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Cambridge Handbook of Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis

This Handbook provides a contemporary and research-informed review of the topics essential to clinical psychological assessment and diagnosis. It outlines assessment issues that cross all methods, set..


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Cognitive Neuroscience the Biology of the Mind (5th International Student Edition)



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Collaborative and Indigenous Mental Health Therapy: Tataihono

This book examines a collaboration between traditional Maori healing and clinical psychiatry. Comprised of transcribed interviews and detailed meditations on practice, it demonstrates how bicultural p..


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Cultural Psychology 4ISE

The most contemporary and relevant introduction to the field,?Cultural Psychology, Fourth Edition, is unmatched in both its presentation of current, global experimental research and its focus on helpi..


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Health Psychology (Sage Foundations of Psychology Series) (1st Edition, 2016)

Instructors - Electronic inspection copies are available or contact your local sales representative for an inspection copy of the print version. Hormones in your gut can affect the way you ..


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Intelligence and Human Progress: The Story of What Was Hidden in Our Genes

Written by James R. Flynn of the "Flynn effect" (the sustained and substantial increase in intelligence test scores across the world over many decades), Intelligence and Human Progress examines genes ..


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For over a hundred years the Pacific island of Pala has been the scene of a unique experiment in civilisation. Its inhabitants live in a society where western science has been brought together with ea..


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Language Development 5E

Erika Hoff's LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT, 5th Edition communicates both the content and the excitement of this quickly evolving field. By presenting a balanced treatment that examines all sides of the issues..


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Management of Alcohol and Drug Problems

The Management of Alcohol and Other Drug Problems clearly and succinctly provides an up-to-date resource on this topic. It introduces the fundamentals of alcohol and drug misuse as applied to a clinic..


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Prejudice : Its Social Psychology 2E

This new edition of Prejudice provides a comprehensive treatment of the subject, introducing the major theoretical ideas as well as providing a critical analysis of recent developments. * Takes a soci..


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Psychology: The Science of Mind and Behaviour 3e (Book Only)

The third edition of Psychology: The science of mind and behaviour provides an authoritative and highly-regarded introduction to this fascinating topic. Although many approaches to the study of Psycho..


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Research in Psychology Methods and Design 8E



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Substance Use Disorders and Addictions (Series - Counseling and Professional Identity)

Based on a decade of research and theory, Substance Use Disorders and Addictions examines co-occurring psychiatric disorders as the norm with substance use disorders and addictions. With more than 20 ..


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Where Have All the Liberals Gone? : Race, Class, & Ideals in America

Professor James R. Flynn is renowned for his belief that the IQ gap between black and white Americans is not genetic, but environmental in origin. Flynn's controversial new book offers an alternative ..


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Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers -Revised Edition

Over time, this activation of a stress response makes us literally sick. Combining cutting-edge research with a healthy dose of good humour and practical advice, Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers explains h..


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