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Communication : Organisation & Innovation 3E

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful human endeavour. This timely new edition of the highly successful Communication: Organisation and Innovation shows how innovative methods of c..


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Essentials of Services Marketing 3E

Essentials of Services Marketing, 3e, is meant for courses directed at undergraduate and polytechnic students, especially those heading for a career in the service sector, whether at the executive or ..


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Events Management: An Introduction (2nd Edition)

Contemporary events management is a diverse and challenging field. This introductory textbook fully explores the multidisciplinary nature of events management and provides the student with all the pra..


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Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, how to profit from them (8th Edition)

A fully revised and updated 8th edition of the highly renowned international bestseller The 8th edition of this highly acclaimed bestseller is thoroughly revised with every chapter having been u..


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Organisational Behaviour 5E



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Organisational Behaviour 6E

Organisational Behaviour 6e and its rich suite of digital educational resources leads the market in this exciting field. Now in its sixth edition, the engaging text has been developed to satisfy the e..


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SELL 6 (with MindTap 1 term Printed Access Card) 6th Edition

Through ongoing research into students' workflows and preferences, Ingram/LaForge/Avila/Schwepker/William's SELL, 6th Edition from 4LTR Press offers multiple options including an easy-reference, paper..


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Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages 8E



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Understanding Commercial Law (9th edition)

This textbook provides students with a robust general understanding of the law, including how New Zealand laws are made and amended, and the legal significance and effects of the Treaty of Waitangi. T..


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Understanding Company Law (4th Edition)

Providing an excellent balance between theory, case law and practice, Understanding Company Law covers the essential concepts of company law, business organisations, financial markets, takeovers and c..


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