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Analysis of Biological Data

Knowledge of statistics is essential in modern biology and medicine. Biologists and health professionals learn statistics best with real and interesting examples. The Analysis of Biological Data, Seco..

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Biochemical Adaptation

The abiotic characteristics of the environment-including temperature, oxygen availability, salinity, and hydrostatic pressure-present challenges to all biochemical structures and processes. This volum..

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Biochemistry 8E

Discover how the latest developments in biotechnology and genomics directly affect your life with this best-selling biochemistry text. This new edition reflects recent developments in stem cell resear..

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Biochemistry 9E

Ideal for those studying biochemistry for the first time, this proven book balances scientific detail with readability and shows you how principles of biochemistry affect your everyday life. Designed ..

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 6E

Now in its sixth edition, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology provides the perfect balance between detail and conceptual understanding. Maintaining the much-praised clarity of previous editions, this e..

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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Plants

Since its publication in 2000, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology of Plants, has been hailed as a major contribution to the plant sciences literature and critical acclaim has been matched by global sal..

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Biochemistry For Dummies

Grasp biochemistry basics, apply the science, and ace your exams Are you baffled by biochemistry? If so here's the good news you don't have to stay that way! Biochemistry For Dummies shows you how to ..

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Fear of 13: Countdown to Execution: My Fight for Survival on Death Row

This is the memoir of Nick Yarris, who was wrongly convicted of rape and murder and spent 22 years on Death Row. While he was in prison, to keep himself sane, Nick educated himself (including learning..

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Functional Biochemistry in Health & Disease: Metabolic Regulation in Health

Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease provides a clear and straightforward account of the biochemistry that is necessary to understand the physiological functions of tissues or organs essentia..

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Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Life at the Molecular Level 5E

Voet, Voet and Pratt s Fundamentals of Biochemistry, 5th Edition addresses the enormous advances in biochemistry, particularly in the areas of structural biology and Bioinformatics, by providing a sol..

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Fundamentals of Biochemistry: Life at the Molecular Level 5E - SECOND HAND COPY
Gizelle's Bucket List: My Life With A Very Large Dog

When 25-year-old Lauren learns that her dog and best friend Gizelle is going to die from the tumour in her leg, she resolves to spend their last months together on a never-to-be-forgotten bucket list ..

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Lewin's Genes XI

Molecular Biology is a rapidly advancing field with a constant flow of new information and cutting-edge developments that impact our lives. Lewin's GENES has long been the es-sential resource for prov..

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Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Biochemistry

Succeed in your course and on the board exam with Lippincott's Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards: Biochemistry! Part of a new series of Lippincott Illustrated Reviews Flash Cards, this handy print and ..

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Medical Genetics at a Glance

Medical Genetics at a Glance covers the core scientific principles necessary for an understanding of medical genetics and its clinical applications, while also considering the social implications of ..

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Modern Love: The Lives of John and Sunday Reed

Much has been written about the lives and art of Heide, but finally the remaining members of the inner circle have entrusted the truth to be told through this intimate biography of John and Sunday Ree..

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Molecular Cell Biology 7E

Molecular Cell Biology" presents the key concepts in cell biology and their experimental underpinnings. The authors, all world-class researchers and teachers, incorporate medically relevant examples w..

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Mother's Story

An updated edition of the profoundly moving and inspiring memoir from Australia's domestic violence crusader, Rosie Batty. Rosie Batty knows pain no woman should have to suffer. Her son was killed by..

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Mrs Kennedy


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My Year of Dirt and Water: Journal of a Zen Monk's Wife in Japan

In February 2004, when her American husband, a recently ordained Zen monk, leaves home to train for a year at a centuries-old Buddhist monastery, Tracy Franz embarks on her own year of Zen. An Alaskan..

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