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Great NZ Work, Money and Retirement Puzzle : And How to Solve it

Great NZ Work, Money and Retirement Puzzle : And How to Solve it

  • Author: Clarke, Alan
  • ISBN: 9780473286460
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Money and saving is not hard, it just needs planning and action. Most Kiwis spend far more time planning their annual holiday than their retirement. Although the majority of us are in KiwiSaver, calculations show that for many people, especially those over 50, it will not be anywhere enough for retirement. Most of us need to find a balance between living for today and saving for tomorrow. This practical and insightful guide for Kiwis of all ages, will show you how to get your money under control, once and for all. It includes: Costly mistakes that too many Kiwis make; How to reduce mortgage costs, and manage debt; Wills, trusts, money, and family harmony - oh so tricky; How to get to retirement, and enjoy it; Age 50 to 60 - critical pre-retirement stuff you need to know; Over 60 - the big decision of when to stop work; Over 70 - making your money last as long as you do; Retirement villages and other often unseen traps. Author Alan Clarke's second book is based on 25 years experience. He reveals why some people thrive, and too many others barely survive. And how to avoid those bad decisions that can destroy your finances.

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