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2017 New Zealand Employment Law Guide


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Auditing, Assurance and Ethics Handbook 2016 New Zealand
Auditing, Assurance and Ethics Handbook 2017 New Zealand
Big Issues in Employment: HR Management and Employment Relations in New Zealand

This new title focuses on the important issues within both human resources management and employment relations in New Zealand...

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BSNS111 Business and Society Custom Publication


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Communication : Organisation & Innovation 3E

Effective communication is at the heart of any successful human endeavour. This timely new edition of the highly successful Communication: Organisation and Innovation shows how innovative methods of c..

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Crucial Accountability: Tools for Resolving Violated Expectations, Broken Commitments, and Bad Behavior

Hold anyone accountable. Master performance discussions. Get Results. Broken promises, missed deadlines, poor behavior - they don't just make others' lives miserable; they can sap up to 50 percent of ..

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Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup

24 Steps to Success! Disciplined Entrepreneurship will change the way youthink about starting a company. Many believe that entrepreneurshipcannot be taught, but great entrepreneurs aren t born withso..

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Entrepreneurship: Theory/Process/Practice with Student Resource Access for 12 Months
Events Management: An Introduction

Contemporary events management is a diverse and challenging field. This major new introductory textbook is the first to fully explore the multi-disciplinary nature of events management and to provide ..

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Everyday Negotiation: Navigating the Hidden Agendas in Bargaining

Each time people bargain over issues - a promotion, a contract with a new client, a bigger role in decision-making - a parallel negotiation unfolds beneath the surface of the formal negotiation. Barga..

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Exploring Strategy (with MyStrategyLab)

Exploring Strategy has sold a staggering 900,000 copies worldwide, thanks to its outstanding and engaging view of strategy in the world we live in. It equips readers with a detailed understanding of t..

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Exploring Strategy: Text and Cases (11th ed)

With over one million copies sold worldwide, Exploring Strategy has long been the essential strategy text for managers of today and tomorrow. From entrepreneurial start-ups to multinationals, charitie..

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Farm Management In New Zealand


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Getting To Yes : Negotiating An Agreement Without Giving In

This is the world's bestselling guide to negotiation. "Getting to Yes" has been in print for over thirty years, and in that time has helped millions of people secure win-win agreements both at work an..

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Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide)

The PMBOK(R) Guide - Sixth Edition - PMI's flagship publication has been updated to reflect the latest good practices in project management. New to the Sixth Edition, each knowledge area will contain ..

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Honest Work: A Business Ethics Reader

Revised in the aftermath of the worst global financial crisis since the Great Depression, the third edition of Honest Work: A Business Ethics Reader reflects and reinforces the editors' assertion that..

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HR Manager - A New Zealand Handbook

HR Manager - A New Zealand Handbook is a practical and comprehensive new guide to all key areas of human resources management in New Zealand. It explores the latest developments in people management p..

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Human Resources Management in New Zealand 5E

Human Resources Management in New Zealand provides a wide-ranging discussion of people management concepts and techniques, set in a New Zealand context. It describes human resources management at both..

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Innovator's Dilemma: When New Technologies Cause Great Firms to Fail

The bestselling classic on disruptive innovation, by renowned author Clayton M. Christensen. His work is cited by the world's best-known thought leaders, from Steve Jobs to Malcolm Gladwell. In this c..

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Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace 5E

## Please check price and availability before ordering, thank you ## "Intercultural Communication in the Global Workplace, 5e" by Beamer and Varner addresses the issues of culture and communicati..

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International Business 2E (Australian Edition) : The New Realities
International Business, Global Edition (16th Edition)

For courses in international business. International business through theory and practice Balancing authoritative theory and meaningful practice, International Business engages studen..

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International Financial Management - SECOND HAND COPY
Leadership and Management: Theory and Practice 7E

Leadership & Management: Theory & Practice by Kris Cole is the essential resource for students completing the Diploma of Leadership and Management BSB51915, and Certificate IV in Leadership and Manage..

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Leadership Experience : Asia Pacific Edition

Retaining the key strengths of Daft's well respected text, this first Asia-Pacific adaptation of The Leadership Experience will equip students with the qualities and skills required to succeed in a ra..

