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Sea Salt: A Perfectly Seasoned Cookbook

Sea Salt: A Perfectly Seasoned Cookbook

  • Author: Lea-Wilson Family
  • ISBN: 9780711265745
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TAKING FLAVOUR FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY After 20 years of making an award-winning sea salt the Lea-Wilson family have put together a collection of recipes on how to showcase this often misunderstood and misused ingredient. A core part of cooking, correct seasoning is what separates a good meal from a great one. It isn't a simple case of how much is used but when these salty crystals are used: at the beginning of meal prep to help sunny tomatoes sing; dusting your meat just before cooking to help the salty char form and the meat stay juicy; or right at the very end scattered over a chocolate torte to make it all the more chocolate-y. And where would we be without the perfect combination of delicate sea salt and caramel? Just as crucial is how sea salt is used: as a brine, cure, key component in pickle or in flora and fauna kissed by the sea. Covering the basics from low-fuss 'cooking' with raw ingredients in simple salads and the perfect salted butter, to salty snacks and comfort food for rainy days. As well as providing a masterclass in seasoning with spectacular dishes from seafood cooked over fire, a Reuben sandwich from scratch or even the perfect fritto misto that will keep you coming back for more. Not forgetting some perfectly balanced drinks with a hint of sea salt to enhance their flavour. These recipes from the Anglesey-based family will help alter how you use salt in all aspects of your cooking, making it work harder and bring better seasoned dishes to your table. 'This delightful, fresh-feeling cookbook reiterates the idea that cooking simple recipes with good ingredients is the food revolution we are all looking for.' - Thomasina Miers, former UK Masterchef winner, writer for the Guardian and TV presenter

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