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Advertising Concept Book: Think Now, Design Later 3e

This is the third edition of the highly successful Advertising Concept Book. As well as substantially expanded chapters on interactive advertising and integrated advertising, an entirely new chapter o..


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Advertising: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective



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Customer Relationship Management: Concepts and Technologies (4th Edition, 2019)

Customer Relationship Management, Fourth Edition continues to be the go-to CRM guide explaining with unrivalled clarity what CRM is, its uses, benefits and implementation. Buttle and Maklan take a man..


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Integrated Marketing Communications A/NZ edition (6th Edition, 2020)

Integrated Marketing Communications 6th edition explores how to coordinate all of a brand's marketing communications elements to effectively engage a target market. It also emphasises digital and inte..


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International Marketing: An Asia-Pacific Perspective 7E

Global thinking, local relevance! International Marketing is a ground-up Australian text which has a unique and relevant perspective on the subject: looking through the lens of Australian and New Zeal..


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Multivariate Data Analysis 7RE

For graduate and upper-level undergraduate marketing research courses. For over 30 years, this text has provided students with the information they need to understand and apply multivariate data anal..


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New Products Management 11e

Written with a managerial focus, New Products Management 11e by Crawford and Di Benedetto is useful to the practicing new products manager. Along with the management approach, the perspective of marke..


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New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century

New Venture Creation: Entrepreneurship for the 21st Century is about the process of getting a new venture started, growing the venture, successfully harvesting it, and starting again. The book present..


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Principles of Marketing

A flagship marketing resource that provides an introduction to marketing concepts, strategies and practices with a balance of depth of coverage and ease of learning. Principles of Marketing k..


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Services Marketing

Services Marketing helps students understand the role that services marketing plays in creating customer value, and the increasing contributions that services make to national economies. Service marke..


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Spin - Selling

True or false? In selling high-value products or services: "closing" increases your chance of success; it is essential to describe the benefits of your product or service to the customer; objection ha..


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SPSS Version 20.0 for Windows: Analysis without Anguish

This edition of SPSS: Analysis without Anguish continues the trend of previous editions in providing a practical text intended as an introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics 20 and a guide for Windows user..


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