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American Dirt

'Breathtaking... I haven't been so entirely consumed by a book for years' Telegraph 'I couldn't put it down. I'll never stop thinking about it' Ann Patchett An extraordinary story of ..

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American Dirt

'I couldn't put it down. I'll never stop thinking about it' Ann Patchett 'One hell of a novel about a good woman on the run with her beautiful boy' Stephen King FEAR KEEPS THEM RUNNIN..

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American Dreamers

A panoramic yet intimate history of the American left-of the reformers, radicals, and idealists who have fought for a more just and humane society, from the abolitionists to Michael Moore and Noam Cho..

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American Fried Rice:  Art of Mu Pan

Drawing inspiration from nature, Japanese Kaiju films, samurai iconography, and mythology, Taiwanese-born and Brooklyn-based artist Mu Pan invites viewers to examine their own nature as they look upon..

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American Gardens

Monty Don, Britain's treasured horticulturalist, explores iconic and little-known gardens throughout America. For decades, Britain's much-loved gardener Monty Don has been leading us down all kinds o..

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American Politics: A Graphic Guide

Following in the footsteps of the highly successful Queer: A Graphic History, illustrator Jules Scheele teams up with Dr Laura Locker in this comic-book introduction to the political history of the La..

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American Psycho R18 SHRINKWRAP

Patrick Bateman is twenty-six and works on Wall Street; he is handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He is also a psychopath. Taking us to a head-on collision with America's greatest dream..

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American Royals 2: Majesty

Beatrice Washington now rules America as its first ever queen, but her family are more concerned about rushing through her arranged marriage to a man she barely knows. No one can know that her heart r..

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American Rust


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American Sherlock: Murder, forensics, and the birth of crime scene investigation

'Kate Winkler Dawson is an unbelievable crime historian and such a talented storyteller.' - Karen Kilgariff, cohost of the My Favorite Murder podcast 'Heinrich changed criminal investigations for..

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From the award-winning author of 'Half of a Yellow Sun,' a powerful story of love, race and identity. As teenagers in Lagos, Ifemelu and Obinze fall in love. Their Nigeria is under military dictatorsh..

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Americanah (Collins Modern Classics)

SHORTLISTED FOR THE BAILEY'S WOMEN'S PRIZE FOR FICTION 'A delicious, important novel' The Times 'Alert, alive and gripping' Independent 'Some novels tell a great story and others make y..

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Translated with an Introduction by Michael Hofmann. 'He had almost forgotten he was in the uncertain hold of a ship moored to the coast of an unknown continent' Karl Rossmann has been banish..

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From the Man Booker prize-winning author of The White Tiger Danny - Dhananjaya Rajaratnam - is an illegal immigrant in Sydney, denied refugee status after he has fled from his native Sri Lanka. W..

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Among the Mosques: Journey Across Muslim Britain

'Timely and important' THE TIMES 'Considered and nuanced ... A must-read' The Rt Hon. Sajid Javid MP 'Compelling and moving' Tom Holland, author of Dominion __________________ Islam is the ..

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Amur River: Between Russia and China, The

Follow our greatest travel writer (and rusty Mandarin speaker) along the far eastern river that separates Russia from China, the two great ex-Communist giants, taking in Mongolia, Siberia and the Sea ..

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Amy Winehouse: Beyond Black

The definitive story of Amy Winehouse's life and career told through key photographs, memorabilia and recollections by those who knew her best. Curated by Amy's stylist and close friend Naomi Parry. ..

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An American Marriage

An explosive love story about a marriage interrupted. Could you put your life on hold for twelve years? A stunning love story about family, injustice and marriage, and three people at once bound ..

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An Elephant in My Kitchen

"The most magical book about the African bush since Born Free." Daily Mail A blonde, chic Parisienne, Francoise never expected to find herself living on a South African game reserve. But when ..

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An Emotion Of Great Delight

From bestselling author of the Shatter Me series and the National Book Award-nominated A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Tahereh Mafi, comes a stunning novel about love and loneliness, navigating dual-iden..

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An Extra Pair of Hands: A story of caring, ageing and everyday acts of love

A deeply moving story of what it means to care for those we love, a celebration of older people and ageing, and of finding joy in the smallest acts of everyday caregiving As our population ages, ..

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An Idea Can Go Extinct

In 20 short books, Penguin Classics brings you the new canon of great environmental works Over the past 75 years, a new canon has emerged. As humans have driven the living planet to the brink of ..

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An Innocent Baby: Why would anyone abandon little Darcy-May?

When foster carer, Cathy Glass, is asked to foster Darcy-May, a two-day old baby, she is very concerned. The baby is coming to her straight from hospital and will have no contact with her teenage moth..

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An Introduction to International Relations 3E

An Introduction to International Relations is a comprehensive introduction to the history, theories, developments and debates that shape the dynamic discipline of international relations and contempor..

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An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook's Battle for Domination

In November 2018, the New York Times published a bombshell in-depth investigation that exposed, with disturbing insider detail, how leadership decisions at Facebook enabled, and then tried to cover up..

