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250 Cases in Clinical Medicine

Medical curricula change continually to reflect the evolving roles of doctors, changes in treatments and advances in technology. Medicine moves at pace and it takes a practitioner committed to continu..

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Anaesthetics for Junior Doctors and Allied Professionals: The Essential Guide

Arriving in the anaesthetic room for the first time can be a daunting experience. You will be closely supervised, but everything will seem very new. Surgery is a stressful life-event for the patient a..

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Anesthesia Equipment Simplified

Publisher's Note: Products purchased from Third Party sellers are not guaranteed by the publisher for quality, authenticity, or access to any online entitlements included with the product. AN ENGAGI..

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Atrial Fibrillation Explained: Understanding The Next Cardiac Epidemic

It is very likely that you or someone you love is one of the 30 million people worldwide who have the 'irregularly irregular' heartbeat of atrial fibrillation. Or, it is possible that you may be among..

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Beginner's Guide to Intensive Care, The: A Handbook for Junior Doctors and Allied Professionals

`...provides an excellent introduction to the management of acute illness for all clinical staff, and a solid foundation for those who choose to make ICM a fulfilling life-long career.' From ..

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Being a Doctor : Understanding Medical Practice

Sometimes caring for patients can leave clinicians feeling overwhelmed with the daily tasks of doctoring. As an antidote, this book explores principles and assumptions of modern medicine seldom taught..

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Black's Student Medical Dictionary

Black's Medical Dictionary has been the best-selling medical dictionary for over 100 years. It is invaluable as a home reference and for all who need clear explanation of medical terms: nurses, health..

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Case Files Internal Medicine 5E

SHARPEN YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS AND IMPROVE PATIENT CARE. Experience with clinical cases is key to mastering the art and science of medicine and ultimately in providing patients with competent c..

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Chest X-Ray Made Easy 4E


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CLEAR Dementia Care (c): A Model to Assess and Address Unmet Needs

The CLEAR Dementia Care (c) model is an effective method of assessing behaviour that challenges, through an understanding that such behaviour may be a way of communicating unmet needs. This book expla..

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Clinical Cases for General Practice Exams

Clinical Cases for General Practice Exams 4e is the ideal reference for the Australian general practice clinical examination. This fourth edition continues with the role-play style of the highly re..

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Clinical Cases in General Medicine

Clinical Cases in General Medicine 3e formerly known as Pocket Guide to Internship: Common Clinical Cases is the latest addition to the Clinical Cases collection.This edition has over 40 cases showcas..

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Clinical Neuroanatomy Made Ridiculously Simple (Interactive Ed.)

This now-classic text presents the most relevant points in clinical neuroanatomy with mnemonics, humor and case presentations. For neuroanatomy courses and Board review. Includes attached CD-ROM on Ne..

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Community Pharmacy: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment (5th Revised edition, 2020)

Completely revised and updated throughout, this new edition of the best-selling title in community pharmacy continues to provide an essential reference for undergraduate and pre-registration pharmacy ..

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Critical Realism for Health and Illness Research: A Practical Introduction

Critical realism, as a toolkit of practical ideas, helps researchers to extend and clarify their analyses. It resolves problems arising from splits between different research approaches, builds ..

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CT Anatomy for Radiotherapy


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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2020

The #1 annually updated general medical text - delivering the diagnostic tools most relevant to daily practice CURRENT Medical Diagnosis & Treatment is the most comprehensive, reliable, ..

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Easy Guide to Focused History Taking for OSCEs, Second Edition, The

This straightforward guide to taking patient history comprehensively covers all of the commonly seen OSCE scenarios within the current undergraduate medical curriculum. The Easy Guide to Focused Histo..

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ECG Made Easy (9th Edition, 2019)

For over forty years The ECG Made Easy has been regarded as the best introductory guide to the ECG, with sales of over half a million copies as well as being translated into more than a dozen language..

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Ethics for Health Care (4th Edition, 2012)

Ethics for Health Care encourages students to develop their skills in ethical reasoning, and shows techniques for dealing effectively with contemporary ethics issues faced by professionals in the ever..

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First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK 10E

The most comprehensive and up-to-date high-yield review available for the USMLE (R) Step 2 CK ---- completely revised and better than ever! The expert author team that guided students to success on ..

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Get Through Medical School: 1100 SBAs/BOFs and EMQs

Medical schools are rapidly adopting the popular style of Single Best Answers (SBAs), Best of Fives (BOFs) and Extended Matching Questions (EMQs). This unique and up-to-date book contains over 1000 cl..

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Handbook for Principles and Practice of Gynecologic Oncology (3rd Edition, 2020)

Handbook for Principles and Practice of Gynecologic Oncology..

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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine: 20E Vol 1&2
Health Assessment Made Incredibly Visual!


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Immunology: An Illustrated Outline (5th Edition, 2013)

Immunology: An Illustrated Outline is both a review guide to the essential principles of immunology and a concise dictionary of immunological terms. It can be used as a review tool in preparation for ..

