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Religious Studies

100 Churches 100 Years

Following on from 100 Buildings 100 Years and 100 Houses 100 Years, this book features 100 churches built since 1914, showing the development of modern church architecture in Britain. They include som..

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365 Days with the Saints

Carol Kelli-Gangi brings you a years worth of inspiration and love from The Saints. Be inspired by 365 Days with the Saints. This beautiful, devotional book by Carol-Kelly Gangi consists of quotations..

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All Things Made New: Writings on the Reformation

The Reformation which engulfed England and Europe in the sixteenth century was one of the most highly-charged, bloody and transformative periods in their history, and has remained one of the most co..

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Alphabet of Grace

A series of reflections that trace out the deepest mysteries of life in the course of a single day. "A book by an experienced writer, a novelist, a poet, a clergyman.... This is a small but beautiful ..

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An Inner Music: Living a Life in God

An Inner Music provides a fascinating introduction to 20 mystics and spiritual teachers. A gifted teacher and communicator, Craig Larkin also offers a series of down-to-earth reflections on how these ..

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An Introduction to Islamic Law

The study of Islamic law can be a forbidding prospect for those entering the field for the first time. Wael Hallaq, a leading scholar and practitioner of Islamic law, guides students through the intri..

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And Then There Were Nuns: Adventures in a Cloistered Life

Bestselling author Jane Christmas resolves to enter a convent to find out whether she is, as she puts it, "nun material." She also wants to understand why she has felt - and avoided - a siren call to ..

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Anthropology for Christian Witness

This book serves as a thorough, basic introduction to the study of anthropology that has been designed specifically for those who plan careers in mission or cross-cultural ministry. Kraft treats vario..

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Aphrodite and the Rabbis

Hard to believe but true: The Passover Seder is a Greco-Roman symposium banquet The Talmud rabbis presented themselves as Stoic philosophers Synagogue buildings were Roman basilicas Hellenistic rhetor..

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Apostle: Travels Among the Tombs of the Twelve

Peter, Matthew, Thomas, John: Who were these men and what was their relationship to Jesus? Tom Bissell gives us rich and deeply informed answers to those ancient questions. Written with warmth, humour..

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Archways to the Infinite


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Atheist Muslim

In much of the Muslim world, religion is the central foundation upon which family, community, morality, and identity are built. The inextricable embedment of religion in Muslim culture has forced a ne..

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Augustine: Conversions and Confessions

A major new interpretation of how one of the great figures of Christian history came to write the greatest of all autobiographies Augustine is the person from the ancient world about whom we know mos..

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Beginning Biblical Hebrew

Achieving the right balance of amount of information, style of presentation, and depth of instruction in first-year grammars is no easy task. But Mark Futato has produced a grammar that, after years o..

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Benedictus: A Book of Blessings

'We have fallen out of belonging. Consequently, when we stand before crucial thresholds in our lives, we have no rituals to protect, encourage and guide us as we cross over into the unknown. For such ..

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Bible Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained

Learn more about the ideas and beliefs key to the teachings of the most widely printed religious book of all time, in this perfect introduction to The Bible. The Bible Book features breakdowns of some..

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Bible for Grown-Ups: A New Look at the Good Book

'Loveday's case is that the mantle of historical truth and divine authority has placed upon the Bible an intolerable weight, crushing it as a creative work of immense imaginative and inspirational pow..

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Biblical Literalism: A Gentile Heresy

A global and pioneering leader of progressive Christianity and the bestselling author of Why Christianity Must Change or Die and Eternal Life explains why a literal reading of the Gospels is actually ..

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Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World

The Book of Forgiving, written together by the Nobel Peace Laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu, and his daughter Revd Mpho Tutu, offers a deeply personal testament and guide to the process of forgiveness..

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Book of Tea


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Book of the People: How to Read the Bible

From one of our leading social and cultural historians comes a dazzling and original exploration of how, and why, we should still be reading the Bible, even if we no longer believe. In The Book of the..

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Brand Luther: How an Unheralded Monk Turned His Small Town into a Center of Publishing, Made Himself the Most Famous Man in Europe...

In Brand Luther, historian Andrew Pettegree illustrates Martin Luther's great gifts not simply as a theologian, but as a communicator, indeed, as the world's first mass-media figure; its first brand. ..

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Brief History Of Christianity   New Updated Edition


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Buddhism for Meat Eaters: Simple Wisdom for a Kinder World

For many years Josephine Moon struggled with the question of eating meat, fervently wishing to live as a vegetarian yet requiring meat in her diet. From Josephine's philosophical, spiritual and physic..

