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British Moralists : 1650-1800 (2 volume set)

British Moralists : 1650-1800 (2 volume set)

  • Author: Raphael, D.D. (Editor)
  • ISBN: 9780872201200
  • Availability: In Stock
$NZ 69.50 Ex Tax: $NZ 69.50
The volumes that comprise this set are also available for purchase individually: please see their separate listings for further information. A reprint of the 1969 Oxford University Press edition. "These two attractive volumes replace Selby-Bigge's well-known collection. . . . The present selection is superior in several respects. It is more inclusive, now that Hume, Hartley, Reid, and Cumberland are put in. . . . It is better arranged, the writers now appearing in chronological order. And besides reediting of the texts, the analytical index has been enormously enlarged and improved. . . . The book will be much more useful to students than its predecessor." -British Book News Volume I: Hobbes-Gay Thomas Hobbes, Richard Cumberland, Ralph Cudworth, John Locke, Lord Shaftesbury, Samuel Clarke, Bernard Mandeville, William Wollaston, Francis Hutcheson, Joseph Butler, John Balguy, John Gay. Volume II: Hume-Bentham David Hume, David Hartley, Richard Price, Adam Smith, William Paley, Thomas Reid, Jeremy Bentham.

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