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Immunology: An Illustrated Outline (6th Edition, 2021) [MICN201, MICN301]

Immunology: An Illustrated Outline is both a guide to the essential principles of immunology and a concise dictionary of immunological terms. The book can be used to consolidate understanding in prepa..

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Learning and Teaching in Clinical Contexts: A Practical Guide

Featuring the perspectives of more than 40 leading international researchers, theorists and practitioners in clinical education, Learning and Teaching in Clinical Contexts: A Practical Guide provides ..

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Macleod's Clinical Examination 14E

This classic textbook aims to assist clinicians develop the consultation skills required to elicit a clear history, and the practical skills needed to detect clinical signs of disease. Where possible,..

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Memorizing Medicine: Second Edition

This book takes a unique approach to 'learning medicine' in a manner that places primary emphasis on recall. Drawing upon well-established psychological principles, it uses a broad range of strategies..

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Microbiology and Infection Control for Health Professionals (6th Edition)
Mnemonics and Study Tips for Medical Students 3E

This fun, pocket-sized and practical guide is jam-packed with helpful tips on how to remember those all-important medical facts crucial to exam success and invaluable throughout the medical career. Ne..

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Mulligan Concept of Manual Therapy: Textbook of Techniques

Endorsed by the Mulligan Concept Teachers Association (MCTA) The MCTA is the accredited body of Mulligan Concept teachers. A comprehensive and easy-to-follow resource for the manual ther..

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Murtagh's Patient Education 8E 2020

First published in 1992 and now in its eighth edition, Murtagh's Patient Education is the proven international standard for patient education material. This tried-and-tested resource provides general ..

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Muscular & Skeletal Systems Study Guide 2E - Illustrated Pocket Anatomy Series

Now in its Second Edition, this folding study guide takes the Anatomical Chart Company's most popular anatomical images and puts them in a durable, portable format that is perfect for the on-the-go st..

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Neuropsychological Assessment 5E

Now in its Fifth Edition, Clinical Neuropsychology reviews the major neurobehavioral disorders associated with brain dysfunction and injury. This is the 35th anniversary of the landmark first edition...

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Oh's Intensive Care Manual (8th Edition, 2018)

For nearly 40 years, Oh's Intensive Care Manual has been the quick reference of choice for ICU physicians at all levels of experience. The revised 8th edition maintains this tradition of excellence, p..

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On Call Principles and Protocols (3rd Revised edition, 2017)

Ideal for any on-call professional, resident, or medical student, this best-selling reference covers the common problems you'll encounter while on call in the hospital. On Call Principles and Protocol..

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Oxford Concise Medical Dictionary - Revised 10E


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Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties 11E


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Oxford Handbook of Critical Care 3E

The fully revised, third edition of this bestselling Handbook describes best practice of critical care in a succinct, concise and clinically-orientated way. Covering the principles of general manageme..

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Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine

Fully revised and updated, the Oxford Handbook of Emergency Medicine is the definitive, best-selling guide for all of the common conditions that present to the emergency department. Whether you work i..

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Oxford Handbook of General Practice 4E

Fully revised to reflect the new changes to the GP contract and the GP curriculum, this fourth edition of the best-selling Oxford Handbook of General Practice is a practical guide to all aspects of ge..

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Oxford Handbook of Geriatric Medicine 3e


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Paediatrics at a Glance 4E [At a Glance series]

Paediatrics at a Glance provides an introduction to paediatrics and the problems encountered in child health as they present in primary, community and secondary care, from birth through to adolescence..

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Pandemics (What Everyone Needs to Know)

From HIV to H1N1, pandemics pose one of the greatest threats to global health in the twenty-first century. Defined as epidemics of infectious disease across large geographic areas, pandemics can disse..

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Paramedic Principles and Practice: A Clinical Reasoning Approach (2nd Edition, 2020)

Written by expert academics and educators, Brett Williams and Linda Ross, this essential resource encourages readers to see the links between the pathophysiology of a disease, how this creates the sig..

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Patient Transport: Principles and Practice

Whether you're caring for patients on the ground or in the air, Patient Transport: Principles & Practice, 5th Edition is an essential tool for your success in transport nursing. Developed by ASTNA, th..

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Phlebotomy Essentials, Enhanced Edition (7th Revised Edition, 2020)

Phlebotomy Essentials, Enhanced Seventh Edition provides accurate, up-to-date, and practical information and instruction in phlebotomy procedures and techniques, along with a comprehensive background ..

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Pocket Companion to Robbins & Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease [Robbins Pathology]

This pocket companion offers rapid, portable access to the most important pathology facts and concepts from Robbins and Cotran Pathologic Basis of Disease, 9th Edition. It distills the key concepts an..

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Pocket Tutor Surface Anatomy 2e

Titles in the Pocket Tutor series give practical guidance at a highly-affordable price on subjects that medical students, foundation doctors and a range of other practitioners need help with 'on the g..

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