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38 Latin Stories 5E

Originally designed as a supplement to the Latin course by F. M. Wheelock, this book is well suited for use in any introductory course...

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Aeneid 1

This book is part of a series of individual volumes covering Books 1-6 of Vergil's Aeneid. Each book includes an introduction, notes, bibliography, commentary and glossary, and is edited by an Vergil ..

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Aeneid 4

This edition is part of a new series of commentaries on the Aeneid. Each volume is edited by a scholar of Roman epic and designed with the needs of today's college Latin students in mind. A two-volume..

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Collins Latin Dictionary and Grammar

Newly designed and laid out for maximum ease of use this Latin Dictionary & Grammar offers the student of Latin the essential two-in-one reference: a comprehensive dictionary and a user-friendly gramm..

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English Grammar for Students of Latin


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Gwynne's Latin: The Ultimate Introduction to Latin Including the Latin in Everyday English

'Latin is "it", the most wonderful "thing". It is mind-enhancing, character-improving, enthralling, exciting, deeply satisfying, and valuable. My solid determination is to spare no pains to do it the ..

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Metamorphoses III


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Oxford Latin Course, Part 1

The acclaimed "Oxford Latin Course" has been completely revised and restructured in the light of a national survey of Classics teachers. The course is in three parts, each with an accompanying Teacher..

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Oxford Latin Course, Part 2

The acclaimed Oxford Latin Course has been completely revised and restructured in the light of a national survey of Classics teachers. The course is in three parts, each with an accompanying Teacher's..

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Oxford Latin Course, Part 3

This second edition of the "Oxford Latin Course" combines features of both modern and traditional methods of Latin teaching from first stages to GCSE. Completely revised and restructured in the light ..

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Pocket Oxford Latin Dictionary


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Pro Caelio

A commentary of Cicero's great speech which provides insights into Roman life and culture, the nature and tools of Roman rhetoric, and, through the inclusion of correspondence and other texts, the lif..

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Propertius, Tibullus and Ovid: A Selection of Love Poetry

This is the OCR-endorsed publication from Bloomsbury for the Latin AS and A-Level (Group 3) prescription of Ovid's Amores 1.1 and 2.5, Propertius 1.1 and Tibullus 1.1 with the A-Level (Group 4) prescr..

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Res Gestae Divi Augusti

Bryn Mawr Commentaries provide clear, concise, accurate, and consistent support for students making the transition from introductory and intermediate texts to the direct experience of ancient Greek an..

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Tacitus: Annals Book XV

Tacitus' account of Nero's principate is an extraordinary piece of historical writing. His graphic narrative (including Annals XV) is one of the highlights of the greatest surviving historian of the R..

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