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  • Author: Temple, Philip
  • ISBN: 9780473282042
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"With the recent Edward Snowden revelations that the NSA and the GCSB collect all our electronic communications, read whatever they want and share them across the Five Eyes partners, a novel exploring the frightening end point of the surveillance state is timely. Combining this chilling future with the impacts of climate change, widespread war, food shortages and the breakdown of civil society, in Mistory Philip Temple has created the ultimate NZ dystopia but with believable characters who draw us into their story. It is both a thriller and a warning: who can you trust, how do you watch your back; and how far down this track are we already, given the apparent lack of interest of most of our compatriots in the state of our democracy and the deterioration of our climate?" Jeanette Fitzsimons Dirty Politics is today, Philip Temple's book MiSTORY could be tomorrow. It is the 21st century New Zealand version of George Orwell's 1984. It is both a gripping read and a graphic warning about where undemocratic, intrusive and anti-environmental politics can lead. Nicky Hager, 18/9/14

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