montale is an unwitting hero in this city of melanch..

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Christmas in Austin

A luminous family saga from one of Granta's Best Young British Novelists. When the four Essinger children gather in Austin for Christmas, they all bring their news. Nathan wants to become a feder..

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Cilka's Journey

In 1942 Cilka is just sixteen years old when she is taken to Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp. The Commandant at Birkenau, Schwarzhuber, notices her long beautiful hair, and forces her separation..

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Circle of Death

Ex-SAS heroes Bald and Porter take on the Deep State in the nail-shredding new STRIKE BACK thriller In a world run by rich and powerful men, Julian Cantwell is more powerful than most. A ru..

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City of Ghosts

The first in a trilogy, City of Ghosts is set in the Leningrad of 1951 where the shadows of the war and the threats of Stalinism loom large. When five blackened corpses are found neatly arranged ..

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City of Girls


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City of Glass: The Graphic Novel

A late-night phone call from a stranger involves Quinn, a mystery writer, in a baffling murder case stranger than his novels, in a new edition of the Edgar-nominated graphic novel..

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City of Spies

The stunning debut from the new name to watch in espionage thrillers. For fans of Charlotte Philby, The Night Manager and Rory Clements, this is perfect Sunday night (or any night) drama. LISBON,..

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City of Tears

Following on from the Sunday Times number one bestseller, The Burning Chambers, Kate Mosse's The City of Tears is the second thrilling historical epic in The Burning Chambers series, for fans of Ken F..

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City Under the Stars

God was in his Heaven-which was fifteen miles away, due east. Far in Earth's future, in a post-utopian hell-hole, Hanson works ten solid back-breaking hours a day, shoveling endless mountains of ..

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City We Became

'The most celebrated science fiction and fantasy writer of her generation... Jemisin seems able to do just about everything' NEW YORK TIMES 'Jemisin is now a pillar of speculative f..

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Clan Of The Cave Bear


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Classical Mythology A to Z: An Encyclopedia of Gods & Goddesses, Heroes & Heroines, Nymphs, Spirits, Monsters, and Places

An encyclopedic A-to-Z guide, this beautifully illustrated volume offers hundreds of rich, fascinating definitions of 700 major and minor characters, creatures, and places of classical mythology. ..

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Clean Hands

Corporate lawyer Elizabeth Carlyle is under pressure. Her prestigious New York law firm is working on a high-stakes case, defending a prominent bank that's been accused of fraud. When Elizabeth gets t..

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Cleanness is stunning, provocatively revelatory and atmospherically profound. Here is love and sex as art, as pulse, as truth' - Lisa Taddeo, author of Three Women Sofia, Bulgaria, a landlocked c..

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Clock Dance

Willa Drake can count on one hand the defining moments of her life- when she was eleven and her mother disappeared, being proposed to at twenty-one, the accident that would make her a widow at forty-o..

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Clockwork Orange, A

Anthony Burgess's A Clockwork Orange is the shocking seminal novel that spawned one of the most notorious films ever made. Fifteen-year-old Alex and his thrill-seeking gang regularly indulge in ultra-..

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Close to the Edge

Morning rush hour on the London tube. Laurie Bateman witnesses a terrible accident. Life had been looking up - she's dating a new man and finally getting praise at work. But after the accident everyth..

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Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine is an inventive, surrealistic and entertaining look at sexual repression and sexual role conditioning. The first act takes placei n Victorian Africa, suggeting the parallel between col..

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Cockroach, The

Kafka meets The Thick Of It in a bitingly funny new political satire from Ian McEwan That morning, Jim Sams, clever but by no means profound, woke from uneasy dreams to find himself transformed i..

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Code Name Helene: Based on the thrilling true story of Nancy Wake, 'The White Mouse'

February 29, 1944: I am about to jump out of an aeroplane for the first time ... I don't care that every man is looking at me as though I don't belong. Besides, I'm hungover. And I think I might throw..

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Coffin Road


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Coffinmaker's Garden, The

The stunning new thriller from No. 1 Sunday Times bestseller Stuart MacBride. A village on the edge...As a massive storm batters the Scottish coast, Gordon Smith's home is falling into the Nort..

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Collaborator, The

Is he a hero or a traitor? Based on astonishing true events set in the darkest days of World War II in Budapest, this is an enthralling story of heroism, vengeance, passion, and betrayal. It is also t..

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Collected Fictions

The complete fiction of Jorge Luis Borges, whom Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa calls "the most important Spanish-language writer since Cervantes"A "New York Times "Notable BookThe International..