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Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience 8E

Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience, 8e consists of 16 chapters, four of which cover specific leadership skills and qualities covered in each of the book's four sections. Hughes, Ginnett, ..

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Leading Organizations: Ten Timeless Truths


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Management - the Essentials 2E

Management - the Essentials covers the concepts essential to management in the 21st century in a fresh, lively format that's perfectly suited to a typical university semester. The second edition featu..

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Management in New Zealand

This 1st New Zealand edition maintains the comprehensive theoretical base of the successful Samson and Daft Management text while bringing the challenges of management to life within the context of th..

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Management in New Zealand 2E with Student Resource Access 12 Months
Management Theory and Practice

The 8th edition of Management: Theory and Practice follows the same much-admired style developed by Gerald Cole with short, succinct chapters covering all aspects of management theory and practice com..

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Management Theory and Practice with Student Resource Access 12 Months 6E

Kris Cole continues to pave the way for budding managers, providing hands on practical concepts and theoretical approaches in the new sixth edition of her best-selling textbook - Management ' Theory a..

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Managing Human Resources 4E + Istudy Version 1 Registration Card

Endorsed by the Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI - the national association representing human resource and people management professionals), Managing Human Resources 4th edition presents a ..

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Managing Human Resources : Contemporary Perspectives in New Zealand

Table of Contents Managaing Human Resources: Contemporary Perspectives in New Zealand Part 1 Core Contemporary Theory: Strategic and Contingent HRM 1 Introduction to human resource managem..

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Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change 5E

Managing Innovation is an established, bestselling text for MBA, MSc and advanced undergraduate courses on innovation management, management of technology, new product development and entrepreneurship..

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Managing Organisational Change Third Australasian Edition

The complexities of change in today's business environment can be overwhelming for organisations. The pressures of deregulation, privatisation, tax change, social renewal and globalisation have compel..

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MANT251 Management and Organisations : Resources for Study

This book represents the primary text requirements for MANT251: Management and Organisations a course taught in the Management Department at the University of Otago. Once you start flicking through..

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Matching Supply with Demand: An Introduction to Operations Management (4th Edition)

Gerard Cachon and Christian Terwiesch, Matching Supply with Demand: An Introduction to Operations Management, 4e is the most authoritative, cutting-edge book for operations management MBAs. The book d..

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Learn Management YOUR Way with MGMT9! MGMT9's easy-reference, paperback textbook presents course content through visually-engaging chapters as well as Chapter Review Cards that consolidate the best re..

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Mgmt3 with Student Resource Access 12 Months


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Negotiation 7E

Negotiation is a critical skill needed for effective management. Negotiation 7th edition by Roy J. Lewicki, David M. Saunders, and Bruce Berry explores the major concepts and theories of the psycholog..

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Oakland on Quality Management

"Oakland on the New Quality Management" shows managers how to implement a Total Quality Management strategy throughout all activities and thereby achieve top quality performance overall, not just focu..

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Organisational Behaviour 4E

The fourth edition of Organisational Behaviour: Emerging Knowledge, Global Insights continues to be both relevant and engaging while providing clear explanations of emerging OB theories and concepts. ..

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Organisational Behaviour 5E


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Organisational Behaviour 6e

This sixth edition maintains its position as Australia's most popular teaching and learning resource for introductory courses in organisational behaviour. Including leading edge Australian and interna..

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Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior, 8e by McShane / Von Glinow helps everyone make sense of Organizational Behavior, and provides the conceptual tools to work more effectively in the workplace. This author duo c..

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Preventing Workplace Bullying: An Evidence-based Guide to Preventing Workplace Bullying for Managers and Employees

'Workplace bullying is tough for everyone. Preventing Workplace Bullying helps managers and consultants clarify what is and isn't bullying, and gives excellent guidance on how to deal with it.' - Char..

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Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students 5E

Principles of Law for New Zealand Business Students is designed for students of the commercial law paper in the New Zealand Diploma in Business and those taking introductory law courses for business d..

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Principles of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach

Reflecting the latest practices, trends, and emerging developments, Principles Of Supply Chain Management: A Balanced Approach, 4e guides you step by step through the management of all supply chain ac..

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