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Anaesthetics for Junior Doctors and Allied Professionals: The Essential Guide

Arriving in the anaesthetic room for the first time can be a daunting experience. You will be closely supervised, but everything will seem very new. Surgery is a stressful life-event for the patient a..

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Analogia:Entangled Destinies of Nature, Human Beings & Machines

In a world where humans coexist with technologies they no longer control or understand, who holds the future? George Dyson plots a thrilling and unexpected course through 300 years of history and..

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Analysis of Biological Data (International edition)

This second edition textbook teaches modern methods of statistics through the use of fascinating biological and medical case studies. The clear and engaging writing and practical perspective allows st..

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Analysis of Financial Data

Analysis of Financial Data teaches basic methods and techniques of data analysis to finance students. It covers many of the major tools used by the financial economist i.e. regression and time ..

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Anarchy: Relentless Rise of the East India Company


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Anatomy & Physiology (includes A&P Online course) (10th Edition)

Just because A&P is complicated, doesn't mean learning it has to be. Anatomy & Physiology, 10th Edition uses reader-friendly writing, visually engaging content, and a wide range of teaching and learni..

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Anatomy and Human Movement: Structure and function (7th Edition)

Since its first publication in 1989, Anatomy and Human Movement has grown to become a best-selling seminal textbook, helping students to understand and remember the mechanisms which allow movement to ..

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Anatomy and Injuries of the Hip Anatomical Chart

Illustrates general hip anatomy including bones, muscles, arteries, veins and nerves. Shows anterior, posterior, and lateral (opened) views of the hip joint. Covers blood supply and injuries such as i..

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Anatomy and Physiology Coloring Workbook: A Complete Study Guide, Global Edition

For courses in 1- and 2-semester Anatomy & Physiology Simplify your Study of Anatomy & Physiology. Combining a wide range and variety of engaging colouring activities, exercises, and..

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Anatomy Coloring Book  4E

Why use this coloring book? For more than 35 years, The Anatomy Coloring Book has been the #1 best-selling human anatomy coloring book! A useful tool for anyone with an interest in learning anatomical..

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Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition: An Easier and Better Way to Learn Anatomy

The Anatomy Coloring Workbook, 4th Edition uses the act of coloring to provide you with a clear and concise understanding of anatomy. This interactive approach takes less time than rote memorization, ..

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Anatomy of the Brain Anatomical Chart

Anatomy of the Brain with illustraions by renowned medical illustrator Keith Kasnot is one of our most popular charts. Beautiful, clear illustrations make the structures of the brain come alive . A..

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Anatomy of the Brain Study Guide 2E - Illustrated Pocket Anatomy Series

Now in its Second Edition, this folding study guide takes the Anatomical Chart Company's most popular anatomical images and puts them in a durable, portable format that is perfect for the on-the-go st..

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Anatomy Students Self Test Visual Dictionary


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Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals (4th Revised Edition, 2020)

Get a multi-dimensional understanding of musculoskeletal anatomy with Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual Therapists and Movement Professionals, 4th Edition. This hugely successful, one-of..

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Ancestors: A prehistory of Britain in seven burials

This book is about belonging: about walking in ancient places, in the footsteps of the ancestors. It's about reaching back in time, to find ourselves, and our place in the world. We often think o..

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Ancient Bones: Unearthing the astonishing new story of how we became human

A leading palaeontologist discovers the missing link in human evolution. Somewhere west of Munich, Madelaine B hme and her colleagues dig for clues to the origins of humankind. What they discover..

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Ancient Egypt: The Definitive Visual History

A visual guide to 3,000 years of life under the pharaohs (c.3200-30 BCE) from the early kings of Egypt to the reign of Cleopatra and the Roman conquest Discover the fascinating details of life..

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Ancient Rome: Infographics

Packed with cleverly designed graphics, charts and diagrams, Ancient Rome: Infographics uses data visualization to tell the epic tale of the city of Rome and its empire. Every aspect of the Roman worl..

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And a Happy New Year?

Spinster Club girls Evie, Amber and Lottie are having a New Year party to remember! For the first time since leaving college, all three girls are back together. It's time for fun and flirting, snogs a..

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And Away...

The long-awaited first autobiography by national treasure Bob Mortimer. Bob Mortimer's life was trundling along happily until suddenly in 2015 he was diagnosed with a heart condition that requir..

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And it was Beautiful: Marcelo Bielsa and the Rebirth of Leeds United

When Marcelo Bielsa was appointed head coach of Leeds United in the summer of 2018, the club had just finished 13th in the Championship - their 15th consecutive season outside the top flight - and wer..

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And Now For The Good News...: To the Future with Love

We know the stars, and have tamed most species that have crossed our paths; we've roamed the world over and travelled to Space; we've mastered industrialisation then created technology that our grandp..

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And So It Is: New Poems


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And Still I Rise

Maya Angelou's poetry - lyrical and dramatic, exuberant and playful - speaks of love, longing, partings; of Saturday night partying, and the smells and sounds of Southern cities; of freedom and shatte..

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And the Band Played On: Politics, People, and the AIDS Epidemic

'A heroic work of journalism on what must rank as one of the foremost catastrophes of modern history.' - The New York Times 'Stunning ... An impressively researched and richly detailed narrative...

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