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Collected Poems

Carol Ann Duffy has been a bold and original voice in British poetry since the publication of Standing Female Nude in 1985. Since then she has won every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom and so..

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Collected Poems

Carol Ann Duffy has been a bold and original voice in British Poetry since the publication of Standing Female Nude in 1985. Since then she has won every major poetry prize in the United Kingdom and so..

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Collected Poems: 1958 - 2015

Clive James's reputation as a poet has become impossible to ignore. His recent poems looking back over his extraordinarily rich life with a clear-eyed and unflinching honesty, such as 'Japanese Maple..

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Collected Stories of Stefan Zweig, The

In this magnificent collection of Stefan Zweig's short stories the very best and worst of human nature are captured with sharp observation, understanding and vivid empathy. A knock on a door that forc..

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Collins Latin Dictionary Gem Edition

Extensive coverage of Latin in a compact, durable and portable format for maximum ease of use. Comes with a grammar and Latin verse supplement and details on Roman life and culture. Designed for all ..

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Collisions - Fictions of the Future: An Anthology of Australian Writers of Colour

This collection of short stories showcases some of the best work thatAustralian literature has to offer in this new decade. Featuring work fromboth emerging and established writers of colour, the stor..

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Color Of Air, The

From the New York Times bestselling author of Women of the Silk and The Samurai's Garden comes a gorgeous and evocative historical novel about a Japanese-American family set against the backdrop of Ha..

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Color Purple

The classic, Pulitzer Prize-winning novel that made Alice Walker a household name. Set in the deep American South between the wars, The Color Purple is the classic tale of Celie, a young black girl bo..

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Colour Illustrated Hobbit

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is a timeless classic. The unforgettable story of Bilbo, a peace-loving hobbit who embarks on a strange and magical adventure, is brought to life by Jemima Catlin's char..

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Colour Out of Space, The

In the deep glens of Massachusetts, in the wild hills of Vermont, and in Australia's sandy wastes, unfathomable things lurk. Things that shine with an unnatural light, that speak and buzz strangely in..

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Come Again

You can't fall in love for the first time twice. Kate's husband Luke - the man she loved from the moment she met him twenty-eight years ago - died suddenly. Since then she has pushed away her fri..

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'Dazzling ...The combination of lightness, warmth and remarkable incisiveness creates a novel that is life-affirming and compulsively readable' Sunday Times It is 1964: Bert Cousins shows up at Franny..

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Complete Fairy Tales : Oxford World's Classics

'Oh grandmama, what great big teeth you have!' Charles Perrault's versions gave classic status to the humble fairy tale, and it is in his telling that the stories of Little Red Riding-Hood, Sleeping B..

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Complete Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Boxset, The

First a legendary radio series, then a bestselling book, then a blockbuster movie, the immensely successful Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams needs no introduction. This paperbac..

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Complete Novels of Jane Austen, The

Jane Austen revolutionized the literary romance, using it as a platform from which to address issues of gender politics and class consciousness among the British middle-class of the late eighteenth ce..

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Complete Persepolis

Here, in one volume: Marjane Satrapi's best-selling, internationally acclaimed memoir-in-comic-strips. "Persepolis" is the story of Satrapi's unforgettable childhood and coming of age within a large a..

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Complete Poems of Shakespeare

Although best known for his plays, William Shakespeare (1564 - 1616) was also a poet who achieved extraordinary depth and variety in only a few key works. This edition of his poetry provides detailed ..

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Complete Poetry, The

The beauty and spirit of Maya Angelou's words live on in this complete collection of poetry. Throughout her illustrious career in letters, Maya Angelou gifted, healed, and inspired the world with her ..

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Complete Sookie Stackhouse Stories, The

For the first time together in one volume, the complete SOOKIE STACKHOUSE short stories - with new introductions from Charlaine Harris New fans can fill in the gaps in their Sookie lore,..

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Confederacy of Dunces

This wildly inventive comic masterpiece exploded on the literary scene like a time bomb in 1980. The rest is publishing history. Critics and readers adored "A Confederacy of Dunces, " and the book wen..

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Confession, The

The sensational new novel from the million-copy bestselling author of The Miniaturist and The Muse. One winter's afternoon on Hampstead Heath in 1980, Elise Morceau meets Constance Holden and qui..

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Confessions of a Forty Something

Nell Stevens' life is a mess. When her business goes bust and her relationship with it, Nell's happy ever after in California falls apart and she moves back to London to start over. But a lot has..

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Confessions of an English Opium-Eater

Explosive and unforgiving, Confessions of an English Opium-Eater describes in searing detail the pleasure, pain and mind-expanding powers of opium. Part of the Macmillan Collector's Library, a ..

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