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Europe Divided: Huguenot Refugee Art and Culture

Europe Divided: Huguenot Refugee Art and Culture

  • Author: Murdoch, Tessa
  • ISBN: 9781838510121
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This richly illustrated book focuses on the extraordinary cultural contribution made by Huguenot families in the British Isles, who were part of the diaspora of over 200,000 refugees that left France in the late 17th century to join communities already established in exile. It looks, too, at their international network, which spread across northern Europe and beyond to America and South Africa. First-generation Huguenot refugees included hundreds of trained artists, designers and craftsmen. Beyond the French borders, they raised the quality of design and workshop practice, passing on skills to their apprentices, families and to successive generations, who continued to dominate output in the luxury trades. Although silver and silks are the best-known fields with which Huguenot settlers in the British Isles are associated, their significant contribution to architecture, ceramics, design, clock and watchmaking, engraving, furniture, woodwork, sculpture, portraiture and art education provides fascinating insight into the motivation and resolve of this highly skilled diaspora.

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