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Buddhism: One Teacher, Many Traditions

Explore the common ground underlying the diverse expressions of the Buddha's teachings with two of Tibetan Buddhism's bestselling authors. Buddhism is practiced by hundreds of millions of people world..

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Cambridge Guide To Jewish History Religion & Culture
Cambridge Introduction to Narrative


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Cassowary's Revenge, The: Life and Death of Masculinity in a New Guinea Society

Donald Tuzin first studied the New Guinea village of Ilahita in 1972. Many years later, he returned to find that the village's men had voluntarily destroyed their secret cult which allowed them domina..

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Catholics: The Church and its People in Britain and Ireland, from the Reformation to the Present Day

"The story of Catholicism in Britain from the Reformation to the present day, from a master of popular history - 'a first-class storyteller'". (The Times). Throughout the three hundred years that foll..

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Ceb Wesley Study Bible: Clover Honey Bonded Leather


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Changing Our Mind

"Every generation has its hot-button issue," writes David P. Gushee, "For us, it's the LGBT issue." In Changing Our Mind, Gushee takes the reader along his personal and theological journey as he chang..

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Christian Doctrine of God, One Being Three Persons

Written by one of the twentieth-century's foremost modern Trinitarian theologians The Christian Doctrine of God remains a classic ground work for scholars and students alike. In the book Thomas F. T..

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Christian Reflections

A collection of Lewis's essays against 'the new morality' - a fine collection representing Lewis at his most brilliant. Published shortly after his death, aiming to make available some of his writings..

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Christian Spirituality for Seekers: Reflections on the Spiritual Exercise of Ignatius Loyola

The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius Loyola consist of a series of meditations and contemplations on the life of Jesus, aimed at promoting spiritual depth and discernment about how to live. They form t..

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Christianity at the Crossroads: How the Second Century Shaped the Future of the Church

While scholars have long regarded the second century as one of the most decisive stages in the history of Christianity, there are no introductory surveys devoted solely to this critical period. This b..

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Cities That Built The Bible

For many, the names Bethlehem, Babylon, and Jerusalem are known as the setting for epic stories from the Bible, featuring holy mountains, soaring towers, and wooden crosses. What often gets missed is ..

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Course In Buddhist Reasoning And Debate

Debate is the investigative technique used in Tibetan education to sharpen analytical capacities and convey philosophical concepts. Reading and memorization are not enough; students must be able to ve..

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Cult of King Charles the Martyr, The

The cult of King Charles the Martyr did not spring into life fully formed in January 1649. Its component parts were fashioned during Charles' captivity and were readily available to preachers and eulo..

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Culture of God: The Syrian Jesus - reading the divine mind, sailing into the divine heart

Father Nadim Nassar is the Church of England's only Syrian priest, and an outspoken advocate for western Christians to recognise their Middle-Eastern heritage. In The Culture of God, his first b..

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Dawkins Delusion?


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Dawn of Christianity: People and Gods in a Time of Magic and Miracles

Exploring the origins of Christianity, this book looks at why it was that people first in Judea and then in the Roman and Greek Mediterranean world became susceptible to the new religion. Robert Knapp..

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Death, Anxiety and Religious Belief: An Existential Psychology of Religion

There are no atheists in foxholes; or so we hear. The thought that the fear of death motivates religious belief has been around since the earliest speculations about the origins of religion. There ar..

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Did God Kill Jesus

The popular Patheos blogger wants to restore the cross as primarily a symbol of God s overwhelming love for us and to rescue Christians from the shame and guilt from seeing our situation as sinners in..

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Early Buddhist Discourses


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Elements of New Testament Greek  3E

Since 1914 Cambridge has published The Elements of New Testament Greek, a best-selling textbook for scholars and students of the Bible. The original book by Nunn was replaced and succeeded in 1965 by ..

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End of Faith


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Ephesus Liturgies Vol II


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Evolution of the West, The: How Christianity Has Shaped Our Values

Over the last decade the role of Christianity in the West has come under close, sometimes hostile, scrutiny. During that time, Nick Spencer, Research Director of the Christian think tank Theos, has be..

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Face of God : Gifford Lectures

Roger Scruton explores the place of God in a disenchanted world. His argument is a response to the atheist culture that is now growing around us, and also a defence of human uniqueness. He rebuts the ..

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Face-To-Face with God

God Loves Us When We Deserve It the Least Jim Maxim's gripping true story is proof that miracles do happen-and that victories are won through God's power no matter what odds are against you. And the..

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Faith Club: A Muslim, a Christian, a Jew-- Three Women Search for Understanding

A groundbreaking book about Americans searching for faith and mutual respect, The Faith Club weaves the story of three women, their three religions, and their urgent quest to understand one another. W..

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