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Assessment in Social Work 5E

Assessment is a core component of social work. Since first publication, Assessment in Social Work has provided students and practitioners with a clear overview of the complex issues they face and a ma..


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Child and Family Assessment in Social Work Practice

This thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Child and Family Assessment in Social Work Practice is an essential guide for social work students and practitioners involved in the assessment of..


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Community Development : Insights for Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand



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Counselling Skills for Social Work

Praise for the first edition: "The content of the book is excellent...The strength lies in its detailed application of ideas to practice. The use of the case material to illustrate application is exce..


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Crime & Criminology (6th Edition, 2017)

Crime and Criminology is an introduction to the causes of crime. The sixth edition explores the key theories to try and explain criminal behaviour in society, providing students with the opportunity t..


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Criminology: The Basics 3rd Edition

Criminology is a discipline that is constituted by its subject matter rather than being bound by an agreed set of concepts or way of thinking. This fully updated third edition of Criminology: The Basi..


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Developing Skills and Knowledge for Social Work Practice (2nd Revised edition, 2020)

This very practical guide will teach students everything they need to know to successfully apply theory, methods and approaches in real-life practice. It will assist in developing and hone their skill..


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Essential Theory for Social Work Practice 2R



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Key Concepts and Theory in Social Work

Social work is a discipline committed to social justice and human rights, and to improving the well-being of individuals, families, communities and societies. But the world is changing, with environme..


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Organisations and Management in Social Work 3E

Providing a comprehensive and critical examination of the complex issues involved in the management and organisational contexts of social work practice, this book will help readers to: - Critically ev..


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Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare 3e

Practice Skills in Social Work and Welfare has established itself as the essential text to prepare students for the wide-ranging challenges they will face in today's human service sector. This new thi..


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Social Science Research in New Zealand: An Introduction

How do we make sense of Aotearoa New Zealand's diverse and changing society? This book introduces readers to the range of theories, approaches and techniques that we will need to understand this count..


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Social Work with Children and Families: Developing Advanced Practice

There is an increasing emphasis on post-qualifying training for social workers, especially in the complex and demanding area of working with children and families. This essential textbook is especiall..


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Social Work with Children and Families: Policy, Law, Theory, Research and Practice

Social workers are constantly making decisions under pressure. How do policy, law, research and theory influence what they do? This important book provides the answers with a crystal-clear map of the ..


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Social Work: Contexts and Practice 4E

Social Work: Contexts and Practice is a practical introduction to the issues currently faced in social work practice. Thoroughly revised to provide students with the practical skills they need to work..


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Social Work: From Theory to Practice 3E

Social workers draw on a variety of theoretical perspectives to inform their practice and understand the diverse settings in which they work. Social Work: From Theory to Practice explores practice the..


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Working with Human Service Organisations 2E

Working with Organisations teaches students to find a balance between working with clients and their employing agency. It will show students how to constructively, collaboratively and ethically engage..


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Youth and Society 4E

The fourth edition of Youth and Society remains the most comprehensive and accessible textbook on the sociology of youth. Led by an expert author team, the text takes a holistic approach to the concep..


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