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Book of the Month

Our 'Book of the Month' is a great read that we universally want to recommend to you, the reader. It might not be on the bestsellers' lists; it might not be a movie-tie-in edition of the latest blockbuster; it might not even be from an author (or publisher) that you even recognise. It will, however, be a book that our buyers and our staff recommend for its wit, its erudite nature, its beauty and literary lyricism.

Go Girl - a story book of epic New Zealand women 

Barbara Else

"Go Girl by Barbara Else is a spectacular collection of true stories about Kiwi women who have done extraordinary things. The introduction pages and simple yet stunning illustrations complement the stories perfectly. It introduces readers to an excellent mix of successful New Zealand women, some household names and others new discoveries. Different cultures and life experiences are shared, affording all different readers to relate and be inspired. While it celebrates women, it is definitely a book for every bookshelf, regardless of gender, as it is a wonderful record of achievement and inspiration."

Charlotte Molloy – UBS Children's Specialist

A book like this shows that girls can do anything. We can speak out and we can invent and we can be daring and we can be strong. ...This book fills me with hope for a better world. ...This book is a sumptuous, eye catching, heart-warming, brain boosting, muscle strengthening, feet leaping TREAT!
Paula Green, Poetry Box

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